Why You Should Go Out

Why We Go Out

Going out has many meanings. Everyone likes to go out in at least one of the many ways one can go out. Now we are talking about going out in the nightlife. People may say they don’t like to go out, but it’s my honest opinion that going out  is more of a necessity in life.  We say we may not like it, but deep down we all want it. I’m not talking about going to nightclubs and enable your joker mode by drinking too much. I’m talking about being with people you like and love. Enjoying the unity and positive emotions your entourage creates. We human beings come to this world alone and die alone, but in life we don’t want to be alone. We want to be felt, acknowledged, understood and appreciated. When one goes out, you want to feel such emotions. I know, you can be with your friends and loved ones in a different environment in a nice afternoon. But, that magical feeling of going out, where you dress up, enter a unique ambient of music and people, that you can only find in the nightlife.  People are more open to not only friends, but also to other people in that environment.

Release the Stress by Going Out

Most of us have a daily routine in life with the same tasks and actions written down for us in our minds. At work we have to be rational all the time. At home we’re often rational as well when you consider all the routine tasks that need to be performed. In both environments there is simply a level of stress involved. So when one goes out, you want to get away from such mindsets, away from the stress. You want to free yourself and open up. That’s where the emotions come in. We want to show appreciation for one another, have unique talks that you don’t have at work or even at home.  You want to feel that connection with a person and ”feel” one another. Connect and unite, this could be even on a spiritual level.

Don’t Go Out With Friends Only!

So going out doesn’t mean you just dance and get drunk. Going out means  go and free yourself, show your positive and optimistic side. Give yourself time to breathe in life and put life elements into perspective. Understand and show who you truly are.  It is one thing to be rational all time, which I know is needed in order to survive, but that’s simply not what life is all about.  Enjoy one’s company, get to know each other and inspire one another. I encourage everyone to go out, whether you drink or not. Take your friends, girlfriend, wife, heck even your  mother to a nice place where you feel comfortable! Surround yourself with positive vibes, good atmosphere and of course great music. Because hearing music that you love seriously enhances your state of mind.  1 song is enough to change your mindset or mood drastically. It can bring you to a whole different world, although that may last for only a little while. But that is a topic for a next blog!

Tell us, why do you go out? What is the main reason you decide to go out and with who? When you go out, to which places do you go?