Why the Nightclub Competition is Fierce

Would you like to own your own bar or nightclub? Owning such a venue is a great business venture, but lots of hard work is involved. It’s important to keep your venue constantly fresh. The competition of a nightclub is pretty impressive, here are a few examples:

Nightclubs and Bars

The most important competitors are other nightclubs and bars. They are in the exact business as you are and want the same thing as you:  more customers. Nightclubs have to stay true to their concept which should be reflected in their interior design, drinks, music, structure, dress code and service. Marketing is very important with word of mouth being the absolute best one for creating buzz. Focus on delivering customer delight by training employees how to give excellent service. Service is vital to the existence of a nightclub which can damage the nightclub’s image if not carefully dealt with. Social media is a must as well, be consistent, educate the fans about the nightclub but also about other aspects like the music genres the nightclub is playing and tips how to dress. Educate the fans, use humor and place the fans in the spotlights.

Special Events

Big special events are something nightclubs always have to be aware off. Examples are famous artists performing in their town or sports events like the FIFA World Cup. Nightclubs can jump into the hype of these events by organizing similar theme events. Create contests for people to win a VIP table when they predict the correct score and goal scorers of a particular match for example. Or when a famous artist like DJ Sander van Doorn is performing, organize an “after party” event for all the dance music lovers that welcomes the Sander van Doorn event attendees as well. Emphasize in your marketing that the nightlife in your venue is the perfect way to end a happy/sad and memorable day.


The entertainment business is immense, and with the arrival and popularity of the internet, staying home became pretty much a very attractive option. The internet provides us with games, movies, videos, music, series, social media and other forms of entertainment.  Luckily for the nightlife industry, going out is a necessity for the human being. It’s important to go out on an occasional basis and surround yourself with people. Even when you’re home with friends, you sometimes want to enjoy yourself in new environments. It’s a sense of feeling alive and participating in society.  So although staying home is an attractive and cheap option, the nightclubs will still be needed.

The best way to deal with the internet is to embrace this beautiful invention. Be active on social media, invest in your website and engage with your fans.  Create relationships by offering personalized offers  like  free drinks when it’s someone’s birthday. When someone is turning 25, deduct the numbers (5-2) and give free drinks corresponding with the resulting number. Reward the active fans who always like, share and comment on your posts.

Movies and Series

After the radio came the television. Now NO one would stay home to listen to the radio all night long. That seems such a boring activity if you think about it, but this was completely normal couple of decades ago. The television however ensured that people stay in way more often than “back in the day”. Through television people had suddenly easy access to the world via news and entertainment programs. Till this very day the TV is still popular, although the internet has beaten this invention in 2010. The cinema will always remain a popular “cheap” alternative to go out when one doesn’t have money. The beauty of going to the cinema is that you have the feeling of “going out”, even when you go home immediately after the movie.

Nightclubs can work together with cinemas to stimulate the cinema crowd to visit the venue for a drink while discussing the movie. Coupons for free drinks or free entrance are examples. Nightclubs can even use movies and series in their social media, in order for people to make that (unconscious) association between the venue and the movie, series or even a TV show.

Cheap Alcohol

Alcohol is more expensive in nightclubs than in supermarkets. That’s a given. Nightclubs can’t do much about this, their promotion simply needs to emphasize on the experience visitors will have when visiting the venue. People like to have pre-drinks, sessions with their own drinks, company and music. Most of them want to continue the night in a place with danceable music and people, so there is the opportunity of the venue. An idea to get people early to the venue is offering temporary cheap drinks or free entrance till midnight.


Gaming is a competition since the 70s, although very limited in that time. Nowadays there are consoles, online gaming and handhelds. Who doesn’t know a friend or acquaintance that plays the Playstation or Xbox nonstop during the weekend? Basically from Friday night till Monday morning? There are a lot! Luckily for most people gaming non-stop drives one crazy so a relief is to go out for at least a bit and talk to real people. There are bars who organize social gaming events like quizzes to create similar gaming objectives: winning.

There are many other factors affecting the nightlife, like different opening hours and dating apps like POF and Tinder. There is also the shift towards larger club events and festivals, which is what many people save their money for.

How many times do you go out? If you are not out and about, how do you prefer to spend your weekend?