Who doesn’t like to go out?!  Silly question of course, since we people like to be surrounded by other people. Good people like friends, family and colleagues we all like to have a good conversation with, in the presence of a delicious drink. We humans love to socialise, to feel important, to share thoughts and especially to feel present in life. Everyone likes to go out. However there are different ways of how “going out” can be perceived.

Going out can mean leaving the house at 12 AM and drink and dance till 6 AM. For someone else going out may be having a few pints from 7 PM till 11 PM. Heck, going out even doesn’t necessary have to include alchohol! A glass of Coca-Cola, Red Bull, orange juice, fruit cocktail or even water may just as well suffice! For some going out may mean drinking without limits and feeling on top of the world, but for many others going out is just about creating that sense of unity and getting to know each other properly.

We the creators of the website love to go out. We love to meet new people to have some unforgettable chats with. Sharing unique ideas that we would never share in a different situation, or dancing in such a way that our feet hurt for the whole weekend. Yes, the way we go out can be very diverse. However sometimes we find it hard to find the places to be. There are so many night clubs and bars, it’s hard to choose one party or to check all the websites of venues of a particular city.

Therefore we created We want to gather the parties of upcoming weekends so you don’t have to look at dozens of venue websites anymore. Everything that’s happening in a particular weekend can be found on That’s our mission. We start with adding events and venues from Dublin since we are located in Ireland. We soon want to expand to other Irish cities and then to Europe and other continents.

Aside helping out the night outers who love to enjoy themselves in the evenings and nights, we also focus on helping out the nightclubs and bars. We can help your business with your online marketing activities such as social media and SEO. If you want to know more about our services please contact us.

Stay tuned, since this website will be updated constantly. Let us know if you have any good venue ideas that should be present on or if you have any other questions or remarks.

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