What Kind of Night Outer Are You?

There are different types of night outers! What kind of night outer are you? I created 3 stereotype characters that each define a stereotype night outer: Connor, Peter and Brian. Yes, for this blog the focus is on men. To which character do you relate yourself?

The “Simple” Night Outer

Connor is not focused on style, appearance and image. Connor goes out to places where people are “down to earth”. No one is really trying to impress and everyone just focuses on having a good time. Connor is easy approachable and loves alternative/rock music. He doesn’t mind hearing some nice 90s songs or some classic hip hop songs, but songs with awesome guitar riffs are preferred. He wears a t-shirt and drinks a beer, no fancy Jack Daniels whiskey or Captain Morgan rum. He doesn’t think that much when talking to a girl, he shows he has a good time and that the girl needs to like him for what he is. Not much complications in the night out of Connor, unless he’s drunk. But then again not everyone would care anyway. Connor can do his own thing without being quickly judged since everyone is minding their own business.

The “Look at me” Night Outer

Peter’s motto is “dress to impress”.  He wears a nice shirt or a suit, chooses his perfume carefully and has a nice accessory that matches his overall outfit. Peter prefers to go to cocktail bars and proper nightclubs with a VIP area. Peter doesn’t drink beer, for him only spirits. Whiskey with ice, preferably a premium brand like Johnny Walker Gold or Jack Daniels Single Malt. Peter is sharp about his entrance, his body language and the vibe he projects. He takes it easy and talks to a girl with not too many crazy gestures. The topic quickly moves toward “what do you do in life” if the girl hasn’t shown him to talk to her figuratively hand already. Peter keeps his cool, he doesn’t need to dance all the time, and when he does he dances with subtlety.  Not too many crazy dance moves for Peter. When he dances like someone who drank too much, it’s because he drank too much. Peter loves his electronic tunes and genres such as deep house.

The “Look at me” Night Outer with the heart of a “Simple” Night Outer

Brian can appreciate all sorts of music genres, from rock to house. Brian likes to “dress to impress” but VIP area won’t be necessary for him. He likes to look good but doesn’t want to participate that much in the game of “look at me”. He certainly doesn’t want to brag about what he does in life. Brian can enjoy himself in different nightclubs with different music genres, but does have his favourite spots. Brian doesn’t think too much, he has the easy going style of Connor but loves appearance and women in dresses and high heels like Peter. Brian likes to dance and won’t be standing against the wall and acting cool the whole night. Brian tries to match his drink with the nightclub he’s enjoying at that moment, this can be beer but also a shot. He may like well dressed girls, but will drink quicker when he can’t stand the “hard to get” games. But then again, Peter and Connor would do the same!

Do you see yourself in one of above characters? Let us know!