What George McFly Can Teach Guys

This time I was not planning on writing tips for men about how to represent yourself in the best way possible. However since today is Back to the Future Day (October 21st 2015), I’m going to analyze Marty McFly’s movie dad George McFly. If you have never heard of the Back to the Future movies, well, then you probably never heard of the concept “movie”.  If you never watched the trilogy, then you got yourself a plan now before going out this weekend. Warning: you might not want to watch the Youtube videos if you haven’t watched the movies yet!

In Back to the Future Marty McFly travels back in time where he accidentally encounters his teenage mom and dad (George).  He interrupts their moment of falling in love which results in the mother falling in love with Marty (Yeah pretty disturbing if you think about it.)  In order to secure his existence, he has to make sure that his teenage mom and dad fall in love. So basically Marty helps his dad to make advances on his mom. The context is a bit weird, but Back to the Future can give you some tips about how to approach women!

As is not a movie website, I’m not going to continue talk about how great the movies are or why they are such classics. I will only focus on the behavior of  the character George McFly.

Here are 2 clips of him (from Back to the Future Part 1, 1985), a character that shows classic flaws when it comes to his personality.

Let’s analyze 3 aspects George McFly seriously should improve.

Lack of Confidence

George doesn’t stand up for himself, whatever the bullies say he must do, he will do.  This is a classic example of simply looking in the mirror when trying to understand why you don’t have success with women.  If you don’t  trust yourself, why would someone else? The key here is to focus on your personal growth, find out what it is that you want and do in life. There is a reason why women like ambitious men, they know what they want and don’t settle for mediocrity. Create self worth by focusing on activities you like to do and by creating objectives for yourself.  Understand that to gain respect, you have to start respecting yourself first. Learn how to say no and stand your ground. If people smell they can take advantage of you, they eventually will.

Poor Body Language

If you have seen the movie, you see that George’s body language is all over the place. What he should improve is a known body language aspect: hunched shoulders. Learn how to avoid this. Stand up straight and push your shoulders back.  It forces the chest to come out and results in extra exposure of the torso. This is a universal sign of confidence. Animals show their chest when a potential attack may occur, in this position they show bravery and make the opponent feel intimidated. An effective way to establish a straight position is by going to the gym. When it come to your head, simply don’t look down. Looking down is a sign of submission, humility and shyness. There is nothing wrong with being humble sometimes, but just don’t make it a habit of looking at the floor all the time. Look up, don’t be afraid of looking people in the eyes and move around with your neck. Show curiosity and interest and give the ladies the opportunity to have a full glance of your face and energy.

Insecure Tone of Voice

You may not know a person in real life, but when you hear someone’s voice you immediately create an impression, good or bad. George lacks any level of confidence in his words. Know how to talk with calmness and certainty. You don’t necessarily need to talk slow, as long as you speak with conviction. Don’t be monotonous, increase and decrease the volume of your sentences. When you want to emphasize on words you increase the volume, but don’t yell. The tone of voice is part of your charisma, use your facial expressions and gestures to make your point and to enhance your story. Last but not least, mirror the girl you are talking to. Try to understand the tone of voice of the conversation and make sure she doesn’t need to ask you to repeat what you are saying! Speak with volume and conviction but know when to be quiet and listen!

Initially George McFly didn’t want to change at all. Marty may want to teach him these skills, but the first step is to accept that change and a mindset shift are imperative for success. When you are a guy and you fail constantly with women, don’t emphasize on thinking that there is something wrong with women.  Sometimes we wait for that special someone to give us confidence, but in reality if you really want to find that person, you just have to look in the mirror.  Focus on your development, mindset and appearance and the success will come, including with women.

By the way you want to know why today is Back to the Future day? The reason is the movie Back to the Future part 2 from 1989. In that movie Marty travels to the future, to the date 21st of October 2015 to be exact. That is today!