Weekends consist of 2 nights, which means both locals and tourists are confronted with the everlasting question: where will we go out this weekend?!

Since our arrival in Dublin, regret has never crossed our minds. We’re simply amazed by this city and its vibe. The amount of nightclubs and bars is astonishing and motivates us to go out every single weekend. We live by our motto “life begins at the end of your comfort zone“, meaning we love to try new venues, drinks and experiences. We figured if the nightlife is such a passion of ours, why not share it? What made a reality, is understanding that many night outers know only a small percentage of Dublin’s nightlife. Our mission is to make you aware of its diversity including vibrant venues and events matching your style and vibe. If you are not sure where to go out, let us plan your night out for you! We also provide you with tips how to enjoy the nightlife and facts about nightlife related topics such as fashion, alcohol, socializing, flirting, dancing and music. wants to facilitate and improve your nightlife experience in Dublin.

Nighoutexpert Dublin nightlife

We the NightOutExpert owners are Johan (from the Netherlands) and Gustavo (from Brazil)  living in Dublin!

Unleash your nightlife spirit in Dublin!

Johan from the Netherlands

Johan nightoutexpert DublinAfter Amsterdam and Cork, it was Dublin that taught me the true meaning of having fun. The positive vibes and diverse nightlife amaze me every day. I figured this city is perfect to share my passion for night outs, the amount of nightclubs and bars is simply perplexing! Aside well-crafted cocktails, I love enjoying a Desperados and Jack Daniel’s. As background music I’m thirsty for deep house that enhances the vibe of the venue, but mainstream music and hip hop make me move my feet as well. After a heavy night out you can often find me having a feast in Burger King. Those chilli cheese bites are from another planet!

Gustavo from Brazil

Yuval nightoutexpert DublinI was born in Brazil and raised in Tel Aviv and both cities have a very good nightlife. However, I decided to move to Ireland 4 years ago. I’ve been astounded by the amazing amount of nightclubs and bars. I never guessed I would have so many night out experiences here in Dublin! Honestly I love to go out every night, sometimes the weekends just take too long to arrive. In the club I enjoy drinking Hennessy and Jägerbombs. When hip hop is played, you can find me showing my moves on the dance floor. My favorite electronic genre is deep house, so for the Dublin venues out there who organize such house events: count me in!

We hope to see you in Dublin’s amazing nightlife!

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