The Irish Spirit: Perfect for the Nightlife

Ireland goes to the UEFA Euro! That’s pretty big news  and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed on November 16 2015. Dublin celebrated as if the team reached the Semi-Finals. No surprise there since in the history of the UEFA Euro Championship which started in 1960, the Boys in Green only played the tournament twice (in 1988 and 2012). Even the football haters will agree that the 2016 summer should be one to look forward to: many parties, celebrations and huge gatherings. The sports bars will be packed! The Irish like partying hard, this is a fact me and Gustavo noticed quickly in our early days in Ireland.  Doesn’t matter really the outcome of a sports events, when they win they celebrate victory. When they lose, they celebrate the fact they even qualified for that sports event. That’s the glass is half full spirit!

During the last Euro in 2012, which was played in Ukraine and Poland, Irish fans were voted as the best supporters of the tournament. Worldwide fans were surprised by the level of positivity and energy the Irish showed on and off the field. You could tell the Irish were simply appreciating every second of their countries’ participation. Even when they lose, they kept on singing and celebrating. The Irish people have created a good image for themselves in the world, which is highly deserved.

In Ireland, where this may be Dublin, Cork, Galway or any other place, I’m always surprised with their level of openness. It is said that of all Irish cities, Dublin has the least friendly people (which would make sense since this is often the case with capital cities). However I know many other cities where the people are not as open and friendly as in Dublin. The Irish have a way of life that involves not complicating things too much. This is reflected in the Irish day to day life. The stress and sense of chaos one feels in the Netherlands for example close to the big cities, you won’t experience that in Dublin, let alone in places like in Cork and Galway. The Irish don’t take life that serious as many Europeans do or people from other continents even.  They like to go with the flow without worrying too much.

Therefore we can say in all sincerity, that we love to go out in Ireland! When you treat people with respect they treat you with respect as well. You are not quickly judged in the nightlife, and the positive vibe is present in any nightclub and bar. Don’t think that the rain will stop them, even when it’s storming people will go out! There is lots of live music and many different venues to pick from. Some say that Dublin contains mostly pubs and bars and lacks proper classy nightclubs. I don’t agree. My opinion is that Dublin has many classy and posh nightclubs which you find here, however Dublin likes to promote itself as a place where the focus is not on appearance and image.  Dublin likes to represent itself with a nightlife focused  on harmony , unity and simple fun. Match that with their famous invention named Guinness beer, and their representation becomes justified. This is an advantage since if there is something people complain about when it comes to the general nightlife, it’s that it is all about image and money. Dublin proves otherwise. Pick the right event and venue for you, and unite with the boys and girls in green.