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10 Dublin Venues To Drink 2 For 1 Cocktails on Thursdays

With an endless list of places to drink in Dublin, it is unquestionable that after a long day at work in front of a computer or in meeting, a drink is definitely needed (or shall we say a delicious cocktail!). We’ve gone around Dublin to provide you 10 enticing venues offering 2 for 1 cocktails for your and your colleague’s pleasure on Thursday. Don’t just stick to one venue, try all of them! Here we go:

Capitol at Lower Stephen’s Street

capitol in dublin nightlife

Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices, Capitol is a classy place with a vibe that normally relates to expensive cocktails. Its look and interior design will leave you in shock when finding out about those cheap prices! The classy atmosphere plus the super affordable drinks make this venue one of Dublin’s favourite after work bars. An important note: the cocktail prices are cheap every single day, so there is no excuse for not visiting this great Dublin venue anytime soon!

Lillie’s Bordello at Grafton Street

lillies bordello in dublin nightlife

The phrase 1 for 2 cocktails motivates many of us to go out and try as many cocktails as possible. Lillie’s Bordello goes one step further. They have their own cocktail laboratory where they can make any type of cocktail for you! The art Lillie’s Bordello bartenders include in their cocktail creation process, makes you almost feel dissapointed when the show is over! But that first taste is of another world and so unique! Go to Lillie’s and treat yourself, you deserve it.

The Church Cafe Bar, Restaurant and Club at Jervis Street

church-thursday in dublin nightlife

There are so many elegant nightclubs and bars in Dublin, the amount is really impressive! The Church for example, another venue that will blow your mind away when entering. The place was previously a Church (duh), and this is clearly visible. You can have some romantic get togethers in this venue with a unique interior design. The cellar bar/nightclub might be closed on Thursdays, but in December it will be open from Thursday till Saturday.

Sinnotts at South King Street

sinnotts in dublin nightlife

Sinnotts is a famous sports bar in Dublin city centre, one of the best Dublin venues to watch the 2018 World Cup  matches as a matter of fact! The bar is only 5 minutes walk from St Stephen’s Green Luas so when it’s pouring rain, get out, run, and be embraced by the homey vibe of Sinnotts and their cheap cocktails! The bar is huge, which makes it easy to have a flirt with the people sitting accross from you 😉

Odeon at Harcourt Street

odeon in dublin nightlife

Odeon is considered as one of the most interesting Dublin venues when it comes to location and architecture. It was an old train station long time ago before it transformed into a spacious and elegant bar. There is a bit of a movie theme in the Odeon with one bar all the way to the left, one in the centre and one all the way to the right. Dubliners love to go to Odeon for drinks, dancing and food. Another advantage: it’s across from Harcourt Luas station!

Harry’s On The Green at Kings Street South

harrys on the green in dublin nightlife

Just walk a few meters more when passing Sinnotts and you see Harry’s On The Green. A combo of a sports bar and a classy elegant bar is Harry’s on the Green in its entirety. Besides a sports bar look, Harry’s has its own cocktail bar where delicious cocktails are served. The venue is intimate and definitely recommendable to watch games and to go out with class with your friends, family or boy/girlfriend.

Copan at Lower Rathmines Road

copan in dublin nightlife

Copan might not be in the city centre, but please don’t let this stop you from visiting. The venue took its name from the ancient Mayan city ruins of Copán (1000BC) in western Honduras. This is visible when checking out the theme of the place. If you go to Copan, you don’t need to change venue that night. There is a DJ and a huge dance floor that has enough space to show off your dancing skills.

Pygmalion at South William Street

pygmalion in dublin nightlife

The music in Pygmalion is one of a kind. If you’re in Pyg and you don’t feel like dancing yet, then the two for one cocktails will certainly do the job for you. Pygmalion is a mysterious Dublin venue where no one judges you. Dance anyway you want, nobody cares. If you want to drink cheap and dance all night long to non stop sensational tunes, Pygmalion will be an excellent choice, especially with those cheap pygtails!

4 Dame Lane at Dame Street

4-dame-lane in dublin nightlife

Once you enter 4 Dame Lane, there is not a chance you won’t be impressed.  The venue is  a trendy music bar with 2 floors.  When you think the main floor is big, go upstairs and see for yourself where the chill area is and occasionally a dance floor in the back! There is enough room for both chilling and for dancing. 4 Dame Lane is close to Temple Bar and should not be missed when you find yourself in that area.

Trinity Bar & Venue at Dame Street


Trinity Bar has a classic look and feel that makes the venue very attractive for both tourists and the Irish folks. There are 3 separate levels which is the reason for the name Trinity. The place has great food, delicious drinks of course, and the live music cannot be missed! When you walk on Dame street you will spot the venue pretty easily, its exterior look will make you feel welcome straight away.