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14 Reasons Why Certain Night Outers Get Drunk Faster Than Others

Somehow people get less drunk than you (at certain days). He or she is an “avid”drinker we then say. There are many reasons why people get drunk faster than others. So if you’re wondering why the hell you are buzzing so fast while it’s not even 2 AM, keep on reading!

Here are 14 reasons why people get drunk faster:

  1. Shots of alcohol, although they contain smaller amounts, are faster absorbed in the blood than a beer or a glass of wine.
  2. Drinking on an empty stomach has a greater influence on your reflexes than drinking alcohol with a meal.
  3. Women and older people get drunk faster than men and younger people.
  4. Carbonated drinks make you drunk faster since the gas irritates the stomach wall, which causes the alcohol to reach the bloodstream faster.
  5. The sweet stuff doesn’t make you drunk faster even though this often appears to be case… This is mainly because people often drink more of those sweet drinks than they think they are drinking…
  6. Asians have genetic characteristics that make them get drunk quickly when they take in very small amounts of alcohol, and their hearts will beat faster.
  7. Fatigue, stress, illness and depression can greatly increase the impact of alcohol.
  8. The liver can’t break down more than one alcoholic consumption per hour. So, whoever takes one hour to finish a glass of wine will hardly get drunk. When more than one alcoholic drink per hour is consumed or when one starts to drinks quickly, the liver is getting overwhelmed. The alcohol excess that the liver can’t process quickly reaches the blood stream and all  other organs in the body, including the brain. Once that has happened, well, then only time can reverse that state. Drinking coffee and water or taking a shower will make you more alert, but the alcohol content in your body will not decrease!
  9. Eating when you drink alcohol is always good as your body has more time to process the alcohol. A valve in your stomach ensures that when you eat, your stomach (before it sends the food) is shut down for a short period of time to stimulate digestion. Without this pause, alcohol would reach your small intestine and your liver much faster.
  10. What you eat is of great importance. Fat slows down the passage to the intestines, but not much. Even the people who drink milk before consuming alcohol will hardly notice any effect.
  11. Heavy people get drunk less quickly than skinny people, for the simple reason that their bodies contain more water thus the alcohol has less effect.
  12. The liver of older people needs more time to break down the alcohol than livers of young people, however, alcohol consumption damages the brain of young people easier than brains of older people. The reason is simple, the brains of young people are still developing.
  13. Women who are menstruating need 10% less time to break down alcohol in the body.
  14. Regular and heavy drinkers are less likely to be intoxicated than irregular drinkers since their liver produces more Cytochrome CYP2E1, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

So there you have it! There are many reasons why on a regular Saturday night you can’t remember 30% of what happened, but on another night 70% is completely erased! Entering the feeling of buzzing remains a challenge that we don’t mind taking on every week.. 😉