Plan Your NightOut

It’s great to see that you want to experience the Dublin nightlife, it is really one of the best European cities to go out! We want to help you to have a memorable night out in Dublin.

There are many nightclubs, bars and events on our website, but that doesn’t mean all will suit you. We can help you organize your night out by choosing the right bars and nightclubs that meet your wishes and demands.

Let us know when the party in Dublin takes place and we will organize your night out event. Just fill in the following form and we get back to you within 24 hours.

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Q. What is the minimum age for a night out request?
A. Minimum age is 21.

Q. How much does a reservation through NightOutExpert cost?
A. Nothing!

Q. If I have a reservation do I need to pay entrance?
A. This depends on the venue, we will inform you about any entrance fees that you and the group may have to pay.

Q. Does a reservation guarantee entrance?
A. No, a reservation helps to get in but normal entrance criteria will prevail. This means you should not forget your ID card, dress appropriate and don’t show up drunk!