Own the Room and Become Memorable

Showing yourself at your best in Dublin’s nightlife is a pleasure to all night outers. Being seen, being noticed and being discussed: it’s a great feeling that boosts your confidence to very high levels. We may enter and leave life alone, but while we’re living, we like to be surrounded by people. It’s one of the reasons why we join the nightlife in Dublin in the first place! With Valentine’s Day coming up, many singles will put that extra extra effort in order to attract a potential partner. You can say a lot about Valentine’s Day, but it does make one inspire to wanting to be with someone, whether that’s for short term or long term.

We take our time to shower and to dress up. We put expensive natural creams, oil and makeup on our skin. The blouse and shirt have to be ironed with focus on pure perfection and those shoes really need to fit our outfit. The weekends really are invented to showcase your class, fashion, style and eye for detail to the public. They should both accompany and compliment your personality.

Personality Goes a Long Way

So here I repeat an important part again: personality! It’s wonderful to see how many night outers put obvious effort in improving their appearance , but it can be disappointing when their actual behavior doesn’t always project that energy and presence in a Dublin nightclub or bar. Dressing up and looking good is one thing, but if you don’t focus on your behavior and body language, your image may be perceived in a way that you are not expecting (meaning in a bad way)! You don’t want this to happen, especially not this Saturday night when it’s officially Valentine’s Day!

The key is that when you enter a venue like a Dublin nightclub, you have to own the room and try to become memorable. There are people who go to the same Dublin nightclub multiple times, but no one remembers them! They always order a pint of Guinness but when they ask: “give me the regular please”, the bartender will have no clue whatsoever! Then there are people who are memorable. People notice them, they project a certain type of charisma which makes it hard for others not to notice them! The bartender will know what the regular drink is when a memorable person asks for it!

There are people who own the room naturally, but most need practice. Your body language basically explains valuable information about you to all the night outers, so make sure the information is accurate and positive! For the guys out there, when you approach a girl, she will have read you already by looking at the way you behave and move towards your friends, employees and strangers. Part of being confidence is not to wait too long to approach someone! That person already knows you’re looking!

Smiling: a Simple Solution to Many Problems

Become aware of your position and posture through your arms, legs, shoulders, chest and head. Have an open position without any fear to show your body and physique. If you pretend that you’re confident, you will become confident. The more you are feeling a sense of confidence, the higher the ability will be to become memorable. Talk to both men and women in Dublin bars and nightclubs, make jokes and show that you have a good time with friends. But maybe the most important aspectof all is: SMILE! Don’t look so serious all the time, smiling makes you more confident, friendly and relaxed. When you’re with friends please do have a craic and smile! When you order a drink SMILE, when you as a guy look at a girl: SMILE, when you leave your jacket in the cloakroom: SMILE, when you pass a bouncer SMILE. This alone will already increase your chances to become a memorable visitor in the nightclub or bar.

This weekend whether you’re single or not, go out and try to become memorable. Think out of the box, don’t have the same conversation over and over with bouncers, bartenders and the lady at the coat check. Be creative with your words and say them with a respectable level of conviction, BUT, in combination with that smile!

Have a successful and passionate Valentine’s day!