Our Favourite Drinking Game!

Drinking games! There is nothing more fun during a pre-drink session than to play a drinking game! Today I write about NightOutExpert’s favourite drinking game: Kings.

Kings is the “official” name of a drinking game involving playing cards. According to Wikipedia, the game is also called Kings, king’s cup, donut, jug, oval of fire, or ring of fire. It really depends which rules you apply to the game. As interesting and attractive those names may sound, we call it simply “crazy drinking game”.

 I will tell you exactly how we play it. First of all, play with boys and girls. The game may be interesting amongst lads or girls only, but we prefer to have a mixed group. It is just way more educational and fun that way!

You need the following to play this crazy drinking game:

  • 1 deck of cards
  • Alcoholic beverages (something strong as well!)

Every person takes a turn picking a random card. When the card is picked, the rule corresponding with that card has to be followed. There are endless rules you can give to the cards, it’s all about how creative you are and how fast you want for the bunch of you to become drunk…

We apply the following rules to the cards:

  • 2: Everyone drinks a sip
  • 3: You drink a sip
  • 4: You choose 2 players to drink each one sip, or 1 player to drink 2 sips
  • 5: Categories, you choose a category like movies, John Legend songs, car brands etc, the player who can’t think of something that falls under that category drinks
  • 6: Truth or dare, if a player doesn’t want to follow up on the question or act, he or she drinks
  • 7: Choose a mate, he or she will drink when you drink
  • 8: Rhyming, the player who can’t think of a word drinks
  • 9: Choose a rule, like tap your head before you drink, don’t use first names, stand up when you drink etc. The player who forgot to follow the rule drinks
  • 10: You take 1 shot
  • Jack: Choose any rule of the cards
  • Queen: All women drink a sip
  • King: All men drink a sip
  • A: Waterfall, each player starts drinking at the same time as the person to their left. No player can stop drinking until the player next to him/her stops.
  • Joker: Finish your complete glass or bottle in one take, whether that may be empty or full!

These are our favourite rules! Other rules we like to apply sometimes are:

  • King’s Cup: Each time a King is drawn, that player pours a bit of her/his drink in an empty glass. the player who draws the 4th King, drinks the cup in full.
  • Questions: You can ask random questions to each other till one player doesn’t know what to ask

When reading those rules, you understand why you want to play with both men and women. It just makes the whole game more interesting and memorable.

You can make it as crazy as you want! When we stay in and enjoy drink sessions at home, we might not always like the speed of someone’s intoxication. You can reduce the amount of sips for example to slow down the drinking process, or increase the sips or have shots to create the opposite effect!

Yes we can’t get enough of this game when we’re at home. Not because we all get drunk, but because of the unique interaction and cohesiveness this game creates. It’s not only about drinking, but about skills, creativity and sharing.

Which rules do you like to apply when playing drinking games with playing cards?