NightOutExpert Wants to Meet You

It has been a while that we shared our NightOutExpert updates with you! The year is now 4 months underway with May kicking off very shortly. The beautiful weather has already made its introduction, which hopefully predicts a beautiful summer ahead of us.

With the arrival of sunny seasons, the nightlife becomes busier. The weather invites all of us to go out, enjoy the sun and have a few pints or shots (why not!). Our plan is to increase our night outs not only because it’s fun (duh), but also to get to know our favourite Dublin venues better. There are more than 65 nightclubs and bars on, and we want to know what the experience of each place is on each day of the week. When you think about a week containing 7 days, you can tell by a simple calculation that we have many night outs to look forward to!

We want to start blogging about the Dublin venues, discuss the atmosphere, people, music, service, accessibility and more. An objective is to give you a clear view and idea of each recommendable venue on our website. During our night outs, we want to take videos and pictures that we will share on our social media channels. We already have Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, but we added Youtube and Snapchat this week as well. Although we haven’t emphasized much on Instagram, we are planning to post content on that account more often.

As you probably know already, our main mission is to inform you about upcoming events in Dublin nightclubs and bars. We have introduced a new tab on our website which shows only specific events: bank holiday events. We noticed that venues are eager to host special events for that magical Sunday night, so we really want you ladies and gents to know about them! We want you to become properly motivated to leave the comforts of your house on (especially) that Sunday night! The bank holiday events are usually packed so you should definitely participate, come one we only live once!

Aside events, also focuses on Dublin nightclubs and bars. We want to help you facilitate the decision making process of a Dublin venue based on detailed information. Therefore each venue has its own profile page with facts like music type, opening hours and venue type. We keep adding new venues on an occasional basis. The last Dublin bar we recently added is the Mexican styled venue Xico.

In the near future, we hope to offer you special services and offers for the nightclubs and bars in Dublin that we recommend on our website. We love to meet night outers who love the nightlife, so don’t be shy and say hi ? We don’t want to promote venues only, but you as a Dublin night outer as well! At the end it’s you and other night outers who make a nightclub or a bar a success. So don’t be surprised if we interact with you, film you or take pictures!

Thanks for your ongoing support, and if you have any recommendations, remarks or other feedback don’t hesistate to contact us! Stay tuned and keep checking our blogs for tips and info!