NightOutExpert: the Official Website Tour

It seems like yesterday that this website was created, but August is over for a few months already (time keeps going too fast!). So what have we accomplished so far that will benefit you as a night outer in Dublin?  Let me tell you about the progress of

What Have We Accomplished so Far

NightOutExpert Logo

First of all, we finished the logo!!  There is a different version visible on the Facebook andTwitter header! What do you think of our new logo?


NightOutExpert Website

All the pages that we had in mind are finished. The homepage pretty much summarizes all the other pages in the menu.

There is the contact form which you can use to send us feedback and ideas, but also to let us know about a Dublin nightclub or bar that should be posted on the website or when any venue information might be outdated.

Next to Contact there is the About page. Here you can learn why we started the website in the first place and how exactly the website will benefit your nightlife experience in Dublin. The website is for both night outers and nightclubs which is explained on this page.

Nightclub Marketing is a page especially for nightclubs and bars. Aside us helping night outers with their nightlife in Dublin, we offer opportunities for (Dublin) nightclubs and bars to assist them with their online marketing activities. We can help with their Search Engine rankings, social media, e-mail campaigns and more. Probably not very interesting if you’re just a night outer!

Venues is  a page you will visit a lot, all the best nightclubs and bars in Dublin are posted here! Choose one and read about their style, music genres, opening hours and parties! The more we work on, the more Dublin  venues we discover, so the page will be updated constantly! Again, if you don’t see your favourite Dublin venue on this page please let us know!

Events is the other page that belongs to the popular category together with venues. Here you can see all the upcoming events in Dublin. Find out what music is played in that event, who is performing, what time, where, when and where to buy tickets!

Social Media

We also finished setting up 3 social media accounts, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’re continuously developing content, with different themes and post types to be posted soon on all 3 accounts. Do like us on Instagram and Facebook, and follow us onTwitter!

What Are We Trying to Accomplish


We noticed that many Dublin nightclubs are not properly up to date with their events. Sometimes only the website mentions a specific event or sometimes this information is only available in their Social Media accounts. Some venues announce their events months in advance and some merely days in advance. We want to help venues with promoting their venues by posting them asap when published officially, which as a result will reach the night outers much sooner.

Social Media

Here I mention it again: social media. Now that our accounts have been set up, we want to keep you informed in the most effective way possible with the right content offered at the right time. We want to establish a connection with you and offer you the right information that is funny, memorable and useful. Aside the information available on the website, we hope to interact with you via social media so we can all learn from each other.

The capital of Ireland is a great city with an amazing nightlife. We are looking forward to meet all of you and to help you with your nightlife experience in Dublin in the best way possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!