NightOutExpert NYE in….Cork!?!

The question we got a lot these days goes like this: Where did NightOutExpert spent their New Year’s Eve? To be very honest with you, we didn’t celebrate in Dublin. We know, it’s a disgrace! Instead we celebrated the beginning of 2016 in Ireland’s second city: Cork. Yes, Cork. We understand that some Dublin folks might be disappointed about that, but we spent that weekend in Cork for  2 reasons:

  • Johan is living in Cork and was unable to go to Dublin on the last day of 2015 (unfortunately)
  • We couldn’t choose which place to go in Dublin to celebrate the 1st of January!

Do you know that problem when there is too much choice, you end up choosing nothing at all? Well you can apply that theory to our situation. But then again, in normal circumstances we would have chosen one of Dublin’s events of course! The problem was really me (Johan) actually. Luckily friends from Amsterdam and Dublin joined me and Gustavo so we had a good craic.

NightOutExpert in Cork

In Cork there are many clubs as well, not that much when comparing with the crazy amount of venues in Dublin, but there are many great places with each its own uniqueness. Before you ask why we don’t have any Cork venues on our website, it’s because we really want to focus on Dublin now. The nightlife in Dublin is simply much more impressive than Cork’s nightlife. Cork’s advantage is that the whole nightlife is at walking distance, no need for taxi to go to the next bar or nightclub! Nevertheless our base is in Dublin and we love that city to bits.

So where did we go out in Cork? We went to Soho, a very nice posh place with live video music, and afterwards the Bodega where they play mainstream music. It wasn’t that crowded in the Bodega to be fair, we expected much more craziness and excitement. During that whole weekend we toured around Cork and visited bars and nightclubs like Reardens, Secret Garden, Woodford, Deep South and more. We definitely recommend you to check those places out when you have the chance to visit Cork.

We do like Cork, it’s an intimate city and everything is located in the city centre which isn’t big. But we made a promise to ourselves, this year we will welcome 2017 in Dublin for sure! We have no idea where, but we will be there! But before that time comes, we will be in Dublin a lot this year and we hope to meet you  in one of Dublin’s venues to celebrate 2016 together!