NightOutExpert in Dublin Temple Bar

Last weekend me and Gustavo made our first official NightOutExpert venue crawl in Dublin. We were planning to see so many venues, but we  only managed to visit a few of them. It is really my opinion that Dublin has such an amazing and unique nightlife vibe which everyone has to experience for themselves. The amount of awesome venues is simply ridiculous and you really want to go out a lot to enjoy as many venues as you can on the right evenings. Now with Christmas coming up the atmosphere is even more cosy and warm despite the weather. As described in one of my previous blogs, December is simply a month where you want and should go out and interact with people.

We started with Trinity Bar Venue, a great venue with great live music. The interior reflects a traditional Irish design that gives you the feeling you’re in the heart of Dublin. We enjoyed a nice pint of Guinness here. A harmonious and positive energy was present in Trinity Bar Venue which resulted in a perfect start of our Friday night.

The second venue we visited was Buskers in Dublin’s famous location Temple Bar, this venue I never visited before. Buskers has a very vivid and colorful interior design which are responsible for a happy atmosphere. There was a Christmas theme going on with many famous Christmas songs we all know by heart.

On Saturday we had a more of a thorough plan. We wanted to see way more venues  than the previous day, which we did. After a nice Irish breakfast we went to Temple Bar again to visit the many venues we have on this website.  We started in Bad Bobs which has a very welcoming appeal from the outside. The inside of the Bad Bobs reflects this even more. There is so much atmosphere when entering the bar, you would almost forget there is a second  floor where you can dance for hours. We drunk our first cocktail of the day which was a Long Island Iced Tea, one of our favorites.

Afterwards we headed to Mercantile Bar (not only a sports bar but also a latin bar sometimes!), 4 Dame Lane (definitely check out the first floor),  The Czech Inn (great restaurant in the early evening), Fitzsimons Bar (one of the most famous Temple Bar venues) and the Morgan Bar.

The Morgan Bar is totally different than the other mentioned venues. You would almost forget you’re in Temple Bar when visiting the Morgan Bar, it has a classy look with a minimal design. We ordered our second cocktail here which was a unique one you can’t find anywhere else: the choco new fashioned. As we always say, we don’t want to die stupid, meaning we like to try new things. We do recommend it!

— nightoutexpert (@nightoutexpert) December 12, 2015

Soon part 2 will be posted of the first official nightoutexpert Dublin venue crawl! Find out in which Dublin nightclub we ended the night!