NightOutExpert in Dublin Temple Bar – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the first official NightOutExpert (me and Yuval) venue crawl in Dublin. We kicked-off the weekend in Trinity Bar Venue. Then we went straight to Temple Bar where we explored venues such as Bad Bobs, Fitzsimons Bar and the Morgan Bar.

After the Morgan Bar we checked the Workmans Club, a great venue where musicians can share there talent, and afterwards the Liquor Rooms. Although Liqour Rooms is Workmans Club’s neighbor, it looks totally different. The Liquor Rooms looks very intimate with low ceilings and is a great place to bring your date to. The red colour stimulates the mystery and intimacy of the nightlife. Here we had our third cocktail which was a Manhattan. Of course we had to take a photo of Liqour Rooms mascot the bear, all ready for Christmas!

Before going to a nightclub, we had to drink another cocktail in Capitol. This venue is know for its cheap cocktails, most of the cocktails are 5 Euros so definitely check this venue out when you’re in Dublin! Capitol has a great vibe with a classy feeling.

Afterwards we entered Flannerys quickly with the plan of coming back later. Before eating dinner we couldn’t ignore Bleeding Horse so we paid the venue a quick visit. Bleeding Horse is a sports bar that is hard to pass by without taking a look inside because of its external look! It was packed inside since a sports event was on at the moment. When it comes to the 2016 Euro, Bleeding Horse is definitely a good choice to witness history in the making with many fellow football fans.

The last venue we went to is House nightclub. We entered the venue around 1:30 AM and it was packed in a good way. The interior “living room” look including the garden make House a very unique and memorable nightclub in Dublin. Different type of music is played like mainstream music and 90s music. We loved the pink/red atmosphere that takes you over quickly when entering the venue. House is open till late so it’s a great choice to end your night there. As many other venues, we will definitely visit this nightclub again.

There were so many other places we wanted to visit, like Flannerys again, Odeon, Café en Seine and 37 Dawson Street just to name a few. Luckily there is always next time so these and other venues can definitely expect our visit!

We made some videos and pictures, but we want to do this much more often. When you’re in the venue at that moment let us know and introduce yourself! We love to meet fellow night outers in all sorts of venues in Dublin! Soon part 2 of Nightoutexpert Dublin Venue crawl will take place, hope to see you then!