Nightlife Still Continues in January

Happy New Year Night Outers!

2015 is officially over and will stay in the past forever. We hope you kicked off 2016 epically, whether that was in one of Dublin’s amazing venues, outside or at home with friends. The festive decorations and lights will slowly be removed from the houses, offices, shopping malls, city center etc. Basically life goes back to normal again. A reassuring factor about all this, is that we always have the nightlife that won’t let us down.

Nightlife Promises in January

In fairness, many people made typical December statements such as: “I will have a dry January”, “In January I will stay in”, “I will need whole of January to detox from December!” and “January will be a boring month so no going out for me!”. While those statements may have sound pretty good and reasonable in December, there is a small chance you will actually follow those “resolutions”. And why is that? It’s because January is not boring at all, life continues and soon it will seem that December 2015 was a long time ago. The year will find a fixed place in the back of your memory to join all the previous past memories you shouldn’t focus much about.

Do you know that feeling after coming back from holidays? While the holidays have ended a few days ago, there is something funny about entering your daily routine again. It make the holidays seem like they occurred a while ago. The reason is simple, it’s because life continues! There is no stopping it. That’s the same reason why you will go out this month! Maybe not so much as in December, but you will go out! Sitting home for a full month is boring, you will miss the interaction with other people and the magical atmosphere of Dublin’s nightlife. Life is what happens, and you will find yourself in your daily life routine again.

Real Reasons Why People Take it Easy in January

The fact that people will go out any way, is the reason why the nightlife won’t be boring! The nightlife will look quieter at times but in my opinion there are other factors that highly contribute to this. To start off with money, we spent so much money in December it’s crazy! Going out, food, presents, travelling, clothes and so on! In January we have to take it easy sometimes because of lack of money. Another reason is we don’t feel top notch about ourselves, we gained weight because of too much eating and our eyes look sleepy due to crazy December nights. But you see the difference here? We kind of feel “obligated” not to go out in January! We “can’t” go out, which is different from we “don’t want” to go out!

So to summarize, January is not a boring month! People will go out, and the reason why the month is quieter is because we “can’t” go out! If the money was there and you’re in shape, January would be seeing you guaranteed!  A Dry January is only an illusion ;-).

Will you be going out in January or will you emphasize more on taking it easy this month? Let us know!