Nightlife Improves Your Social Skills

Going out is not for drinking and having fun only. You learn some valuable skills that are very useful in everyday life. In a previous blog I have mentioned 15 vital skills you improve when you go out. If you haven’t read it, here you find it.

So the first skill of that blog is: Improve your social skills by talking to people, both men and women

So let’s elaborate on this.

Discomfort to Approach People

Do you feel comfortable to talk to someone random walking down the street? Or in a supermarket, or in the Luas maybe? Not really probably. It doesn’t look that inviting to approach a person and say a simple line like: “I love that dress you are wearing”. Everyone is doing his/her own thing, whether that may be reading WhatsApp messages on the Luas or buying a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka in a supermarket. The environment is regarded as not suitable to communicate with other unknown people, although this really shouldn’t stop you!

Picture the following scenario:

A guy walks in a pet store and sees an attractive woman. He buys a gold fish for this woman and tells the cashier to give it to the lovely lady. The cashier then walks up to the lady, gives the gold fish to her, points to the guy and says: it’s on him.

Have you ever seen this scenario in any store? Most likely not. In so many places where people congregate, they tend to mind their own business. That’s it. But in which scenario do you see the opposite happening? That’s right! In the nightlife!

Nightlife “Authorizes” You to Have Fun

There is no nightlife if people don’t have fun and love to socialize. It’s not even the alcohol that makes you socialize, it’s the ambience, surroundings and the vibe that create this comfort and “authorization” to have a good chat and to meet new people! It is expected for your mindset to be on that “having a craic” frequency when you participate in the nightlife. Therefore people are more receptive to sharing, presenting and of course joking around.

Luckily smiling is contagious. When people see other people laughing and being all jovial, they tend to behave in the same way. The nightlife is simply all about unified and positive energy. With the power of alcohol limitations and complex thoughts are reduced. Reasons why not to talk become blurry whereas creativity and ad hoc decisions prevail. Be aware of this fact and notice how you talk easily. What you will learn is that us people have similar values, wishes and habits. When we’re outside in that Luas, supermarket or pet store, we are still the same people but with a mask in front of us that prevent us from having and using the mindset frequency of the nightlife.

So what I’m saying is, don’t block that positive frequency. It’s still okay to talk to people outside the nightlife. Don’t focus on your Smartphone all the time and don’t go into the mindset frequency resembling one of a zombie. Keep the communicating skills going and keep practicing. The nightlife gives you the opportunity to practice easily, just don’t forget to implement this skill in different life scenarios like at work, official events and even in the supermarket.

It’s not only in the nightlife where you can meet interesting people! ?