Nightlife Improves Your Flirting Skills

Going out is not for drinking and having fun only. You learn some valuable skills that are very useful in everyday life. In a previous blog I have mentioned 15 vital skills you improve when you go out. If you haven’t read it, here you find it. I will blog about each skill in depth.

The first skill which was improving your social skills, has already been discussed: Nightlife Improves Your Social Skills

The second skill is a favourite one: Improve your flirting skills, learn how others talk, behave and act and copy what works

The art of flirting: it is a skill we all wish to master in its entirety. The ability to attract the opposite sex is one we continuously want to put into practice, and of course it’s a skill we continuously want to improve. Some people naturally develop a comfort with the opposite sex, others need to watch and learn. Where can one watch and learn? In a bar and nightclub of course! It is really one of the reasons why we love to enjoy the nightlife. It provides us men and women an environment where we can remove our masks and focus on bringing our attraction and flirting skills to new heights.

There is flirting for women and there is flirting for men. Women basically initiate the flirting game and men need to take that opportunity to present their confidence, intelligence and humor. Another difference is appearance. Both men and women want to look attractive when going out. However women take one step further by using makeup to increase the levels of their attractiveness, empowerment and beauty. Irish women for example are known for their love for makeup!

Women and Their Physical Features

The fact that women love to wear makeup when enjoying the nightlife is no surprise at all. Look at the animal kingdom, we see that females like to emphasize on their physical features and colors when wanting to mate with an alpha male. Females basically learned the art of showing off since the beginning of time. This is interestingly reflected in today’s age where women dress up to show off their physical features with sexy clothes, daring accessories, high heels and strong colorful makeup. When you women go out, learn and become inspired by other makeup creations and varieties.  Look around you and see how other girls dress up, how they move, talk and dance.  The nightlife brings you many tips about how to improve your A game and how to become even more attractive. It’s the combination of sex appeal and personality that will make you attract gentlemen with integrity.

Don’t be Jealous but be Willing to Learn

The mastery of body language will bring you success in life. Women may initiate the game, but men will have to do the approaching part (most of the time).  The whole process of approaching a lady and saying your first words can go many ways. If you wait too long, she won’t be interested, if you say “Hi” (boring mode), she may lose immediate interest, if you talk without conviction, she may walk away. Women are intriguing human beings and I do agree that they make their judgments pretty fast sometimes! But us men simply need to make sure that we use all our game to impress the lady. You see guys approaching and kissing a girl within minutes. Analyze those guys, see how they dress and behave next to the girl. You make look hot, but when you say the wrong thing, look in a scary way or show a weak posture, she won’t hesitate to look further!

It’s all about educating yourself and seeking out knowledge! We will bring you many tips in our blogs about flirting for both men and women, but it’s imperative that you don’t feel jealous but inspired when seeing others having success in bars and nightclubs. Do analyze the people, be open to learn new things and get out of your social bubble! Alcohol may take your fears and complexities away, but the best thing you can do is learn about yourself and understand why certain approaches are attractive to the opposite sex. Don’t make it a coincidence when a flirt goes well, go practice and own the room.