Why Nightlife is Good For Your Mind

There are different ways to perceive the nightlife. For some it’s about discharging yourself with friends and drinks, for others it’s about encountering the love of your life and for others it’s all about dancing, dancing and dancing.

One of the reasons we love the nightlife (especially in December!), is because of the open mind and creativity this creates. What is nightlife exactly? It’s people gathering in the evenings and nights where the collective emphasis is on having fun. People tend to show the best part of themselves: no masks and less diplomacy. To be surrounded in such an environment can be very refreshing, especially when you put yourself in an open and analytical state.

With analytical state I don’t mean you have to analyze every person and happening in detail, but it is interesting to learn from people when you’re communicating with them (both men and women) and learn from situations and behaviors. The opportunity to meet new people is greater during the nightlife than when you go grocery shopping in Tesco for example. The more you communicate and experience things in a positive environment, the better this is for your creativity.

People who don’t go out at all, may find themselves living in a “small world” where there is lack of experiencing new adventures and fresh content to process. This creates the difficulty of improving your awareness and an open mind.  This doesn’t mean nightlife is the solution to all of this, but it certainly helps. Of course if you drink too much, lose yourself and forget, these benefits don’t apply so much! But my point is that nightlife can give you new perspectives to look at certain life situations and objectives. Nightlife actually inspires!

Your state of mind is different in nightlife than when you are home alone or with people you already know. Changing your surroundings and atmosphere enhance you and your friends to know each other on a different level. When drinking alcohol and the effects are positive (definitely not negative!), you will become happier and more confident in solving any problems you might have. Lots of times conversations actually become better and productive! The trick is to bring all these happy thoughts with you to the next day instead of categorizing them to nightlife rubbish! Just don’t drink like there’s no tomorrow, your cognitive skills will decline drastically and this blog will make little sense then 😛

Sometimes we tend to focus too much on “work hard” rather than “play hard”.  It’s important to allocate time for “play hard” (like going out 😉 ) since your long term productivity levels will decline if you don’t! The “play hard” is necessary to refresh your creativity levels which become useful for your “work hard” sessions.

You can watch a movie, shop or play a board game with people, but the nightlife will have similar effects when it comes to inspiration and imagination. Especially when you travel and go to new places. Experiencing the nightlife in new cities can do wonders for your mindset. You see different types of people, cultural differences and different traditions to enjoy the nightlife.

So when you want to have a new outlook on life, go out and meet people! We’re in December, every day nightclubs and bars are packed! Nightlife is a big plus because of a refreshing environment and the interactions you gain. Show the best of yourself, be curious and let ideas and epiphanies flow into your system.