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Lillie’s Bordello Cocktail Master Class: An Amazing Experience

If you want to know which venue is Dublin’s most prestigious VIP and nightclub, then here is your answer: Lillie’s Bordello. Many celebrities have witnessed the wonders of this magical nightclub in Dublin. There are a few aspects that make this Dublin venue unique, like the sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere, their divine cocktails and friendly staff. Nevertheless, the main aspect that makes this nightclub really stand out, is their own cocktail laboratory.


Lillie’s Bordello is the only nightclub in Ireland that has its own micro-distillery where Lillie’s professional bartenders can make any cocktail you want. Wouldn’t you love to create your own unique and delicious cocktails? Of course you do, at least we do! To share this experience with cocktail lovers, Lillie’s Bordello offers cocktail master classes to make you a pro in no time. We were invited for a master class on the 30th of September!

We were joined by representatives from the famous stag and hen specialists Last Night of Freedom. There were many of them and we all had a great craic. They took loads of quality photos and allowed us to use them for this blog. Thank you Last Night of Freedom, it was great meeting you all!


Lillie’s Bordello’s cocktail master Simba first gave us a tour including all VIP areas, then explained the history of cocktails, and finally made us craft our own cocktail of choice!

Lillie’s Bordello has 3 lavish decorated rooms and 4 bars. You find the most beautiful bar in the VIP area. There is a secret area for private parties upstairs that we finally got to know as well.

After the tour we sat comfortably in one of the venue’s intimate spaces where the laboratory is located. Here is where Simba explained the history of cocktails while we quenched our thirst with one of his favourite masterpieces.


After the interesting lesson, each one of us chose an appealing cocktail that we made ourselves from start till finish. We learned how to mix, stir and shake like a pro. We all shared our drinks to determine which one was the most delicious one. My (Johan’s) cocktail was the best (in my opinion) which was sweet mixed with whiskey, egg and other unique ingredients. I call it now the Johan’s flavourful mystery.

Coincidentally, there was a 90s party at Lillie’s after the master class so that was the perfect excuse to drink more cocktails we never tasted before!


If you consider yourself a serious cocktail lover, do attend Lillie’s Bordello’s master class. It’s not only those delectable drinks that make the experience unique, but also the intimate setting walled by distinctive art déco and luxurious furniture. Thank you Lillie’s Bordello for the memorable experience!