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Krystle Nightclub is Back to Conquer Dublin Nightlife

In August 2016, Dublin’s famous classy nightclub Krystle announced a major investment of €1.1 million for refurbishing purposes. The venue closed up for 3 months and finally announced their launch weekend early November. A launch of a new Krystle nightclub in the weekend of November 25 already got us super excited, but knowing they invested more than 1 million euro, increased our expectation levels drastically!


Of course when a launch consists of a full weekend, you can count us in for a full weekend! Friday was announced to have an open bar till 12:30 AM for invites only. Guests were welcome from 9 PM so we arrived at 9:30 PM. We soon met Wayne Lawlor and Ciamhie McCrory who immediately made us feel welcome. Both PR masters were brilliant in organising this spectacular relaunch. The nice people of Krystle set the right tone of excellence by offering us prosecco at the door while we made our way to the penthouse.

We felt like home! We missed Krystle’s penthouse since their closure in August and it was good to be back. In Krystle Dublin you always enjoy the beautiful people and the amazing view the penthouse and balcony are famous for. In the central revolving the DJ booth where Dj Ergen played some quality beats, there were tables and sofas which we haven’t seen before. We always wondered why this space wasn’t utilized more often to provide spectacular nightlife experiences, as the area is open with great views towards Dicey’s Garden, the balcony and of course the penthouse.


Krystle’s Suite has been totally renovated, and anyone looking to stay in a more intimate environment can enjoy this beautiful private room in the Penthouse. The elegant room fits groups of up to 12. The luxury colors pink and purple enhance the unique vibe that really makes you feel you are in one hell of an exclusive spot. The famous bed is replaced by a much better looking model which is now named “Playtime”…

People had the time of their lives like Krystle never left. As you expect from Krystle nightclub, there were many celebrities, models, socialites and other great people who enjoyed their buzz with prosecco, Champaign, and whiskey in the VIP Area. Everyone socialised, took photos, drank and danced. The cohesive atmosphere was simply magnetic. After 4 AM the party was still rocking and night outers showed no intention to leave anytime soon!


As many Dublin night outers already know, Krystle consists of more areas aside the penthouse and suite. There is the balcony and the classy underground nightclub. Basically the whole entire club got renovated! On Saturday there was no free bar, but if you think for one second that the party vibe was lacking, you are mistaken! Our man Dj Wax spinned the decks, so the nightclub was bouncing nonstop. Krystle was packed the entire weekend. We expect the nightclub to remain packed on weekends where serious mula will be spent, especially with the festive spirit of December.

Krystle’s new look shows a mix of vivid colours on the walls. The elegant look appears to be a jungle/nature theme with images of exotic flowers and plants. The VIP venue really delivers and we immensely enjoyed feeling and seeing the potential again this Dublin nightclub projects.


Krystle Co-Owner Rangan Arulchelva, who received lots of compliments about his Dublin nightclub, commented: “This €1.1 million investment marks our continued commitment to providing a unique and superior quality entertainment product in Dublin.

“Krystle has set the standard for premier nightclubs in the city centre for the last ten years and, by investing in both our people and our premises, we will continue to set the standard for the next ten.”

We can say with absolute certainty that he is spot on. We missed Krystle Dublin and can’t wait already to go back. You as a respectable Dublin night outer should definitely check this place out, but I think that is pretty much a no brainer.