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Why Dublin as Kick-Off City?

For almost one month we are working on “We” refers to Gustavo and Johan (me). The idea is simple: we want for your to find out which venues are out there in the world and more importantly, where the party at!?! As you probably noticed, or will notice very soon, we focus first on the beautiful capital city of the Republic of Ireland: Dublin. Why Dublin? Well, Gustavo has lived there for a few years so we know the nightlife pretty well. I (Johan) live in Cork and visit Gustavo quite often! We love Dublin, so it makes sense to use this capital city as our official kick-off city.

Who are We?

Gustavo and Johan, 2 simple names but without any idea who or what these names represent. We both are male, 30 years old and live in Ireland. As mentioned before, Gustavo lives in Dublin and myself I live in Cork. We’ve lived around 3 years in Ireland and love every bit of it. We consider ourselves as positive people who want to acknowledge every moment of life in a positive way. We think socializing with friends and new people is very important, we like to connect and share ideas. We consider open mindedness as an important human characteristic which is connected with our life motto: “we don’t want to die stupid”. You will hear and see more of us soon and we would love for you, a fellow night outer, to introduce yourself as well!

How is the Website Building Going?

There are many updates on a daily basis when it comes to the building of Last month there was no website, but now many sections have already been finished. The About, Contact and Nightclub Marketing pages were easy, but the real challenges are the venues and events pages. These are the pages that will be visited most! We pretty much finished the venues section, Gustavo added more than 50 venues! To be honest, we haven’t been to some of them, so we say challenge accepted! We’re currently focusing on adding events. We have to add events hosted by those 50 venues so that will require some research. We’re also busy with the logo of, we expect this to be finished within a week. Actually, we want to officially launch the website next week on Friday October 2nd! Ironically we will celebrate in Ireland’s second biggest city Cork, but Dublin will be seeing a lot from us very soon.

What’s Our Mission?

Whether you live here or visit Dublin as a tourist, you want to find the right venue and party for you and your friends. We want to help night outers with finding epic parties to participate in. With the high amount of venues it is hard to pick just 1. Unfortunately the weekend consists of only 2 days, so one has to choose wisely! We want to make that decision easy by presenting to you the happenings of each weekend. You ask where’s the party or what parties are hosted in a specific venue? We answer your questions. Besides helping night outers with their venues and events, we will also give tips and information about the mysterious and magical world of the nightlife. The nightlife has to be enjoyed to the fullest, so we will provide you with tips and trivia facts to increase the enjoyment and experience  of a nightclub or bar. We also help venues with promoting their business online. The options on the internet may be endless, but you have to know what you are doing. Therefore we have an online marketing section for venues who need help with their online marketing.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter and to like us on facebook.