A Good Night Out in Dublin City

This city is wonderful, with so many places to see and so many things to do, and without a doubt the nightlife has come on great in the last few years.

So let’s have a night out.

If you plan your night out in advance you’ve got a very good chance of it being an enjoyable one. I have often planned my night out on a Monday to go out on the following Saturday – now that’s a great feeling!

No matter how good the venue is I believe that the staff are the most important thing. The environment, I believe, is just as important as the company.

By planning I mean contacting the venue, making yourself known to the people in the venue and making sure you at least have some idea of the venue setup. All of this is easily achieved now via social media. Do your homework (but fun homework!).

Once on a night out you can then relax. It’s fun time. The most important aspect of the night out to me will always be the friendliness of the staff. They are in charge of our destiny. Nothing – and I mean nothing – is as important as the staff. Read Yelp or TripAdvisor; check Twitter posts to find out how good they have been.

If the staff are nice you will have a good night and you may return on your next night out. But you have to play your part and be nice to every staff member you meet. Let’s be nice to everyone in the venue; this will make your night out so enjoyable and you will start to feel relaxed.

Dublin is a great city and the hospitality it brings is amazing. Let’s enjoy this wonderful city.


Guest blog written by night out legend Mark @MarkyDub

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