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Fundamental Night Out Philosophy You Should Know

We love to promote nightlife! Not only Dublin’s nightlife but the concept of nightlife in general. Why is that? What defines for us a great night out?

It is easy to think that we love nightlife purely for the parties, music, drinks and people. All are true! But we go out and enjoy with a philosophy stuck in our minds that we want to share with you. This philosophy is also the fundamental reason why we started

The above reasons to go out (parties, drinks, music and people) are often mentioned. However, these are all night out benefits and don’t say anything about why specifically you want to enjoy all that. Few reasons may be:

  • There is a special celebration going on
  • You want to find someone to connect with
  • You’re going on a date
  • You want to dance and unleash
  • You want to forget about your problems

Our Number 1 Reason to Go Out

Whatever the reason may be for a night out, there is one solid philosophy that guides us through every night out:

  • Celebrate life

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We don’t want to go out to feel positive emotions. We want to have positive emotions already before going out, and magnify them while enjoying the nightlife.

You see, we noticed there are people who go out as a form of escapism. They are not happy with their lives and see the weekend as a way to escape it. We make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep, we get depressed, we complain too much etc. But when the weekend arrives, we easily justify our procrastination and laziness as weekends are meant to be fun! We then escape life, the negative state of mind and our obligations. Alcohol will make you temporary “happy” but the next day you will have to face yourself and life again.

You don’t want sober you to drink your problems away, as drunk you will create more problems for sober you! It’s  just one big vicious circle that you don’t want to get into!

nightlife is a celebration of life

Our philosophy is that we want to “deserve” our night outs. Whatever plan or action we set out to take, we take it. Any specific objectives that we plan for a week, we accomplish them. Life continues and fast! With that conscious awareness we focus on progressing every day. The versions of ourselves tomorrow have to be smarter than our today’s versions.  Life is one big celebration, so we want to become the best version of ourselves and make the most out of this life. With that in mind, we make sure to have a definite plan and purpose that help us to go where we want to go. Nightlife becomes an inspiration.

To work hard and reward yourself with a night out is an amazing feeling. The conversations improve, the experience improves, your personality improves, all because you celebrate your personal progress. You enjoy the nightlife because you appreciate and embrace life. You don’t escape it because you stay true to yourself. There is no kidding yourself.

nightlife is life celebration

This philosophy is what we want to project in our vision of It’s great to drink, dance and socialize, but let it be a great version of yourself who you allow to indulge in all this nightlife magic. You will have more fun, more confidence, and will be more enlightened during a night out.

So when you go out, celebrate life! Don’t escape it. Stay true to yourself, know what you want, progress and celebrate all your achievements, dreams, milestones and ideas with delicious drinks, eclectic music and like minded people.

What is your reason to go out every weekend?