Explore Dublins’ Nightlife With Us!

Dublin is sunny lately! Although some days know sun, snow and rain in a time span of 24 hours, we always appreciate those moments when the sun shines upon us.  With sun comes more people enjoying Dublin’s city centre which of course contains many bars and nightclubs! It is lovely to see how people enjoy beautiful weather. With the Euro 2016 coming up and Ireland’s participation, the summer will be crazier than normal!

When one arrives in Dublin, the city looks big and crowded. However after a while you start to notice that the capital of Ireland is really a cozy and intimate city. Sure, it is way bigger and crazier than Cork or Limerick, but in comparison with other capital cities, Dublin is really a chilled out city. That’s why it’s so amazing that there are so many nightclubs and bars to visit! It’s hard to get bored when it comes to Dublin’s nightlife,  there are more than 60 venues where you can dance! You just need to create some variety in your nightlife routine and become curious to know new places!

Around 80% of the Dublin nightclubs and bars that are posted on our website can be found in the city centre. In streets like Harcourt Street (e.g. Everleigh Garden, Dicey’s,Coppers), Camden Street (e.g. Opium Rooms, Flannery’s, Whelans), Grafton Street (e.g. Lillie’s Bordello, Sinnots), Temple Bar (e.g. Morgan Bar, Bad Bobs,Fitzsimons) and Dawson Street (37, Café en Seine) you find many of our recommended bars and nightclubs in Dublin.

We wish there are more days in a week, or better, we wish there are more days in a weekend since there are just so many of them venues! Tourists are  very positive about Dublin’s nightlife and one doesn’t need to wonder  why.  The combination of great people and the variety of venues makes the city very attractive to live in. Okay there are occasional Luas strikes and house/apartment prices are skyrocketing, but it doesn’t stop people from starting a new adventure in Dublin.

We’re planning to visit as many Dublin nightclubs and bars as possible during the week and weekend. We aim to make photos and videos so you can understand how the vibe looks like in a particular Dublin venue.  Soon we will have our NightOutExpert YouTube channel setup where we will upload our videos to next to Facebook and Twitter.

As our mission states, we want to facilitate your nightlife experience. We want to give you a peak of the many nightclubs, sports bars and gay bars Dublin has to offer. This will allow you to make a firm decision where to spend your night with your friends.  We’re planning to focus more on social media in general in order to promote Dublin’s nightlife to you.  When you are around in one of our recommendable venues we’re visiting at that moment, come say hi! We would love to take a photo with you and post it on our social media channels! At the end of the day the nightlife is all about having fun together, and in Dublin with all you great people, this really makes each night out a guaranteed success.