Everyone Flirts in Nightclubs

Flirting is Human Nature

“Meeting  girls”, “flirting”, “getting numbers” and “wanting to get laid”: All reasons why men go out. Men can go out with his buddies, his colleagues or his family, whoever accompanies him into the nightlife, he would like to reach at least one of the above objectives. The guy may be married or having a girlfriend, he still would like to flirt and to have his “level of sexiness” acknowledged by a pretty girl.  You can say what you want, but this is a fact. This doesn’t mean he will cheat (for the women who feel offended now),  but it is simply part of the nightlife. You don’t see married people going in their daily training outfits to the club just because they’re not single, of course not. Anyone wants to shine and show the best of yourself including your exterior energy and beauty. We simply like to feel sexy, to feel admired and to feel appreciated. Men are predators, it’s smart to accept that men like to flirt, especially in the nightlife.  Even when there is a business meeting or any special objective to the nightlife event, there is always room for some flirting.

So here is the thing, there might be lots of emphasis on guys wanting to go out and meet pretty girls, but there is one thing that us guys forget easily: The above objectives apply to women as well. Women want to “meet boys”, “flirt”, “get a number” and yes I will say it: “want to get laid”. Women are simply smarter than us by not emphasizing too much on this. But yes, while let’s say 20% of the women go out for sex and 80% to have only a flirt from an interesting guy, for men this will probably be the other way around.  Women simply are not in a rush to have sex that quickly, but they do want it. Where guys need just a place to have sex, women will need a reason.

Approach Women in Nightclubs!

So why is it bad we guys forget women go out for the same reasons? It’s because guys simply think too much when it comes to flirting. The level of fear from going and talking to a girl is surprising and shocking at the same time. Women like to have attention, even when they say “they just want to go out with friends”. Really? Are you going to believe that? Deep down they want to be spoken to by someone with confidence, someone intelligent, someone who inspires them. Doesn’t mean they will date the guy, but they simply would like to connect even if it’s for a few minutes or hours. Looks only won’t get you far at all! We don’t have that going for us unfortunately unlike women! No, when we are smart we are sexy. We guys just need to show more compassion, more personality and confidence. We have to remember that women want to meet a good guy, a down to earth guy who doesn’t focus on kissing and getting laid. Women are people like you and me, don’t get overthrown by their beauty and do not feel intimidated.

They want to talk to you, if you don’t someone else will and that person will probably be worse than you. But what happens? That girl start to kiss that guy, and why? Because you let them. She wants attention, she wants to be excited, you think she will just sit there and wait for you? No, unfortunately we don’t live in such a perfect world. If you like someone, go and approach. Don’t think too much about it. Remember, when you look multiple times to a girl, she knows you are gathering all your bravery just to talk to her.  Don’t make it difficult, make it a casual encounter between you and the girl. It’s all about confidence and your body language. So please guys, let’s not forget that we are not the only ones with the objectives of approaching and meeting the opposite sex. Women do as well, so cut the crap and approach girls! Be respectful and friendly, but also mysterious and a bit teasing ? Enjoy the weekend!!