Emotions Generated by Alcohol

Alcohol Makes Us Happy

Alcohol remains and will always remain a fascinating topic to discuss. We love to drink it (most of us), but we wish the invention to hell when suffering the after effects. Little subjects can make us two sided in such extremes as alcohol does. We all know the consequences, we know our ratio can be blocked substantially, we know alcohol contains lots of calories and we know alcohol is bad for the liver. But heck, it makes us happy! It’s that feeling that motivates us every time to drink again! A more extreme example, sometimes we drink alcohol we don’t even like! Ever took a tequila shot with a straight face and feeling satisfied 1 second after?? I don’t think so….

The hangover may be the worst you ever experience, it may take days to recover and it can affect your school or work productivity. We can complain and complain about the high amount of drinking, promising that night was really the last time! But we all know you will do it again. You can even change your mind that same day! It just needs the right person to ask you out and there you go again!

So why do we like to drink? Why do we continue drinking and suffer the consequences every single time? The answer is simple:  you borrow the happiness of tomorrow. That feeling of “double” happiness is amazing, so amazing and unique that one accepts the consequences with both arms. We accept that the level of happiness the next day will probably be one to forget. During that previous night you feel “high”, on top of the world, king mode and on top of your game. The world becomes a more beautiful place, everyone is united and you feel more appreciation for the people you’re going out with. That “double” happiness however results in more drinking which shuts down the ratio even more…

Extreme Emotions of Alcohol

Alcohol makes the mind more at ease. Alcohol quiets the ratio in order to give space to emotions. That’s why we love to jam and feel that beat of the music, because we feel it through our bodies. We become one with the music and the people around us. The drinking of course can take a negative course . After too many drinks, the on top of the world feeling or king mode are simply not valid anymore. Worse, you think you are in king mode, while in reality that mode has declined to joker mode. Appreciation for one another takes strange turns by telling too much about your feelings that you might want to keep to yourself! Or what about the seduction game? There is no more game, you see any random girl or guy and you talk. There is no more strategy, no proper seduction. You just approach any person and you start to touch too quickly or your body language is just not as effective as it was a couple of hours ago. Then there is the worst stage: total oblivion! Ratio is totally gone, no more sense of what, where, how and when! That topic alone deserves it’s own blog!

Alcohol is a fascinating topic as mentioned previously, and will definitely be discussed often in the blog.  I don’t want to glorify the use of alcohol, but I definitely understand why we drink. The emotions take over, you feel the music, you feel one with the music and the crowd, you become positive (most of the time) and you get the feeling that “everything will be okay”. Yes, it generates an appetite for fast food that is practically impossible to ignore and the after effects sometimes are just “far from pleasant” to say the least, but the feeling of being “high” just makes it all worth it. Just know when to stop when you reach king mode! ?