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Tramline – Noche de San Juan White Party


Ven a Celebrar con nosotros la noche más Mágica del año !!
vistete de Blanco y disfruta de la mejor música españolaa , confetii , Gogos , y mucho más
– 2 pistas de baile
Musica 100×100 española
Musiica latina , reggaeton , salsa …

€3 Pintas de budwiser , botellas de Sol y shot de tequila

Gratis con evebrite tickets hasta las 11
€5 con cerveza hasta las 11
€7 con cerveza de11 a 12
€10 con cerveza despues de las 12

La Noche de San Juan: The Night of Fire
San Juan is a festival celebrated on June 23rd, a magical night that welcomes the summer season. The celebration takes place during the shortest night of the year; the summer solstice. It is a celebration that is usually held on the beach with roaring bonfires, drinks, food and friends. Legends, tradition and magical rituals are connected by a common elements: fire and water.

Some mystical people believe that on this magical night paranormal events can occur because ancient pagan gods get closer to humans. For this reason many magical rituals are celebrated. Young people jump over fires which, according to legend, gives more strength to the sun, which loses hours of light during the summer.

It is also a night full of Superstition. If you want to be lucky for the next 12 months you may want to:

Jump over a bonfire.
Burn a piece of paper with your lovers name on it.
Burn something old and personal to leave behind bad spirits from the past and start a new phase.
Swimming in the ocean after midnight purifies soul and body.
Fountains and natural water resources become magic and have healing properties.

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