Dublin Nightclubs and Bars

Think about the best European cities that offer an amazing nightlife, the most epic ones. Certain cities come into your mind like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, London and Ibiza. You would not mention Dublin so fast! The capital city of Ireland is often associated with Guiness beer and pubs. True, the city has many many bars and pubs like you see in foreign cities. You know, those “Irish Bars” you see in practically every capital city in Europe and other continents. Dublin has the original typical Irish bars (duh), but I don’t mean Temple bar specifically!

Dublin is a more intimate version of London. Less posh, but not only casual either! There are many classy nightclubs and venues in Dublin with each one having its own charm and unique characteristics. One of the creators of this website (Yuval), currently lives in Dublin. He lives there for 3 years now and knows the nightlife well. We want for this website to contain the best nightclubs of the world, but we decided to start small. With Yuval residing in Dublin, (and myself in Cork by the way), we decided to kick-off with the Dublin nightlife. Dublin is the capital city and has way more venues like nigthclubs and bars to your disposal than let’s say Cork, the second biggest city of Ireland.

Here are some facts about Dublin you probably didn’t know!

Did you know Dublin:

  1. Is the capital of the Republic of Ireland
  2. Is the largest city of the Republic of Ireland
  3. Has over 1000 pubs
  4. Has a production of 10 million glasses of Guinness daily
  5. Is founded by the Vikings in 988
  6. Has a legal drinking age of 18
  7. Temple Bar area is so called because it housed the first Jewish temple built in Ireland. The word ‘bar’ refers to the refusal of Catholics to allow the Jewish community to enter any of the adjoining commercial premises
  8. Links to the prestigious “Oscar” statuette used at the Academy Awards since it was designed by Cedric Gibbons, who was born in Dublin in 1823
  9. Is home to many of Ireland’s most famous musicians, from the Dubliners and Thin Lizzy to Sinead O’Connor and U2
  10. Has the “Oldest Pub in Ireland”, called the Brazen Head. There has been a pub on this site since 1198
  11. Has a renowned history in the Literary and Movie World with celebrated native names such George Bernard Shaw (dramatist, critic & Nobel Prize winner), James Joyce (writer and poet and writer of Ulysses), Oscar Wilde (playwright, poet, essayist & novelist) and Dracula creator Bram Stoker to name but a few. Prominent Hollywood Actors hailing from the city include Maureen O’Hara, Brendan Gleeson, Gabriel Byrne and Colin Farrell
  12. O’Connell Bridge that covers the famed River Liffey is reckoned to be the only bridge in the European continent that has the same width as its length
  13. Or Dubh Linn is derived from the Old Irish Gaelic, which has its literal meaning “Black Pool”. The Dubh Linn was a lake used by the Vikings to moor their trade ships and was connected to the Liffey by the River Poddle

There is a happy atmosphere in Dublin, the Irish people are known for their positive attitude without to much complexities. The Irish don’t like to complicate life. As they say often: “If there is a problem and you can solve it, then there’s no problem. If there is a problem and there is no solution, then there’s no problem.” Their nightlife behavior reflects this type of attitude, they are happy, like to drink and socialize very easily. Yes, the girls as well! They are very approachable (as long as you act like a man!). The nightclubs are intimate and vary from very small to huge. There are more than 60 awesome venues which all deserve a visit.

We are happy to kick-off with the Dublin nightlife, we know most places and we’re looking forward to visit all the other nightclubs and bars. We look forward in meeting you night outers, people who love the nightlife and love to connect with people, music and a little bit of alcohol ?