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Dublin City Center Map to Find Most Nightclubs

The amount of Dublin venues where one has the possibility to have a drink is endless. As Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses says: “Good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub”. Of course this is one of the reasons why we love Dublin right!?

On we offer you a selection of Dublin’s finest nightclubs. You don’t find any neighbour bars, only venues where DJs play tunes. This results in an amount of more than 55 venues aka bars and nightclubs in Dublin on our website. You find the majority of Dublin venues in the city center. We tried to add as many nightclubs/bars as we can on the map of Dublin’s city center. Check below: (Click on the image and the arrows at the upper left-hand corner to expand).

Dublin nightclubs and bars map


We were able to add the venues located at the south side like House nightclub, Odeon and Black door, but also the ones in the north Like Woolshed Baa and Living Room.

For the avid night outer, you probably miss a few venues that are further away south or north. You’re right, a few Dublin nightclubs are missing which are:

  • Rain nightclub
  • Copan
  • Wright Venue
  • McGowans

Rain nightclub and Copan are located in Portobello and Rathmines. So when you find yourself in front of Odeon in the south, just keep walking south for around 7 minutes to find Rain nightclub. Keep walking for 12 minutes and Copan will be in sight.

copan rain dublin nightclubs map

McGowans of Phibsboro is a complete opposite story. Do you see the Woolshed close to Cineworld in the north? When you keep walking north for quite some time you find McGowans.  Although we do recommend to take a taxi to reach this venue (6 minutes drive from Woolshed), the distance is nothing in comparison to the last nightclub on the list: the Wright venue.

mcgowans dublin nightclub map

You don’t just go to the Wright venue when you live in the city center or Dublin south. The biggest nightclub in Dublin is located way up in the north,  further up north than the airport. That means you have to plan your transportation! But the trip is worth it, the Wright venue is an experience!

wright venue nightclub dublin map

In which area do you like to go out Dublin night outer?

Is there any Dublin venue you like to see on our website?