Do You Know Your Cocktails?

Sometimes you just think about a nice cold beer when it’s hot outside, but on special nights the nightlife is all about cocktails! There are so many of those drinks, and people keep inventing new mixes and flavours. A cocktail is all about representation, not just the flavour. It starts with the preparation which is by itself pure art. The bartender shows his/her tricks and makes you understand why you really should appreciate and enjoy that cocktail. The cocktail is (should) be made with a proper level of professionalism, and will be decorated and garnished with fruit slices. Let’s not forget the vibrant colours that many cocktails display, clear and bright colours that enhance the mysterious and magical atmosphere of nightlife.

You as a (professional) night outer, should recognize certain cocktails easily. Do you think you can recognize cocktails just by their looks? Here are photos of 15 famous cocktails, do you know the names of all of them? Test your cocktail knowledge and find the answers below!

mojito dublin nightlife

This cocktail is considered as one of the most popular cocktails in the UK


The Dude from the movie The Big Lebowski refers to this cocktail as a “Caucasian.”


This cocktail is named after its appearance


The name of this cocktail is a word of Taíno origin, who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida in the late 15th century


A naughty naughty name! Who doesn’t want to try at least once!?


A sexy girl name


Sarah Jessica Parker’s character of the TV series Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw, ordered the drink often when going out, which boosted the popularity of this cocktail


The name is deceiving, since its second name is not used in this cocktail


Follow the traditional recipe of this cocktail and don’t whip the cream! The Irish should know!


One of Nightoutexpert’s favourite cocktails!


A strong cocktail that creates chaos within you…chaos is what you will find when going to the name of this cocktail


The name of this cocktail is almost the exact equivalent of the English word hillbilly


The name of this cocktail matches its appearance


It’s not complicated to make this cocktail, why complicate life anyway: the spirit of the name of this cocktail


“the world’s most complex cocktail”

Did you guess most cocktails? To find out the names and recipes just hover over the images. Which cocktail do you enjoy the most during a night out?