Do Watch Movies Before Going Out

Movies are only part of the nightlife when going to the cinema. Many people enjoy to see a good movie and then to continue the night in a bar or nightclub. It’s nice to discuss the movie in the nightlife, it often initiates the conversation on a easy level and clears the path for a more profound conversation. When a movie inspires, it helps you to have an improved experience in a venue, whether that is with friends or a date. What about a drama movie where something bad happened? Then you go out and celebrate life even more. Movies are an excellent way to start off the nightlife, as long as your movie starts no later than 10PM! There must be room for bar and nightclub enjoyment after the cinema!

During the recession cinemas were very popular since it’s a cheap way of “going out”. Night outers experienced the feeling of being outside and to have a great time elsewhere instead of in the comforts of their own homes. Now that the crisis is not as serious as it was 6 years ago (6 years already!?), people tend to go out more often again after the movie is over. Which is excellent news!

What about movies at home? Before a pre-drink session there is nothing as sweet as watching a movie all chilled out, knowing that nightlife madness is waiting for you that night. Friends will come by, there will be pre-drinks, and you go out together to your favourite nightclub. You will socialize, meet people and drink your favourite alcoholic beverages. That prospect always creates a big smile on one’s face. So going back to the movie. Whether you watch alone or with friends, you prefer to watch a comedy or an action flick. Something light that will bring you in the mood already. You’re in high spirits anyway because you know the nightlife is waiting for you in a few hours, so why not already initiate that positive vibe with a movie that reflects your state of mind?

When you watch alone you enjoy that me myself and I feeling, that moment where you laugh hard at jokes without shame while enjoying every second of the experience. Whether you watch with friends or alone, you will probably start with your first drink of the day already, that can be a beer, wine or even a spirit. You take it easy with that special first drink while you appreciate every single sip. The perfect way to complement that moment is to watch a movie that matches the same frequency of thought as the one you are having or should have.

The matter of the fact is, that your nightlife state of mind can and should already start in the afternoon or early in the evening! We love to watch a movie in the afternoon, purposely relaxing and chilling all the way since we know the night is going to be crazy. Whether that is Saturday, Friday, Tuesday etc, it doesn’t matter. Create that mindset early on and enjoy that “I’m looking forward to a positive happening”  prospect. We humans always look forward to positive events waiting for us in the future, like when we booked for a flight or when St. Patricks Day is getting closer. It’s the journey towards the experience that we like to enjoy as well!

Stay tuned for 5 movies we love to watch before going out! I can already tell you that those are “easy chill out” movies which you should watch as well!

Do you watch a movie before going out? What’s your favourite “pre-nightlife” movie?