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Copper Face Jacks

Since opening back in 1995, Copper Face Jacks has become the most popular nightclub in Ireland. With such a high amount of people passing through it’s doors each week, it is understandable how it has became so popular.

At the heart of your night out is the nightclub at Copper Face Jacks. Covering the entire basement area, with an award winning EAW/RCF sound system, a state of the art LED lighting rig and a 22ft LED video wall, the coppers dance floor is the best place to strut your stuff. The nightclub area also boasts a cocktail bar, VIP bar and the private booths are perfect for your next party as well as a fully covered beer garden.

Music; one of the most memorable parts of a night at Copper Face Jacks is the mix of music. Be prepared to hear a wide selection of genres throughout the night, each song better then the last. Expect all the very best current hits, old favourites, good time songs and sing along tunes. As one of their reviews said; “a great mix of everything you could ever want.”

Each and every Thursday they will be giving away not one, but FIVE of their famous Coppers Gold Cards. One of the hottest items any fan of Coppers could ever want. Giving you free access to the nightclub all year round. Do not miss out!


Current Status: Closed now


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Popular times to visit :

Days of the weekQuietOccupiedBusiest
Monday11.30am – 3.30am NA NA
Tuesday11.30am – 3.30amNANA
Wednesday11.30am – 3.30amNANA
Thursday11.30am – 3.30amNANA
Friday11.30am – 12am1pm – 3.30amNA
Saturday11.30am – 11pm12am1am – 3.30am
Sunday11.30am – 3.30amNANA

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