December Wants You to Go Out!

Night outers we already entered the last month of 2015! It has been said many times before but I will say it again: time goes fast. Time for reflection is upon us, thinking about what this year has brought us, and how 2015 improved our lives. Which memorable stories have happened this year that we will tell and share in 10 years from now? It can be quite a confrontation! This is only 1 reason why you should get a drink this month!

In this cold December month there are more reasons why we like to go out and spend time with people, such as:

  • We want to finish the year memorably
  • December is a month of celebration
  • We’re looking for someone to share the holidays with
  • We want to enjoy the unique positive vibe and atmosphere outside
  • December is a friends and family oriented month
  • Reflection will motivate and inspire you to go out and meet people
  • December is is a happy month with a sense of unity and harmony

The feeling for connection is essentially much stronger in December. Look at company Christmas parties for example! December makes it even mandatory for companies and organizations to organize wicked parties for the whole office! The last month of the year simply wants you to go out, to connect and meet people!

December can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you have friends, family or/and a partner, December will be good to you. If you are alone, December will find its ways to depress you. That’s why we have this love-hate relationship with December. With a depressed state of mind we hate it and want to ignore it, but I know deep down, we all want to love December to the fullest.

A difference between the night outs in the months July and December, is that in December there is more pressure for the single night outers. The need to find someone is much higher than normal and when you can’t find anyone….well, the happiness, presents and family/sharing oriented atmosphere kinda backfires. At least we have the family get-togethers to look forward to (and that we just cannot avoid)!

Christmas is all about family parties and staying at home. The streets will be quiet and lots of food and Christmas tunes will be served and played indoors. Not much can be expected from the nightlife during Christmas weekend, it’s one of those rare weekends where the nightlife pretty much disappoints anywhere. However one week later is the day that the whole world will drink because of one sole reason: New Year’s Eve festivities! We both celebrate the end of 2015 and the start of a beautiful year: 2016! All nightclubs will host some form of an epic celebration so it’s going to be crazy! Crazier than any other year! Why? Because 2015 was great but 2016 is going to be Amazing! You better book your tickets in advance since many Dublin nightclubs will be packed. Check our website for New Year Eve’s events in Dublin!

Nightclubs know that the nightlife is in high demand in December. It may be cold and it’s tempting to stay inside (especially when you are with someone), but do go out and end 2015 epically. Nigh outs can easily ensure this for you!

Tell us, do you already know where you will spend your New Year’s Eve party?