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Dublin’s Best Kept Secrets

The capital of the emerald isles, Dublin is the preconception of Ireland embodied. From Guinness to the clandestine atmosphere that the Irish are famous for, Dublin is on the bucket list for travelers from all around the world. However, what to do in Dublin is something many struggle with and coming up with an itinerary is essential to get the most out of such a beautiful city. For some inspiration check out Last Night of Freedom’s ( list of Dublin’s best kept secrets.

The Blind Pig

Paying homage to the 1920s prohibition era, the Blind Pig offers patrons the chance to experience what it was like when you had to be hush hush about alcohol. The secret bar is only accessible through a small door down a brick passage way, but say the password to the man at the door and let the secret world be revealed before your eyes. Themed drinks are on offer to customers, simply refer to the menus that are printed on the back of old books and let your taste buds take you back to 20s New York and absorb the remarkable atmosphere the Blind Pig offers.

Napoleon’s Toothbrush

Not something you’ll hear every day, but considering it is something related to one of history’s greatest generals, you should take time out to go and see it. This quirky little item can be found in Dublin’s Royal College of Physicians thanks to one of the little Frenchman’s closest friends, Irish physician Barry Edwards O’Meara. Napoleon gifted his buddy a number of keepsakes including a number of personalised snuff boxes, as well as this famous toothbrush. Quirky, but something to tell your friends.

Bagots Hutton

Claustrophobic yet comfortable, Bagots Hutton is a one for any hidden hipster looking for that niche place to have a drink. Located in the commonly referred to ‘Hipster Triangle’, the bar takes inspirations from a mix of gothic décor and Da Vinci style. And if the wine bars style still doesn’t appeal to you, the place offers weekly food specials like Meaty Monday and Cheesy Tuesday. With a capacity of just 65, make sure you get there early to grab yourself one of the limited Chesterfield sofas.

The Library Bar

Located inside the Central Hotel, the Library bar is perfect for that chilled out drink in comfortable surroundings. Named the Library Bar due to their strict ‘No Music’ stance, the bars offers its customers the chance to relax and catch up with their days activities. The country-club styled décor which includes high back chairs and crackling open fire is ideal for the morning after recovery, or a central base for those wanting to go out and explore what else Dublin has to offer.

Sweny’s Pharamacy

A one for all literature fans, Sweny’s pharmacy has become a must visit for those whom have read James Joyce’s Ulysses. In the story, the main character visits the pharmacy to pick up some face cream for his wife. Coming back to modern day the pharmacy is still going – being run by volunteers who try to recreate that period feel. But don’t expect to go in and get some paracetamol, the ‘pharmacy’ now sells a range of second hand books and lemon scented soaps. It’s basically a period themed Lush.

The Bar With No Name

The bar calls itself as Dublin’s “worst kept secrets” (we don’t think so) but unless you know what to look for then you’ll easily miss it. The bar is located in the middle of Dublin, but the only way to know where to go is to look out for a huge wooden snail hanging above the door. Once you’ve found the place, go up the stairs and be met with patrons sinking into the sofas and sipping mojito’s. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for that big, wooden snail.

Vintage Cocktail Club

Nestled behind an iron door in the famous Temple Bar, the Vintage Cocktail Club is a step back through the ages. To gain access you have to first find the bar and ring the bell. However, one you’ve gained entry you will be taken back to the vintage-age of speakeasy and glamorous movie stars, with a drinks menu to match. The cocktail options make this bar what it is, and where it gains its notoriety, which includes drinks inspired from as early as the 1400s to the Tiki craze of the mid-1900s.

Montpelier Hill

More of a one for the scary list, the Hell Fire Club at Montpelier Hill has a paranormal past. Built back in the 1700s, the building has had a chequered past being built using grave stones which some believe is the reason why it is cursed. After the building was completed, the roof was blown off which was the start of some of the spooky stuff that happened on the hallowed ground. After the owner’s death, the Hell Fire Club bought the property and became their base for their ‘activities’. Rumours are the club used the building for occult practices, including demonic possession, and other paranormal activities. Check it out if you dare.

Hacienda Bar

The Hacienda, much like its Manchester name sake, has a cult following like no other. Not your typical pub, the place is set by the famous fruit and veg marketing and like many other hush bars, you have to ring a buzzer to get in. But once you’re in you will not be disappointed. Favorited by many celebs including Ed Sheeran and Mathew McConaughey, the place only opens at the owner’s discretion. With 80s music on constant loop and good beer with numerous pool tables, this is a must for anyone looking for that salt-of-the-earth style pub.

Planning a stag or hen do to Dublin? Get in touch with Last Night of Freedom for that weekend to remember:


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5 Reasons Why Men Should Go Out Alone

Going out by yourself as a man has many advantages. A real man is not dependent on others for his own entertainment. If you feel like going out and you have no one to join you, then that should not be a reason to stay at home and Netflix on the couch. In fact, going out alone can be more fun than going with other people. Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Be a man and go out if no one want to join you! Continue reading to make your “my myself and I” night out a great success!

Why Going Out Alone?

There are plenty of reasons to go out alone. You do not have friends (pretty rare in a city like Dublin), or you do have friends but they simply don’t want to go out (why on earth not right!). Or, you do have friends who want to go out but it’s simply no fun with them. Yep, that happens. Going out solo makes you more masculine. By going out alone you show strength, independence, self confidence and courage. Characteristics that every man should have!

Because You Want to Get to Know New People

Whether you have no friends, few friends or you’ve had enough of your current friends. Going out alone is a great way to meet new people. Being on your own makes you more approachable for other people as well. You are ‘forced’ to make new contacts, which gives a boost to the development of your social skills and the creation of new hopefully prosperous relationships.

Because You Want to Increase Your Success with Women

Going out alone means you won’t experience any issues with your group of friends keeping an eye on you, or giving them the opportunity to ruin your night out because of too much alcohol or cockblock actions. That means you have all the space to approach women at your own pace. You don’t have to worry that your friends witness you being possibly rejected. This is a great way to practice your skills in peace with women, and to increase your contacts with women.

Because You Want to Explore the Unknown

Going out alone takes guts. You force yourself to seek out the unknown and to get out of your comfort zone. You have no group of friends to fall back on. You are completely responsible for your own entertainment that night. Most men are afraid to do this. They are afraid that they will be seen as a ‘loser’ by others in the pub or club because they are on their own.

On the contrary, if you enjoy yourself, other people will respond positively and nobody will notice that you are alone. Please for the love of God, do not stand alone in a corner with a beer or sit on the bar stool watching others having a good time in the pub or club. Go and find the dance floor, go and look for people! Make contacts, go dancing and enjoy the music, atmosphere and people. It’s your night!

Because You Want Freedom

Going out by yourself as a man is experiencing ultimate freedom. You are the captain and director of your own night. You have total control. You largely determine how the night will go and do whatever you want, wherever you want.

Because You Want a Self Confidence Boost

If you manage to have a nice night out on your own where you meet new people, this will lead to a considerable increase in your self confidence. You experience that you don’t need others for your own pleasure, you defy the unknown, take social risks and you successfully make new contacts.

So no excuse men, go out alone if no one wants to join you! You will learn a lot about yourself we promise!

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Dublin City Center Map to Find Most Nightclubs

The amount of Dublin venues where one has the possibility to have a drink is endless. As Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses says: “Good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub”. Of course this is one of the reasons why we love Dublin right!?

On we offer you a selection of Dublin’s finest nightclubs. You don’t find any neighbour bars, only venues where DJs play tunes. This results in an amount of more than 55 venues aka bars and nightclubs in Dublin on our website. You find the majority of Dublin venues in the city center. We tried to add as many nightclubs/bars as we can on the map of Dublin’s city center. Check below: (Click on the image and the arrows at the upper left-hand corner to expand).

Dublin nightclubs and bars map


We were able to add the venues located at the south side like House nightclub, Odeon and Black door, but also the ones in the north Like Woolshed Baa and Living Room.

For the avid night outer, you probably miss a few venues that are further away south or north. You’re right, a few Dublin nightclubs are missing which are:

  • Rain nightclub
  • Copan
  • Wright Venue
  • McGowans

Rain nightclub and Copan are located in Portobello and Rathmines. So when you find yourself in front of Odeon in the south, just keep walking south for around 7 minutes to find Rain nightclub. Keep walking for 12 minutes and Copan will be in sight.

copan rain dublin nightclubs map

McGowans of Phibsboro is a complete opposite story. Do you see the Woolshed close to Cineworld in the north? When you keep walking north for quite some time you find McGowans.  Although we do recommend to take a taxi to reach this venue (6 minutes drive from Woolshed), the distance is nothing in comparison to the last nightclub on the list: the Wright venue.

mcgowans dublin nightclub map

You don’t just go to the Wright venue when you live in the city center or Dublin south. The biggest nightclub in Dublin is located way up in the north,  further up north than the airport. That means you have to plan your transportation! But the trip is worth it, the Wright venue is an experience!

wright venue nightclub dublin map

In which area do you like to go out Dublin night outer?

Is there any Dublin venue you like to see on our website?

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Fundamental Night Out Philosophy You Should Know

We love to promote nightlife! Not only Dublin’s nightlife but the concept of nightlife in general. Why is that? What defines for us a great night out?

It is easy to think that we love nightlife purely for the parties, music, drinks and people. All are true! But we go out and enjoy with a philosophy stuck in our minds that we want to share with you. This philosophy is also the fundamental reason why we started

The above reasons to go out (parties, drinks, music and people) are often mentioned. However, these are all night out benefits and don’t say anything about why specifically you want to enjoy all that. Few reasons may be:

  • There is a special celebration going on
  • You want to find someone to connect with
  • You’re going on a date
  • You want to dance and unleash
  • You want to forget about your problems

Our Number 1 Reason to Go Out

Whatever the reason may be for a night out, there is one solid philosophy that guides us through every night out:

  • Celebrate life

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We don’t want to go out to feel positive emotions. We want to have positive emotions already before going out, and magnify them while enjoying the nightlife.

You see, we noticed there are people who go out as a form of escapism. They are not happy with their lives and see the weekend as a way to escape it. We make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep, we get depressed, we complain too much etc. But when the weekend arrives, we easily justify our procrastination and laziness as weekends are meant to be fun! We then escape life, the negative state of mind and our obligations. Alcohol will make you temporary “happy” but the next day you will have to face yourself and life again.

You don’t want sober you to drink your problems away, as drunk you will create more problems for sober you! It’s  just one big vicious circle that you don’t want to get into!

nightlife is a celebration of life

Our philosophy is that we want to “deserve” our night outs. Whatever plan or action we set out to take, we take it. Any specific objectives that we plan for a week, we accomplish them. Life continues and fast! With that conscious awareness we focus on progressing every day. The versions of ourselves tomorrow have to be smarter than our today’s versions.  Life is one big celebration, so we want to become the best version of ourselves and make the most out of this life. With that in mind, we make sure to have a definite plan and purpose that help us to go where we want to go. Nightlife becomes an inspiration.

To work hard and reward yourself with a night out is an amazing feeling. The conversations improve, the experience improves, your personality improves, all because you celebrate your personal progress. You enjoy the nightlife because you appreciate and embrace life. You don’t escape it because you stay true to yourself. There is no kidding yourself.

nightlife is life celebration

This philosophy is what we want to project in our vision of It’s great to drink, dance and socialize, but let it be a great version of yourself who you allow to indulge in all this nightlife magic. You will have more fun, more confidence, and will be more enlightened during a night out.

So when you go out, celebrate life! Don’t escape it. Stay true to yourself, know what you want, progress and celebrate all your achievements, dreams, milestones and ideas with delicious drinks, eclectic music and like minded people.

What is your reason to go out every weekend?

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Krystle Nightclub is Back to Conquer Dublin Nightlife

In August 2016, Dublin’s famous classy nightclub Krystle announced a major investment of €1.1 million for refurbishing purposes. The venue closed up for 3 months and finally announced their launch weekend early November. A launch of a new Krystle nightclub in the weekend of November 25 already got us super excited, but knowing they invested more than 1 million euro, increased our expectation levels drastically!


Of course when a launch consists of a full weekend, you can count us in for a full weekend! Friday was announced to have an open bar till 12:30 AM for invites only. Guests were welcome from 9 PM so we arrived at 9:30 PM. We soon met Wayne Lawlor and Ciamhie McCrory who immediately made us feel welcome. Both PR masters were brilliant in organising this spectacular relaunch. The nice people of Krystle set the right tone of excellence by offering us prosecco at the door while we made our way to the penthouse.

We felt like home! We missed Krystle’s penthouse since their closure in August and it was good to be back. In Krystle Dublin you always enjoy the beautiful people and the amazing view the penthouse and balcony are famous for. In the central revolving the DJ booth where Dj Ergen played some quality beats, there were tables and sofas which we haven’t seen before. We always wondered why this space wasn’t utilized more often to provide spectacular nightlife experiences, as the area is open with great views towards Dicey’s Garden, the balcony and of course the penthouse.


Krystle’s Suite has been totally renovated, and anyone looking to stay in a more intimate environment can enjoy this beautiful private room in the Penthouse. The elegant room fits groups of up to 12. The luxury colors pink and purple enhance the unique vibe that really makes you feel you are in one hell of an exclusive spot. The famous bed is replaced by a much better looking model which is now named “Playtime”…

People had the time of their lives like Krystle never left. As you expect from Krystle nightclub, there were many celebrities, models, socialites and other great people who enjoyed their buzz with prosecco, Champaign, and whiskey in the VIP Area. Everyone socialised, took photos, drank and danced. The cohesive atmosphere was simply magnetic. After 4 AM the party was still rocking and night outers showed no intention to leave anytime soon!


As many Dublin night outers already know, Krystle consists of more areas aside the penthouse and suite. There is the balcony and the classy underground nightclub. Basically the whole entire club got renovated! On Saturday there was no free bar, but if you think for one second that the party vibe was lacking, you are mistaken! Our man Dj Wax spinned the decks, so the nightclub was bouncing nonstop. Krystle was packed the entire weekend. We expect the nightclub to remain packed on weekends where serious mula will be spent, especially with the festive spirit of December.

Krystle’s new look shows a mix of vivid colours on the walls. The elegant look appears to be a jungle/nature theme with images of exotic flowers and plants. The VIP venue really delivers and we immensely enjoyed feeling and seeing the potential again this Dublin nightclub projects.


Krystle Co-Owner Rangan Arulchelva, who received lots of compliments about his Dublin nightclub, commented: “This €1.1 million investment marks our continued commitment to providing a unique and superior quality entertainment product in Dublin.

“Krystle has set the standard for premier nightclubs in the city centre for the last ten years and, by investing in both our people and our premises, we will continue to set the standard for the next ten.”

We can say with absolute certainty that he is spot on. We missed Krystle Dublin and can’t wait already to go back. You as a respectable Dublin night outer should definitely check this place out, but I think that is pretty much a no brainer.

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Lillie’s Bordello Cocktail Master Class: An Amazing Experience

If you want to know which venue is Dublin’s most prestigious VIP and nightclub, then here is your answer: Lillie’s Bordello. Many celebrities have witnessed the wonders of this magical nightclub in Dublin. There are a few aspects that make this Dublin venue unique, like the sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere, their divine cocktails and friendly staff. Nevertheless, the main aspect that makes this nightclub really stand out, is their own cocktail laboratory.


Lillie’s Bordello is the only nightclub in Ireland that has its own micro-distillery where Lillie’s professional bartenders can make any cocktail you want. Wouldn’t you love to create your own unique and delicious cocktails? Of course you do, at least we do! To share this experience with cocktail lovers, Lillie’s Bordello offers cocktail master classes to make you a pro in no time. We were invited for a master class on the 30th of September!

We were joined by representatives from the famous stag and hen specialists Last Night of Freedom. There were many of them and we all had a great craic. They took loads of quality photos and allowed us to use them for this blog. Thank you Last Night of Freedom, it was great meeting you all!


Lillie’s Bordello’s cocktail master Simba first gave us a tour including all VIP areas, then explained the history of cocktails, and finally made us craft our own cocktail of choice!

Lillie’s Bordello has 3 lavish decorated rooms and 4 bars. You find the most beautiful bar in the VIP area. There is a secret area for private parties upstairs that we finally got to know as well.

After the tour we sat comfortably in one of the venue’s intimate spaces where the laboratory is located. Here is where Simba explained the history of cocktails while we quenched our thirst with one of his favourite masterpieces.


After the interesting lesson, each one of us chose an appealing cocktail that we made ourselves from start till finish. We learned how to mix, stir and shake like a pro. We all shared our drinks to determine which one was the most delicious one. My (Johan’s) cocktail was the best (in my opinion) which was sweet mixed with whiskey, egg and other unique ingredients. I call it now the Johan’s flavourful mystery.

Coincidentally, there was a 90s party at Lillie’s after the master class so that was the perfect excuse to drink more cocktails we never tasted before!


If you consider yourself a serious cocktail lover, do attend Lillie’s Bordello’s master class. It’s not only those delectable drinks that make the experience unique, but also the intimate setting walled by distinctive art déco and luxurious furniture. Thank you Lillie’s Bordello for the memorable experience!

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Buskers On The Ball: Unique New Dublin Venue

Buskers On The Ball is the latest venue in Temple Bar that officially opened their doors. As you have probably guessed, Buskers On The Ball (BOTB) is the neighbor of venue Buskers. Nevertheless, there is a clear difference between both venues. While Buskers is a bar (that recently got renovated), Buskers On The Ball is a one of a kind Social Interactive Sports Bar & Entertainment Venue.  It’s a big title, but BOTB proved themselves worthy of it.

Buskers On The Ball organized a big launch party on September 15th where none other than Irish football legends Jason McAteer and Phil Babb welcomed the guests. We were invited as well and it was funny seeing them play ping pong, they are actually pretty good at it!


Yes night outers,  there are 5 Ping Pong Tables in Buskers On The Ball and not only that, there are also 4 Pool Tables, 1 American Pool Table, 2 Shuffle Board Tables & 2 Foo’s Ball Tables, plus Dublin’s largest indoor video wall showing all major live sports! It’s safe to say that Buskers On The Ball already turned themselves into the number one sports venue in Dublin!

Normally you associate beer with a sports bar, but here is where BOTB managed to distinguish themselves again from other sports bars: the venue contains the fundamentals of a classy cocktail bar. So besides all the sports activities night outers can occupy themselves with, there is always the option to drink a cocktail sophisticatedly with your friends. BOTB even organizes cocktail classes like their neighbor Buskers do.

We’ve been in Buskers On The Ball before, but the launch party really shows the venue’s potential. The vibe is amazing that caters to all types of night outers, from beer drinking sports lovers to night outers who love to enjoy their spirits and cocktails elegantly.

Check out more details about Buskers On The Ball.

Buskers On The Ball is definitely a game changer in social entertainment in Dublin and of course we will be back soon!


NightOutExpert Wants to Meet You

It has been a while that we shared our NightOutExpert updates with you! The year is now 4 months underway with May kicking off very shortly. The beautiful weather has already made its introduction, which hopefully predicts a beautiful summer ahead of us.

With the arrival of sunny seasons, the nightlife becomes busier. The weather invites all of us to go out, enjoy the sun and have a few pints or shots (why not!). Our plan is to increase our night outs not only because it’s fun (duh), but also to get to know our favourite Dublin venues better. There are more than 65 nightclubs and bars on, and we want to know what the experience of each place is on each day of the week. When you think about a week containing 7 days, you can tell by a simple calculation that we have many night outs to look forward to!

We want to start blogging about the Dublin venues, discuss the atmosphere, people, music, service, accessibility and more. An objective is to give you a clear view and idea of each recommendable venue on our website. During our night outs, we want to take videos and pictures that we will share on our social media channels. We already have Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, but we added Youtube and Snapchat this week as well. Although we haven’t emphasized much on Instagram, we are planning to post content on that account more often.

As you probably know already, our main mission is to inform you about upcoming events in Dublin nightclubs and bars. We have introduced a new tab on our website which shows only specific events: bank holiday events. We noticed that venues are eager to host special events for that magical Sunday night, so we really want you ladies and gents to know about them! We want you to become properly motivated to leave the comforts of your house on (especially) that Sunday night! The bank holiday events are usually packed so you should definitely participate, come one we only live once!

Aside events, also focuses on Dublin nightclubs and bars. We want to help you facilitate the decision making process of a Dublin venue based on detailed information. Therefore each venue has its own profile page with facts like music type, opening hours and venue type. We keep adding new venues on an occasional basis. The last Dublin bar we recently added is the Mexican styled venue Xico.

In the near future, we hope to offer you special services and offers for the nightclubs and bars in Dublin that we recommend on our website. We love to meet night outers who love the nightlife, so don’t be shy and say hi ? We don’t want to promote venues only, but you as a Dublin night outer as well! At the end it’s you and other night outers who make a nightclub or a bar a success. So don’t be surprised if we interact with you, film you or take pictures!

Thanks for your ongoing support, and if you have any recommendations, remarks or other feedback don’t hesistate to contact us! Stay tuned and keep checking our blogs for tips and info!


NightOutExpert NYE in….Cork!?!

The question we got a lot these days goes like this: Where did NightOutExpert spent their New Year’s Eve? To be very honest with you, we didn’t celebrate in Dublin. We know, it’s a disgrace! Instead we celebrated the beginning of 2016 in Ireland’s second city: Cork. Yes, Cork. We understand that some Dublin folks might be disappointed about that, but we spent that weekend in Cork for  2 reasons:

  • Johan is living in Cork and was unable to go to Dublin on the last day of 2015 (unfortunately)
  • We couldn’t choose which place to go in Dublin to celebrate the 1st of January!

Do you know that problem when there is too much choice, you end up choosing nothing at all? Well you can apply that theory to our situation. But then again, in normal circumstances we would have chosen one of Dublin’s events of course! The problem was really me (Johan) actually. Luckily friends from Amsterdam and Dublin joined me and Gustavo so we had a good craic.

NightOutExpert in Cork

In Cork there are many clubs as well, not that much when comparing with the crazy amount of venues in Dublin, but there are many great places with each its own uniqueness. Before you ask why we don’t have any Cork venues on our website, it’s because we really want to focus on Dublin now. The nightlife in Dublin is simply much more impressive than Cork’s nightlife. Cork’s advantage is that the whole nightlife is at walking distance, no need for taxi to go to the next bar or nightclub! Nevertheless our base is in Dublin and we love that city to bits.

So where did we go out in Cork? We went to Soho, a very nice posh place with live video music, and afterwards the Bodega where they play mainstream music. It wasn’t that crowded in the Bodega to be fair, we expected much more craziness and excitement. During that whole weekend we toured around Cork and visited bars and nightclubs like Reardens, Secret Garden, Woodford, Deep South and more. We definitely recommend you to check those places out when you have the chance to visit Cork.

We do like Cork, it’s an intimate city and everything is located in the city centre which isn’t big. But we made a promise to ourselves, this year we will welcome 2017 in Dublin for sure! We have no idea where, but we will be there! But before that time comes, we will be in Dublin a lot this year and we hope to meet you  in one of Dublin’s venues to celebrate 2016 together!


NightOutExpert: the Official Website Tour

It seems like yesterday that this website was created, but August is over for a few months already (time keeps going too fast!). So what have we accomplished so far that will benefit you as a night outer in Dublin?  Let me tell you about the progress of

What Have We Accomplished so Far

NightOutExpert Logo

First of all, we finished the logo!!  There is a different version visible on the Facebook andTwitter header! What do you think of our new logo?


NightOutExpert Website

All the pages that we had in mind are finished. The homepage pretty much summarizes all the other pages in the menu.

There is the contact form which you can use to send us feedback and ideas, but also to let us know about a Dublin nightclub or bar that should be posted on the website or when any venue information might be outdated.

Next to Contact there is the About page. Here you can learn why we started the website in the first place and how exactly the website will benefit your nightlife experience in Dublin. The website is for both night outers and nightclubs which is explained on this page.

Nightclub Marketing is a page especially for nightclubs and bars. Aside us helping night outers with their nightlife in Dublin, we offer opportunities for (Dublin) nightclubs and bars to assist them with their online marketing activities. We can help with their Search Engine rankings, social media, e-mail campaigns and more. Probably not very interesting if you’re just a night outer!

Venues is  a page you will visit a lot, all the best nightclubs and bars in Dublin are posted here! Choose one and read about their style, music genres, opening hours and parties! The more we work on, the more Dublin  venues we discover, so the page will be updated constantly! Again, if you don’t see your favourite Dublin venue on this page please let us know!

Events is the other page that belongs to the popular category together with venues. Here you can see all the upcoming events in Dublin. Find out what music is played in that event, who is performing, what time, where, when and where to buy tickets!

Social Media

We also finished setting up 3 social media accounts, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’re continuously developing content, with different themes and post types to be posted soon on all 3 accounts. Do like us on Instagram and Facebook, and follow us onTwitter!

What Are We Trying to Accomplish


We noticed that many Dublin nightclubs are not properly up to date with their events. Sometimes only the website mentions a specific event or sometimes this information is only available in their Social Media accounts. Some venues announce their events months in advance and some merely days in advance. We want to help venues with promoting their venues by posting them asap when published officially, which as a result will reach the night outers much sooner.

Social Media

Here I mention it again: social media. Now that our accounts have been set up, we want to keep you informed in the most effective way possible with the right content offered at the right time. We want to establish a connection with you and offer you the right information that is funny, memorable and useful. Aside the information available on the website, we hope to interact with you via social media so we can all learn from each other.

The capital of Ireland is a great city with an amazing nightlife. We are looking forward to meet all of you and to help you with your nightlife experience in Dublin in the best way possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Ins and Outs of

Why Dublin as Kick-Off City?

For almost one month we are working on “We” refers to Gustavo and Johan (me). The idea is simple: we want for your to find out which venues are out there in the world and more importantly, where the party at!?! As you probably noticed, or will notice very soon, we focus first on the beautiful capital city of the Republic of Ireland: Dublin. Why Dublin? Well, Gustavo has lived there for a few years so we know the nightlife pretty well. I (Johan) live in Cork and visit Gustavo quite often! We love Dublin, so it makes sense to use this capital city as our official kick-off city.

Who are We?

Gustavo and Johan, 2 simple names but without any idea who or what these names represent. We both are male, 30 years old and live in Ireland. As mentioned before, Gustavo lives in Dublin and myself I live in Cork. We’ve lived around 3 years in Ireland and love every bit of it. We consider ourselves as positive people who want to acknowledge every moment of life in a positive way. We think socializing with friends and new people is very important, we like to connect and share ideas. We consider open mindedness as an important human characteristic which is connected with our life motto: “we don’t want to die stupid”. You will hear and see more of us soon and we would love for you, a fellow night outer, to introduce yourself as well!

How is the Website Building Going?

There are many updates on a daily basis when it comes to the building of Last month there was no website, but now many sections have already been finished. The About, Contact and Nightclub Marketing pages were easy, but the real challenges are the venues and events pages. These are the pages that will be visited most! We pretty much finished the venues section, Gustavo added more than 50 venues! To be honest, we haven’t been to some of them, so we say challenge accepted! We’re currently focusing on adding events. We have to add events hosted by those 50 venues so that will require some research. We’re also busy with the logo of, we expect this to be finished within a week. Actually, we want to officially launch the website next week on Friday October 2nd! Ironically we will celebrate in Ireland’s second biggest city Cork, but Dublin will be seeing a lot from us very soon.

What’s Our Mission?

Whether you live here or visit Dublin as a tourist, you want to find the right venue and party for you and your friends. We want to help night outers with finding epic parties to participate in. With the high amount of venues it is hard to pick just 1. Unfortunately the weekend consists of only 2 days, so one has to choose wisely! We want to make that decision easy by presenting to you the happenings of each weekend. You ask where’s the party or what parties are hosted in a specific venue? We answer your questions. Besides helping night outers with their venues and events, we will also give tips and information about the mysterious and magical world of the nightlife. The nightlife has to be enjoyed to the fullest, so we will provide you with tips and trivia facts to increase the enjoyment and experience  of a nightclub or bar. We also help venues with promoting their business online. The options on the internet may be endless, but you have to know what you are doing. Therefore we have an online marketing section for venues who need help with their online marketing.

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Who doesn’t like to go out?!  Silly question of course, since we people like to be surrounded by other people. Good people like friends, family and colleagues we all like to have a good conversation with, in the presence of a delicious drink. We humans love to socialise, to feel important, to share thoughts and especially to feel present in life. Everyone likes to go out. However there are different ways of how “going out” can be perceived.

Going out can mean leaving the house at 12 AM and drink and dance till 6 AM. For someone else going out may be having a few pints from 7 PM till 11 PM. Heck, going out even doesn’t necessary have to include alchohol! A glass of Coca-Cola, Red Bull, orange juice, fruit cocktail or even water may just as well suffice! For some going out may mean drinking without limits and feeling on top of the world, but for many others going out is just about creating that sense of unity and getting to know each other properly.

We the creators of the website love to go out. We love to meet new people to have some unforgettable chats with. Sharing unique ideas that we would never share in a different situation, or dancing in such a way that our feet hurt for the whole weekend. Yes, the way we go out can be very diverse. However sometimes we find it hard to find the places to be. There are so many night clubs and bars, it’s hard to choose one party or to check all the websites of venues of a particular city.

Therefore we created We want to gather the parties of upcoming weekends so you don’t have to look at dozens of venue websites anymore. Everything that’s happening in a particular weekend can be found on That’s our mission. We start with adding events and venues from Dublin since we are located in Ireland. We soon want to expand to other Irish cities and then to Europe and other continents.

Aside helping out the night outers who love to enjoy themselves in the evenings and nights, we also focus on helping out the nightclubs and bars. We can help your business with your online marketing activities such as social media and SEO. If you want to know more about our services please contact us.

Stay tuned, since this website will be updated constantly. Let us know if you have any good venue ideas that should be present on or if you have any other questions or remarks.

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