Ireland’s Number 1 Singles of 2017

2017 is almost over! What a year it was full of great hits that will forever be associated with beautiful 2017 moments. Not always beautiful moments, but moments that will forever be memorable whenever these hits are played in the future. This year there were not many songs topping the Irish charts. This basically means that a few occupied the number 1 spot for an impressive amount of weeks! The best performer is the super hit “Despacito” that was number 1 for 15 weeks straight! Runner up is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” which was 14 weeks number 1. Not 14 weeks straight as after 8 weeks “Galway Girl” took over for 2 weeks. Then for 6 weeks straight “Shape of You” was back on  the number 1 spot. Ed Sheeran did have the most number 1 hits this year: he was topping the charts for 18 weeks! Check here all the number 1 2017 hits of Ireland we will never forget!

Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie – Rockabye

  • Release date: 21 October 2016
  • Album: Not yet released
  • Who: Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson are from the UK, Sean Paul from Jamaica
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: First week of January only
  • Trivia: The hit became the UK Christmas number 1 for 2016 on December 23rd 2016. It is the first song in chart history to become Christmas number 1 after already being at the top of the charts for 6 weeks.

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

  • Release date: 6 January 2017
  • Album:  : (divide)
  • Who: Ed Sheeran is from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 14 weeks
  • Trivia: The song’s lyrical rhythm drew comparisons to the TLC song “No Scrubs”, particularly in the pre-chorus line, “Boy, let’s not talk too much/ Grab on my waist and put that body on me.” Therefore the composers were awarded co-writing credits.

Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl

  • Release date: 17 March 2017
  • Album:  : (divide)
  • Who: Ed Sheeran is from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 2 weeks
  • Trivia: Sheeran filmed the video of the song himself in Galway with a Sony A6500. The video features Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan who plays in the oscar nominated movie “Brooklyn”. A great  must see movie about Ireland!

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber – Despacito

  • Release date: 12 January 2017
  • Album: Not yet released
  • Who: Both Luis López-Cepero aka Luis Fonsi and Ramón Rodríguez aka Daddy Yankee are from Puerto Rico
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 15 weeks
  • Trivia: It became the first song primarily in Spanish to top the Billboard Hot 100 since “Macarena” (Bayside Boys Mix) in 1996. In July 2017, it was reported that tourist interest in Puerto Rico increased by 45% since the worldwide success of the song, crazy!

Dua Lipa – New Rules

  • Release date: 21 July 2017
  • Album: Her eponymous debut studio album Dua Lipa
  • Who: Dua Lipa (her real name) is from London, UK to Albanian parents from Kosovo
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 8 weeks
  • Trivia: Many people and critics label the hit as a break-up and female empowerment anthem. The music video is practically just as popular. Dua Lipa: “[I wanted to] show [in the music video for “New Rules”] that you and your friends are kind of helping each other. Your friends are the rules, they are the ones that are preventing you from making a mistake with this guy”.

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

  • Release date: 24 August 2017
  • Album: Reputation
  • Who: Taylor Swift is from Reading, Pennsylvania, US.
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 1 week
  • Trivia: The song broke a string of records, including the record for the most plays in a single day on Spotify. This hit is actually Swift’s first song to top the Irish Singles Chart. The bathtub scene in the music video contains authentic  diamonds that are worth over $10 million!

Post Malone featuring 21 Savage – Rockstar

  • Release date: 15 September 2017
  • Album: Beerbongs & Bentleys
  • Who: Austin Richard Post aka Post Malone is from Syracuse, New York, US, 21 Savage from Dominica.
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 2 weeks
  • Trivia: The song reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Post Malone and 21 Savage’s first number-one song. It’s Post Malone and 21 Savage’s first number-one single in Ireland.

Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug – Havana

  • Release date: 8 September 2017
  • Album: Camila
  • Who: Camila Cabello is from Cuba and Young Thug from Atlanta, Georgia, US.
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 5 weeks
  • Trivia: On November 12, a remix version of the hit with Daddy Yankee was uploaded to Cabello’s YouTube page. The first verse of the song is sung in Spanish while Daddy Yankee replaces Young Thug’s verse.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

  • Release date: 26 September 2017
  • Album:  : (divide)
  • Who: Ed Sheeran is from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 2 weeks
  • Trivia: In an interview with Zane Lowe, Sheeran said that he needed to write the best love song of his career with “Perfect”. He said: “I need to do it 100% me, so everyone will listen to that will be like, “Ah! He can actually do it! In November 2017, Sheeran released an acoustic version of “Perfect” and two remixes by Mike Perry and Robin Schulz.  There is also a duet with American singer Beyoncé that was released on 1 December 2017.

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20 Epic NYE 2016 Dublin Events For You

The biggest event the whole world celebrates regardless of religion, beliefs, traditions and culture is upon us: New Years Eve! The year 2016 is over and there are 2 ways to look at it. One way is from the nostalgic sad perspective. You think yet another year has passed while personal life changing goals have not been achieved yet. Or, the other way which is from a positive perspective! You think whatever happened in 2016, 2017 will be the year ankara escort where dreams will be truly pursued. 2017 will be the year where you progress towards getting what you want and being that person who you want to be.

We strongly advise you to choose the last option and celebrate the beginning of 2017 beautifully. The amount of events and venues that celebrate this huge event is endless. For all the night outers who stay in Dublin or travel to Dublin, here are 20 epic parties that will not disappoint:

Lillie’s Bordello

Lillies Bordello Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Carnival
  • Admission: €20
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about Lillie’s Bordello and their NYE 2016 event.


Krystle Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Carnival
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about Krystle and their NYE 2016 event.

The Morgan Bar

Morgan Bar Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Silver & Black
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: House
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about the Morgan Bar and their NYE 2016 event.

The Black Door

Black Door Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Glitz and Glam
  • Admission: €30
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about the Black Door and their NYE 2016 event.


Pygmalion Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Space Ibiza
  • Admission: €20
  • Music: Electronic
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Pygmalion and their NYE 2016 event.


Xico Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Mexican Masquerade
  • Admission: €20
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Xico and their NYE 2016 event.

Everleigh Garden

Everleigh Garden Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Sounds of the 90s
  • Admission: €15/20
  • Music: 90s/Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Everleigh Garden and their NYE 2016 event.

Dicey’s Garden

Diceys Garden Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Food, drinks and DJ
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 4 PM

Find out more about Dicey’s Garden and their NYE 2016 event.

Church Bar and Nightclub

church nightclub dublin NYE

  • Theme: Chic
  • Admission: €10
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 6 PM

Find out more about the Church Bar and their NYE 2016 event.


Hangar Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Masquerave
  • Admission: €10/12/15/18
  • Music: House/techno
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about Hangar and their NYE 2016 event.

River Bar/Passion

River Bar Passion Dublin NYE

  • Theme: R&B
  • Admission: €10
  • Music: R&B/hip hop
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about River Bar/Passion and their NYE 2016 event.

Bad Bobs

bad bobs Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Eclectic mix from old to new
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: R&B/hip hop/dance/house
  • Time: 6 PM

Find out more about Bad Bobs and their NYE 2016 event.

Amber Rooms Club

Amber Rooms Club Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Late bar, drink specials and DJ
  • Admission: €10
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 11 PM

Find out more about the Amber Rooms Club and their NYE 2016 event.

Liquor Rooms

Liquor Rooms Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Studio 54
  • Admission: €12/15
  • Music: Disco/House
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Liquor Rooms and their NYE 2016 event.

Buskers Bar/Buskers on the Ball

Buskers on the Ball Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Midnight madness
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Buskers Bar, Buskers on the Ball and their NYE 2016 event.

Cafe en Seine

Cafe en Seine Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Chic
  • Admission: €10
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Cafe en Seine and their NYE 2016 event.

House Nightclub

House nightclub Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Glamorous and fabulous
  • Admission: €25
  • Music: Disco/House
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about House Nightclub and their NYE 2016 event.

The Odeon

Odeon Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Masquerade ball
  • Admission: €Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about the Odeon and their NYE 2016 event.

Zozimus Bar

Zozimus Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Chic
  • Admission: €Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Zozimus Bar and their NYE 2016 event.

Harry’s On the Green

Harrys on the Green Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Great Gatsby Party
  • Admission: €Free
  • Music: 80s & 90s
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Harry’s On the Green and their NYE 2016 event.


Bonus Event:

O’ Reilly’s Bar

O Reillys Bar Dublin NYE

  • Theme: Club Hell
  • Admission: €6
  • Music: Rock/Metal/Alternative
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about O’Reilly’s Bar and their NYE 2016 event.


So tell us, how will you party on December 31st? Will it be more of a farewell 2016? Or a huge welcome to 2017?

Bye bye 2016 and thank you for all the lessons learned!! Weeeeeeeeeelcome 2017!!!!



Ireland’s Top 10 Most Shazamed Songs

You hear a song and you want to know the name and artist immediately. Since 2008 there is a perfect solution for this problem which is called Shazam. It’s one of our favourite mobile apps, you let Shazam hear the tune and the app will tell you the name of the song and artist in seconds! We used the app countless times and we continue using it every weekend!

Let’s take a look at the current top 10 most Shazamed songs in Ireland!

Fast Car by Tobtok Feat. River

DJ Swedish Tobtok tweeted yesterday (january 18) about being the number 1 most shazamed song in Ireland! He gave the original Fast Car sung by Tracy Chapman a new sound. Let’s see how popular this song is going to be in the upcoming months.

The Girl Is Mine by 99 Souls Feat. Destiny’s Child & Brandy

99 souls (duo) based in the UK created this song which is a mash-up of Destiny’s Child’s “Girl” and Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine”. Unlike the number 1 Shazamed song, the Girl is Mine can be found in the Irish iTunes top 40 chart. I won’t be surprised when I hear this song somewhere this weekend!

You Don’t Own Me by Grace Feat. G-Eazy

This song won’t be played in a nightclub probably, but the tune is catchy! Grace Is an Australian singer and performed this cover version of the 1963 Lesley Gore song with G-Eazy, an American hip hop artist. It is momentarily in the Irish iTunes top 40 chart.

Light It Up (Remix) by Major Lazer Feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG

A remix by Major Lazer pretty much guarantees a hit in nightclubs. I wouldn’t mind hearing this song when my location in a nightclub is the dance floor! The English musician of Ghanaian descent Fuse ODG is known for his catchy African rhythms and enhances the tune nicely.

Speeding Cars by Walking On Cars

We have an Irish rock band from Dingle in the Irish Shazam top 10 list! Walking on Cars who will finally release their debut album somewhere this month can be found in the iTunes top 40 as well with this great song. You may not get down on da floor on this track, but hey it doesn’t mean it ain’t good!

All My Friends by Snakehips Feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper

Snakehips, a British electronic/PBR&B music group created their most popular track so far with the help of American singer Tinashe and hip hop artist Chance The Rapper. The result of this collaboration is a chilled out song, however it hasn’t made it to the top charts of Ireland.

Broken Arrows by Avicii

Of course there is no music list without Swedish DJ Avicii. This man doesn’t need any introduction. This time it’s Broken Arrows that we can find in the charts, although it is not the most catchy song of his album Stories.

7 Years by Lukas Graham

Danish soul pop band Lukas Graham delivered an intimate song with 7 Years, although it never reached a position in the top 20 Irish Singles Chart. Apparently this song resonates with many listeners so we can expect to hear more from the band in the near future.

Stitches by Shawn Mendes

Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes can consider himself fortunate. Shawn became known since he posted song covers on the popular video sharing application Vine. He got discovered, and as a result we have Stitches in the current top 10 best shazamed songs in Ireland and the 8th place in the Irish iTunes top 40 chart!

Be Right There by Diplo & Sleepy Tom

Diplo is an American DJ who likes to perform solo from time to time. He’s the co-creator and lead member of Major Lazer who we encountered earlier in the list. He loves collaborations with other artists such as with Canadian DJ Sleepy Tom. The song Be Right There interpolates the 1992 song “Don’t Walk Away” by Jade.

A Shazam top 10 is interesting since different music genres can be found here. Some are for clubbing and some for chilling at home. Of the top 10 Irish Shazam songs, only 4 can be currently found in the Ireland iTunes Top 40 Songs.

Do you use Shazam a lot in bars and nightclubs and have you Shazamed one of the above songs?


Top 10 Dance Songs in Ireland

How does Ireland kick off their first December 2015 weekend? That’s an easy question! In a nightclub or pub of course! However which tunes will Ireland listen to is a more of a complicated question. Will it be top 40 dance tunes or maybe hip hop? Maybe some relaxing deep house in a fancy cocktail bar or 90s music to create some nice nostalgia? Whatever your personal taste in music may be, the following list is the current top 10 dance tunes of Ireland! For the dance haters out there, come on there must be at least 1 song that is “okay”! Which song do you think is the catchiest one?

1. Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) by Rudimental

  • Release date: 25 September 2015
  • Album: We the Generation (from Rudimental)
  • Who: Rudimental (band) originates from London, England, and Ed Sheeran is from West Yorkshire, England
  • Trivia: The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 96, becoming Rudimental’s first charting entry in the US

2. Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates) by Robin Schulz

  • Release date: 17 July 2015
  • Album: Sugar
  • Who: Robin Schulz is from Osnabrück, Germany
  • Trivia: The song samples Baby Bash’s 2003 single “Suga Suga”

3. Coming Home by Sigma and Rita Ora

  • Release date: 6 November 2015
  • Album: Life (from Sigma)
  • Who: Sigma (duo) originates from Leeds, England and Rita Ora is from Pristina, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Trivia: The song was released as the 7th single of the album after “Redemption”

4. How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris and Disciples

  • Release date: 17 October 2015
  • Album: To be announced
  • Who: Calvin Harris (Adam Richard Wiles) is from Dumfries, Scotland and the Disciples are based in South London
  • Trivia:  Calvin purposely released this song in October, stating: “I missed the feeling of having a new song out in the summer”

5. Reality by Lost Frequencies

  • Release date: 22 May 2015
  • Album: To be announced
  • Who: Lost Frequencies (Felix Safran De Laet) is from Brussels, Belgium
  • Trivia: Like his other hit “Are You with Me”, the song peaked at the top in Belgium, Australia and Germany as well

6. Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis

  • Release date: 20 April 2015
  • Album: Pharmacy
  • Who: Galantis (duo) originates from Stockholm, Sweden
  • Trivia: The song heavily features a sample of the 1974 single “Kiss My Love Goodbye” by Bettye Swann

7. Wombass by Tiësto and Oliver Heldens

  • Release date: 9 November 2015
  • Album: non-album single
  • Who: Tiësto (Tijs Michiel Verwest) is from Breda, Netherlands and Oliver Heldens from Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Trivia: It was Tiësto  who signed Oliver Heldens to his music label Musical Freedom

8. Easy Love by Sigala

  • Release date: 4 September 2015
  • Album: To be announced
  • Who: Sigala (Bruce Fielder) is from Norfolk, England
  • Trivia: The song features an interpolation of the Jackson 5 song “ABC” and the video  features the Canadian/Filipino dancing duo Lucky Aces who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

9. Turn the Music Louder (Rumble) feat. Tinie Tempah & Katy B by KDA

  • Release date: 16 October 2015
  • Album: To be announced
  • Who: KDA (Kris Di Angelis), Tinie Tempah (Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu) and Katy B (Kathleen Anne Brien) are from London, England
  • Trivia: The song is a re-working of KDA’s instrumental hit “Rumble”

10. The Girl Is Mine (feat. Destiny’s Child & Brandy) by 99 Souls

  • Release date: 6 November 2015
  • Album: To be announced
  • Who: 99 souls (duo) are based in the UK
  • Trivia: The song is a mash-up of Destiny’s Child’s “Girl” and Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine”

5 2015 Summer Hits That Drove You Crazy

Love is a universal language, but music is too! To enjoy your night out experience to the fullest you want to have the opportunity to dance on your favourite tunes. That feeling of hearing a tune for the very first time and be taken completely over by it remains priceless. No wonder there are so many Shazam requests, especially for summer dance hits! We want to hear these songs anywhere we go. Music is part of life and, I will say it again, a critical success factor to the nightlife experience. The more you drink the more you’re in tune with the music, whether this may be top 40 music, deep house or rock. When feeling in tune, you can dance for hours. It’s one of the most preferred work out methods in history of mankind, especially when dancing with a partner.

Many artists wait to release their hits for the summer. People go outside, are happier, want to drink and enjoy the weather. No wonder we associate summer hits to all sorts of summer happenings and adventures. 2015 had many “I can’t get them outta my head” summer hits, hits that will always evoke certain types of emotions when hearing them back in the future.

Let’s check 5 2015 summer hits that you probably have heard (a lot) in the summer of 2015. If you went out in a nightclub that plays dance music, I bet you have danced on one of these 2015 summer hits:

Major Lazer – Lean On

It probably doesn’t surprise you, but Lean On was named by Spotify as the most globally streamed song of this summer. This tune was on the radio every 5 minutes it seems, if not on one station, it was on another. One could simply not escape this 2015 summer hit in the nightlife.  Major Lazer is an EMD group from the USA. The song, released on March 2 2015, was produced with French producer DJ Snake and contains vocals from Danish singer MØ. The group released their third album Peace is the Mission in June 2015, which includes this summer tune.

David Guetta – Hey Mama

There is no summer without French DJ David Guetta it seems. The last summer without one of Guetta’s tunes was somewhere in the 00’s. This summer we had the pleasure of hearing Hey Mama in the clubs which was co-produced by Dutch DJ Afrojack. The vocals are provided by Trinidadian-American singer and rapper Nicki Minaj and Albanian-American artist Bebe Rexha. The 2015 summer hit was released just before summer kick-off was to take place, on March 16 2015. Of course that wasn’t the only tune we heard from him in the nightlife, what about Shot me Down or Dangerous (Robin Schulz Remix)? All these songs dominated the mainstream nightclubs and are all included in his albumListen released in November 2014.

OMI – Cheerleader

OMI, officially known as Omar Samuel Pasley, had not even released his debut album yet and already became very well known with his summer 2015-defining song Cheerleader. The Jamaican American singer from Jamaica released his single in 2012, but became a massive global success in 2015 only. The German DJ Felix Jaehn contributed highly to this success since it was his remixed version of Cheerleader, released on May 19 2014, that resulted in a worldwide 2015 summer hit. OMI’s debut album is called Me 4 U and was released in October 2015.

Avicii – Waiting For Love

This DJ from Sweden has not missed a summer since 2011. For the 2015 summer it was his Waiting for Love that got many people move their feet in nightclubs. This 2015 summer hit was released on May 22 2015 and is co-produced by Dutch producer Martin Garrix. The vocals are provided by Simon Aldred, the lead singer of Cherry Ghost (an indie rock band from England). Avicii, also known as Tim Berg and Tom Hang, released his second album in October 2015 called Stories.

Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, born as Adam Richard Wiles, wanted initially to be a footballer before becoming a DJ. Luckily he changed his mind because his tunes are definitely dance worthy.  The single How Deep is Your Love was released on July 17 2015 and reached the top 10 in 22 countries. The 2015 summer hit is produced with English production trio Disciples and features vocals by Norwegian singer Ina Wroldsen. The dance song is included in the album Motion which was released in October 2014.