despacito dublin nightlife
Date : November 7, 2017

Ireland’s Number 1 Singles of 2017

2017 is almost over! What a year it was full of great hits that will forever be associated with beautiful 2017 moments. Not always beautiful moments, but moments that will forever be memorable whenever these hits are played in the future. This year there were not many songs topping the Irish charts. This basically means […]

Date : September 24, 2017

The Internet tend to repeat

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2016 2017 NYE Dublin events
Date : December 22, 2016

20 Epic NYE 2016 Dublin Events For You

The biggest event the whole world celebrates regardless of religion, beliefs, traditions and culture is upon us: New Years Eve! The year 2016 is over and there are 2 ways to look at it. One way is from the nostalgic sad perspective. You think yet another year has passed while personal life changing goals have not […]

shazam dublin songs nightlife
Date : January 20, 2016

Ireland’s Top 10 Most Shazamed Songs

You hear a song and you want to know the name and artist immediately. Since 2008 there is a perfect solution for this problem which is called Shazam. It’s one of our favourite mobile apps, you let Shazam hear the tune and the app will tell you the name of the song and artist in seconds! We used […]

top 10 dance songs ireland
Date : December 4, 2015

Top 10 Dance Songs in Ireland

How does Ireland kick off their first December 2015 weekend? That’s an easy question! In a nightclub or pub of course! However which tunes will Ireland listen to is a more of a complicated question. Will it be top 40 dance tunes or maybe hip hop? Maybe some relaxing deep house in a fancy cocktail […]

summer hits 2015 dublin
Date : October 23, 2015

5 2015 Summer Hits That Drove You Crazy

Love is a universal language, but music is too! To enjoy your night out experience to the fullest you want to have the opportunity to dance on your favourite tunes. That feeling of hearing a tune for the very first time and be taken completely over by it remains priceless. No wonder there are so […]

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