10 Funny Dance Scenes We Can Learn From

When we are not out and about, we like to chill with friends or enjoy a little bit of me, myself and I time. A great way to do that is by watching a movie. Sometimes we like to watch a comedy or action movie before the pre-drinks commence. It’s a way to enjoy the quietness before the big storm later that evening and night.

There are several objectives when watching a movie. Sometimes you want to be moved, to be educated, to laugh, to be inspired, to empty the mind or to nervously watch when the next moment of jump scares occur. We love to watch happy movies before going out, especially when the main story is about nightlife! Or at least when it’s a movie that contains enjoyable nightlife or dancing scenes.

Sometimes we can actually learn from those dancing scenes, but other times they are just for laughs. Anyhow, here are 10 of our  favourite dancing scenes you probably remember pretty well! We understand if you used a few of these on the dance floor already!


Tropic Thunder – 2008

This comedy is clearly a parody. When looking at Robert Downey Jr.’s painted face, you would assume he steals the show. But what a lie this turned out to be, because it’s the popular Scientology member Tom Cruise who makes this movie memorable. This credit scene alone makes this more than clear with a pumping Ludacris rapping “Get Back”.

Hitch – 2005

Hitch is one of our all time favourite movies. We don’t care it “only” has a 6.6 on, the movie is super positive and makes you wanting to go out there and communicate with the opposite sex. Will Smith makes some statements about women which are 100% true. In this scene he learns Kevin James how to dance on Usher’s “Yeah!”, it is really that simple! There are more lessons to learn so definitely check this movie out!

A Night at the Roxbury – 1998

Another positive and funny movie is A Night at the Roxbury. The movie and both main characters (brothers) are really crazy  and over the top though, but if you are a Will Ferrell fan you’re all sorted! This scene shows the dim-witted brothers how NOT to act on the dance floor! Not even in the 90s when the movie and song “This is Your Night” by Amber were produced, did night outers act this crazy…

The Inbetweeners Movie – 2011

The Inbetweeners is known all over the UK. These 4 young lads have some “interesting” skills when it comes to their communication with women… Anyhow the scene is funny where they dance on Yolanda be Cool’s “We No Speak Americano”. You can’t blame them for trying to stand out! When was the last time you approached girls in such fashion with your friends? Probably never? A no is always guaranteed if you don’t try!

Napoleon Dynamite – 2004

If you have seen this movie, you could probably relate to Napoleon in one of the scenes. The movie follows this normal pattern you would except in such a comedy that is all about an alienated teenager. But the ending! On Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat”? Totally unexpected! Who would have thought he has such dancing skills? I guess that just shows you should never judge people too fast, especially not alienated teenagers!

Little Miss Sunshine – 2006

Like Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine is a clever comedy about not so ordinary people. However at the end the characteristics of the Hoover family are not far off when it comes to regular families. There are always a few “out-of-the-box” individuals who different themselves easily from the rest of the family. Abigail Breslin who plays Olive Hoover, shows in this remarkable dance scene with the song “Super Freak” by Rick James on the background, that you should not care what other people think. It’s all about enjoying yourself!

Pulp Fiction – 1994

Yes Pulp Fiction! A movie that finds itself in the top 10 of! If there is a movie I believe every reader has seen, it’s this one. The movie exist for more than 20 years now and remains a cult classic forever. Who expected John Travolta and Uma Thurman to have a romantic night after this scene? I know I did! (Unfortunately that did not happen). The director Quentin Tarantino loves his details, and he perfectlty directed both favourite actors with “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry as the background song.

Guardians of the Galaxy – 2014

Hahahah! That was our first reaction when watching this scene! Guardians of the Galaxy is a super funny superhero movie with occasional dancing and singing. This scene may be short, but it’s funny as hell! Who would expect that The Five Stairsteps’s song “Ooh Child” will be sung by Chris Pratt in such a crucial scene? A lesson we can learn from this, is that dancing and singing have the power to solve the most serious problems in life.

Silver Linings Playbook – 2012

Silver Linings Playbook can be categorized as dramatic, romantic and funny. We love this final dance scene where Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence combine different music genres with different dance styles. Like many other scenes in this blog, it shows characters who really don’t care what others think. I guess that is one of the perks of alcohol, it makes one care less about the crowd.

Slumdog Millionaire – 2008

The last movie scene in this blog comes from Slumdog Millionaire. This scene makes us realise that Dublin needs to organise more Bollywood themed events. We love the synchronised dancing and the positive energy that this scene brings.  It’s a perfect ending to a movie that contains some disturbing scenes. The song “Jai Ho” by A.R. Rahman is catchy and stays in your brain for hours.


Impress with Our NightOut Index

This is version 4 of the nightlife index which started on November 20 2015! Several music genres have been included!

A nightlife glossary, index or dictionary!  Have you seen something like this online? We haven’t! We thought and still think this may be a good idea to create and update for you night out lovers. Learn how to express your nightlife knowledge with all the nightlife related terms, brands, drinks, music genres and more! Don’t worry, this index (we think index is the best term) will be constantly updated and if you have any words to include, let us know!

Okay, here we go:


Alcoholic beverage

  • A drink which contains a substantial amount of the psychoactive drug ethanol (informally called alcohol).

Alcoholic Fermentation

  • A biological process which converts sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose into cellular energy.



  • A retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and often sell snack foods.


  • A person who formulates and serves alcoholic beverages behind the bar.


  • A person who formulates and serves alcoholic beverages behind the bar.


  • A form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.


  • An alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.

Bloody Mary

  • A complex cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings including Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri piri sauce, beef consommé or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olives, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt.

Blue Hawaii

  • A cocktail made of rum, pineapple juice, Curaçao, sweet and sour mix, and sometimes vodka as well.

Blue Lagoon

  • A cocktail featuring blue Curaçao, vodka and lemon juice.


  • A person who provides security at a public venue.



  • A distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice, also known as aguardente, pinga and caninha.


  • Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime.


  • A sparkling wine produced from the Champagne region grape grown in France.

Coat check

  • Staffed rooms where coats and bags can be stored securely. A ticket or receipt is given to the customer, with a corresponding ticket attached to the garment or item.


  • Any beverage that contains three or more ingredients if at least two of them contains alcohol.

Compère (commère for females)

  • The official host of a staged event, they usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, entertains people, and generally keeps the event moving.

Cosmopolitan (cosmo)

  • A cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice.

Cover charge

  • An entrance fee sometimes charged at bars, nightclubs, or restaurants.


  • A liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao.



  • A family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum, citrus juice (typically lime juice), and sugar or other sweetener.


  • A performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement.

Deep House

  • A subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s, initially fusing elements of Chicago house with 1980s jazz-funk and touches of soul music.


  • A genre of dance music containing elements of funk, soul, pop, and salsa that was most popular in the mid to late 1970s.


  • An entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.


  • An entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.

Disc Jockey (DJ)

  • A person who plays recorded music for an audience, either a radio audience if the mix is broadcast or the audience in a venue such as a bar or nightclub.

Distilled beverage

  • An alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of a mixture produced from alcoholic fermentation.

DJ Booth

  • Place where a DJ plays his mixes.

Dress Code

  • A certain way of dressing that is expected from the clientele in attendance at the venue.


Eletronic Dance Music (EDM)

  • A broad range of percussive electronic music genres produced largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals.

Espresso Martini

  • A coffee flavored drink, one of many that are called some form of Martini but isn’t actually one. It is made with coffee liqueur and vodka.


  • A genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s in Europe. It combines many elements of techno, hi-NRG, house music and Euro disco.



  • A social and sometimes sexual activity involving verbal or written communication as well as body language by one person to another, suggesting an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person.


  • A music genre that originated in the mid- to late 1960s when African American musicians created a rhythmic, danceable new form of music through a mixture of soul music, jazz, and rhythm and blues (R&B).


Guest list

  • A list including certain attendees who can enter the club for free, or at a reduced rate.


Happy Hour

  • A marketing term for a period of time in which a public venue offers discounts on alcoholic drinks.


  • Name for a family of mixed alcoholic drinks that are composed of an alcoholic base spirit and a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer.


  • A genre of uptempo disco or Electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in the United States and United Kingdom during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Hip Hop

  • A music genre created in the 70s consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, it’s a name for the 4 elements of the late 70’s New York City renaissance which includes break dancing, emceeing, (rapping) graffiti, and turntablism.


  • A genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s.


Ice Cubes

  • Ice cubes or crushed ice can be used to cool drinks. As the ice melts, it absorbs heat and keeps the drink near 0 °C (32 °F).

Irish Coffee

  • A cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, stirred and topped with thick cream.



  • A genre of music that originated in African American communities in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century.



  • A form of interactive entertainment or video game in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and public address system.



  • An alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of a mixture produced from alcoholic fermentation.

Long Island Iced Tea

  • A type of alcoholic mixed drink typically made with, among other ingredients, tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec, and gin.


Mainstream music

  • Commercialized music that is extremely popular among people.


  • A cocktail made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters.


  • A cocktail consisting of tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rim of the glass.


  • A cocktail made with gin and vermouth, and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist

Master of ceremonies (MC)

  • The official host of a staged event, they usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, entertains people, and generally keeps the event moving.

Master of ceremonies (MC) (Rapper)

  • In hip hop and other music genres, an MC, also referred to as a rapper, is a music artist and/or performer who usually creates and performs vocals for his/her own original material. The focus is on skills, lyrical ability, and subject matter.

Mixed drink

  • A beverage in which two or more ingredients are mixed. Some mixed drinks contain liquor; others are non-alcoholic.


  • A cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime juice, sparkling water, and mint.



  • An entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.

Night owls

  • People who prefer to be active during the night-time.


Old school hip hop

  • Generic term for hip hop music recorded before approximately 1989.



  • A gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration of a special occasion.

Piña colada

  • A sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice.


  • A pub or public house which , despite its name, is actually  a “private” house, but is licensed to sell alcohol to the general public.


Any ideas?



  • Someone who speaks and chants rhyming lyrics, rapping is distinct from spoken-word poetry since it is performed in time to a beat.


  • A large dance party featuring performances by DJs and occasionally live performers playing electronic music.

Rhythm and blues (R&B)

  • A music genre of popular African-American music that originated in the 1940s.


  • A distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses, or directly from sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation.



  • A retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and often sell snack foods.


  • A DJ and turntablist technique used to produce distinctive sounds by moving a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable.


  • A DJ and turntablist technique used to produce distinctive sounds by moving a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable.

Sex on the Beach

  • A cocktail made from vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice.


  • A type of tall chair, often with a foot rest to support the feet.


  • An alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of a mixture produced from alcoholic fermentation.



  • A retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and often sell snack foods.


  • Regional specific name for a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, 65 km (40 mi) northwest of Guadalajara, and in the highlands (Los Altos) of the north western Mexican state of Jalisco.

Tequila Sunrise

  •  A cocktail made of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup and served unmixed in a tall glass.

Theme party

  • A gathering of people that centers on a particular idea or characteristic, an example would be an 80s party.


  • The art of manipulating sounds and creating music using turntables and a DJ mixer.


UK garage (UKG)

  • A genre of electronic music originating from the United Kingdom in the early 1990s.


VIP (Very Important Person) treatment

  • Premium treatment in a venue like a private table, separated from other customers, own security checks, assistant etc.

VIP area

  • An area only allowed for VIPs, or at least for the ones who have paid for the VIP treatment.


  • A distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings.



  • A type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.

White Russian

  • A sweet cocktail classically made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass.


  • An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits.


Any ideas?


Any ideas?



  • A fast jump-up carnival beat style originating from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.


Stay tuned, the nightout index will be constantly updated and will be no doubt humongous!


Nightlife Improves Your Social Skills

Going out is not for drinking and having fun only. You learn some valuable skills that are very useful in everyday life. In a previous blog I have mentioned 15 vital skills you improve when you go out. If you haven’t read it, here you find it.

So the first skill of that blog is: Improve your social skills by talking to people, both men and women

So let’s elaborate on this.

Discomfort to Approach People

Do you feel comfortable to talk to someone random walking down the street? Or in a supermarket, or in the Luas maybe? Not really probably. It doesn’t look that inviting to approach a person and say a simple line like: “I love that dress you are wearing”. Everyone is doing his/her own thing, whether that may be reading WhatsApp messages on the Luas or buying a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka in a supermarket. The environment is regarded as not suitable to communicate with other unknown people, although this really shouldn’t stop you!

Picture the following scenario:

A guy walks in a pet store and sees an attractive woman. He buys a gold fish for this woman and tells the cashier to give it to the lovely lady. The cashier then walks up to the lady, gives the gold fish to her, points to the guy and says: it’s on him.

Have you ever seen this scenario in any store? Most likely not. In so many places where people congregate, they tend to mind their own business. That’s it. But in which scenario do you see the opposite happening? That’s right! In the nightlife!

Nightlife “Authorizes” You to Have Fun

There is no nightlife if people don’t have fun and love to socialize. It’s not even the alcohol that makes you socialize, it’s the ambience, surroundings and the vibe that create this comfort and “authorization” to have a good chat and to meet new people! It is expected for your mindset to be on that “having a craic” frequency when you participate in the nightlife. Therefore people are more receptive to sharing, presenting and of course joking around.

Luckily smiling is contagious. When people see other people laughing and being all jovial, they tend to behave in the same way. The nightlife is simply all about unified and positive energy. With the power of alcohol limitations and complex thoughts are reduced. Reasons why not to talk become blurry whereas creativity and ad hoc decisions prevail. Be aware of this fact and notice how you talk easily. What you will learn is that us people have similar values, wishes and habits. When we’re outside in that Luas, supermarket or pet store, we are still the same people but with a mask in front of us that prevent us from having and using the mindset frequency of the nightlife.

So what I’m saying is, don’t block that positive frequency. It’s still okay to talk to people outside the nightlife. Don’t focus on your Smartphone all the time and don’t go into the mindset frequency resembling one of a zombie. Keep the communicating skills going and keep practicing. The nightlife gives you the opportunity to practice easily, just don’t forget to implement this skill in different life scenarios like at work, official events and even in the supermarket.

It’s not only in the nightlife where you can meet interesting people! ?


Own the Room and Become Memorable

Showing yourself at your best in Dublin’s nightlife is a pleasure to all night outers. Being seen, being noticed and being discussed: it’s a great feeling that boosts your confidence to very high levels. We may enter and leave life alone, but while we’re living, we like to be surrounded by people. It’s one of the reasons why we join the nightlife in Dublin in the first place! With Valentine’s Day coming up, many singles will put that extra extra effort in order to attract a potential partner. You can say a lot about Valentine’s Day, but it does make one inspire to wanting to be with someone, whether that’s for short term or long term.

We take our time to shower and to dress up. We put expensive natural creams, oil and makeup on our skin. The blouse and shirt have to be ironed with focus on pure perfection and those shoes really need to fit our outfit. The weekends really are invented to showcase your class, fashion, style and eye for detail to the public. They should both accompany and compliment your personality.

Personality Goes a Long Way

So here I repeat an important part again: personality! It’s wonderful to see how many night outers put obvious effort in improving their appearance , but it can be disappointing when their actual behavior doesn’t always project that energy and presence in a Dublin nightclub or bar. Dressing up and looking good is one thing, but if you don’t focus on your behavior and body language, your image may be perceived in a way that you are not expecting (meaning in a bad way)! You don’t want this to happen, especially not this Saturday night when it’s officially Valentine’s Day!

The key is that when you enter a venue like a Dublin nightclub, you have to own the room and try to become memorable. There are people who go to the same Dublin nightclub multiple times, but no one remembers them! They always order a pint of Guinness but when they ask: “give me the regular please”, the bartender will have no clue whatsoever! Then there are people who are memorable. People notice them, they project a certain type of charisma which makes it hard for others not to notice them! The bartender will know what the regular drink is when a memorable person asks for it!

There are people who own the room naturally, but most need practice. Your body language basically explains valuable information about you to all the night outers, so make sure the information is accurate and positive! For the guys out there, when you approach a girl, she will have read you already by looking at the way you behave and move towards your friends, employees and strangers. Part of being confidence is not to wait too long to approach someone! That person already knows you’re looking!

Smiling: a Simple Solution to Many Problems

Become aware of your position and posture through your arms, legs, shoulders, chest and head. Have an open position without any fear to show your body and physique. If you pretend that you’re confident, you will become confident. The more you are feeling a sense of confidence, the higher the ability will be to become memorable. Talk to both men and women in Dublin bars and nightclubs, make jokes and show that you have a good time with friends. But maybe the most important aspectof all is: SMILE! Don’t look so serious all the time, smiling makes you more confident, friendly and relaxed. When you’re with friends please do have a craic and smile! When you order a drink SMILE, when you as a guy look at a girl: SMILE, when you leave your jacket in the cloakroom: SMILE, when you pass a bouncer SMILE. This alone will already increase your chances to become a memorable visitor in the nightclub or bar.

This weekend whether you’re single or not, go out and try to become memorable. Think out of the box, don’t have the same conversation over and over with bouncers, bartenders and the lady at the coat check. Be creative with your words and say them with a respectable level of conviction, BUT, in combination with that smile!

Have a successful and passionate Valentine’s day!


15 Vital Skills You Improve When You Go Out

Today is officially the last Friday of January 2016! Yes, the month is almost over. Didn’t January fly by? It’s madness! When we live that exact time from NYE till now 11 more times, we reach 2017 already! Unfortunately life goes fast, and it seems to be more in a hurry when you’re at least 30 years on this planet. Sad but true. We can spend lots of time trying to understand why, but what I suggest you to do instead, is to reserve that time for trying to figure out how you want to spend your precious time in this life!

From NightOutExpert’s perspective, it  should not come as a surprise to you when I say go out go out go out! Doesn’t matter if you’re single, married or in any form of a relationship. There are many activities you can do in life, but somehow it all comes back to going out. When you travel, you want to go out. When you graduated, you want to go out and celebrate. When you meet an old friend, you go out. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, going out doesn’t mean leaving the house at 1 AM and drink and dance till 5 AM. With going out I mean going to a public place where you find ambience, other people and a place to drink. There  is a lot to learn in the nightlife. You see, it’s not only fun, it’s also educational!

So without further ado, here are 15 vital aspects of life you can improve when you go out.

When going out, you can:

  1. Improve your social skills by talking to people, both men and women
  2. Improve your flirting skills, learn how others talk, behave and act and copy what works
  3. Improve your open mindedness, you see different types of people and behaviors
  4. Improve your state of mind, you will look more at the bright side of life
  5. Improve your fashion orientation, see what people wear and use
  6. Improve your dancing skills, copy the moves you like and give it your unique touch
  7. Improve your beverage knowledge, try different drinks and not every week the same exact drink
  8. Improve your creativity, with alcohol there is somehow a solution for everything
  9. Improve your priorities, you will understand what really matters in life, it’s all about the simple things
  10. Improve your love, you share your appreciation for others (don’t overreact!)
  11. Improve your confidence, you portray the best of you and people flirting with you creates a boost
  12. Improve your friendship, connections become stronger and you get to know each other better
  13. Improve your love life, have fun together, away from home, predictability  and responsibilities
  14. Improve your relationships with colleagues, you get to know them better which creates a more cohesive workspace
  15. Improve your connections, you can meet new like minded people who may benefit you in life in some way, a new boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps or an important business contact

Each point will have its own blog so stay tuned for that!

The nightlife and going out is not only about getting drunk and forgetting about it the next morning. Go out and always try to maintain a certain level of sharpness. You may not know it, but there is a lot to learn during the nightlife when you analyse the people, behaviors, surroundings etc. But of course don’t be serious all the time, do have drinks while you educate yourself ?


Do Watch Movies Before Going Out

Movies are only part of the nightlife when going to the cinema. Many people enjoy to see a good movie and then to continue the night in a bar or nightclub. It’s nice to discuss the movie in the nightlife, it often initiates the conversation on a easy level and clears the path for a more profound conversation. When a movie inspires, it helps you to have an improved experience in a venue, whether that is with friends or a date. What about a drama movie where something bad happened? Then you go out and celebrate life even more. Movies are an excellent way to start off the nightlife, as long as your movie starts no later than 10PM! There must be room for bar and nightclub enjoyment after the cinema!

During the recession cinemas were very popular since it’s a cheap way of “going out”. Night outers experienced the feeling of being outside and to have a great time elsewhere instead of in the comforts of their own homes. Now that the crisis is not as serious as it was 6 years ago (6 years already!?), people tend to go out more often again after the movie is over. Which is excellent news!

What about movies at home? Before a pre-drink session there is nothing as sweet as watching a movie all chilled out, knowing that nightlife madness is waiting for you that night. Friends will come by, there will be pre-drinks, and you go out together to your favourite nightclub. You will socialize, meet people and drink your favourite alcoholic beverages. That prospect always creates a big smile on one’s face. So going back to the movie. Whether you watch alone or with friends, you prefer to watch a comedy or an action flick. Something light that will bring you in the mood already. You’re in high spirits anyway because you know the nightlife is waiting for you in a few hours, so why not already initiate that positive vibe with a movie that reflects your state of mind?

When you watch alone you enjoy that me myself and I feeling, that moment where you laugh hard at jokes without shame while enjoying every second of the experience. Whether you watch with friends or alone, you will probably start with your first drink of the day already, that can be a beer, wine or even a spirit. You take it easy with that special first drink while you appreciate every single sip. The perfect way to complement that moment is to watch a movie that matches the same frequency of thought as the one you are having or should have.

The matter of the fact is, that your nightlife state of mind can and should already start in the afternoon or early in the evening! We love to watch a movie in the afternoon, purposely relaxing and chilling all the way since we know the night is going to be crazy. Whether that is Saturday, Friday, Tuesday etc, it doesn’t matter. Create that mindset early on and enjoy that “I’m looking forward to a positive happening”  prospect. We humans always look forward to positive events waiting for us in the future, like when we booked for a flight or when St. Patricks Day is getting closer. It’s the journey towards the experience that we like to enjoy as well!

Stay tuned for 5 movies we love to watch before going out! I can already tell you that those are “easy chill out” movies which you should watch as well!

Do you watch a movie before going out? What’s your favourite “pre-nightlife” movie?


What Kind of Night Outer Are You?

There are different types of night outers! What kind of night outer are you? I created 3 stereotype characters that each define a stereotype night outer: Connor, Peter and Brian. Yes, for this blog the focus is on men. To which character do you relate yourself?

The “Simple” Night Outer

Connor is not focused on style, appearance and image. Connor goes out to places where people are “down to earth”. No one is really trying to impress and everyone just focuses on having a good time. Connor is easy approachable and loves alternative/rock music. He doesn’t mind hearing some nice 90s songs or some classic hip hop songs, but songs with awesome guitar riffs are preferred. He wears a t-shirt and drinks a beer, no fancy Jack Daniels whiskey or Captain Morgan rum. He doesn’t think that much when talking to a girl, he shows he has a good time and that the girl needs to like him for what he is. Not much complications in the night out of Connor, unless he’s drunk. But then again not everyone would care anyway. Connor can do his own thing without being quickly judged since everyone is minding their own business.

The “Look at me” Night Outer

Peter’s motto is “dress to impress”.  He wears a nice shirt or a suit, chooses his perfume carefully and has a nice accessory that matches his overall outfit. Peter prefers to go to cocktail bars and proper nightclubs with a VIP area. Peter doesn’t drink beer, for him only spirits. Whiskey with ice, preferably a premium brand like Johnny Walker Gold or Jack Daniels Single Malt. Peter is sharp about his entrance, his body language and the vibe he projects. He takes it easy and talks to a girl with not too many crazy gestures. The topic quickly moves toward “what do you do in life” if the girl hasn’t shown him to talk to her figuratively hand already. Peter keeps his cool, he doesn’t need to dance all the time, and when he does he dances with subtlety.  Not too many crazy dance moves for Peter. When he dances like someone who drank too much, it’s because he drank too much. Peter loves his electronic tunes and genres such as deep house.

The “Look at me” Night Outer with the heart of a “Simple” Night Outer

Brian can appreciate all sorts of music genres, from rock to house. Brian likes to “dress to impress” but VIP area won’t be necessary for him. He likes to look good but doesn’t want to participate that much in the game of “look at me”. He certainly doesn’t want to brag about what he does in life. Brian can enjoy himself in different nightclubs with different music genres, but does have his favourite spots. Brian doesn’t think too much, he has the easy going style of Connor but loves appearance and women in dresses and high heels like Peter. Brian likes to dance and won’t be standing against the wall and acting cool the whole night. Brian tries to match his drink with the nightclub he’s enjoying at that moment, this can be beer but also a shot. He may like well dressed girls, but will drink quicker when he can’t stand the “hard to get” games. But then again, Peter and Connor would do the same!

Do you see yourself in one of above characters? Let us know!


Nightlife Still Continues in January

Happy New Year Night Outers!

2015 is officially over and will stay in the past forever. We hope you kicked off 2016 epically, whether that was in one of Dublin’s amazing venues, outside or at home with friends. The festive decorations and lights will slowly be removed from the houses, offices, shopping malls, city center etc. Basically life goes back to normal again. A reassuring factor about all this, is that we always have the nightlife that won’t let us down.

Nightlife Promises in January

In fairness, many people made typical December statements such as: “I will have a dry January”, “In January I will stay in”, “I will need whole of January to detox from December!” and “January will be a boring month so no going out for me!”. While those statements may have sound pretty good and reasonable in December, there is a small chance you will actually follow those “resolutions”. And why is that? It’s because January is not boring at all, life continues and soon it will seem that December 2015 was a long time ago. The year will find a fixed place in the back of your memory to join all the previous past memories you shouldn’t focus much about.

Do you know that feeling after coming back from holidays? While the holidays have ended a few days ago, there is something funny about entering your daily routine again. It make the holidays seem like they occurred a while ago. The reason is simple, it’s because life continues! There is no stopping it. That’s the same reason why you will go out this month! Maybe not so much as in December, but you will go out! Sitting home for a full month is boring, you will miss the interaction with other people and the magical atmosphere of Dublin’s nightlife. Life is what happens, and you will find yourself in your daily life routine again.

Real Reasons Why People Take it Easy in January

The fact that people will go out any way, is the reason why the nightlife won’t be boring! The nightlife will look quieter at times but in my opinion there are other factors that highly contribute to this. To start off with money, we spent so much money in December it’s crazy! Going out, food, presents, travelling, clothes and so on! In January we have to take it easy sometimes because of lack of money. Another reason is we don’t feel top notch about ourselves, we gained weight because of too much eating and our eyes look sleepy due to crazy December nights. But you see the difference here? We kind of feel “obligated” not to go out in January! We “can’t” go out, which is different from we “don’t want” to go out!

So to summarize, January is not a boring month! People will go out, and the reason why the month is quieter is because we “can’t” go out! If the money was there and you’re in shape, January would be seeing you guaranteed!  A Dry January is only an illusion ;-).

Will you be going out in January or will you emphasize more on taking it easy this month? Let us know!


December Wants You to Go Out!

Night outers we already entered the last month of 2015! It has been said many times before but I will say it again: time goes fast. Time for reflection is upon us, thinking about what this year has brought us, and how 2015 improved our lives. Which memorable stories have happened this year that we will tell and share in 10 years from now? It can be quite a confrontation! This is only 1 reason why you should get a drink this month!

In this cold December month there are more reasons why we like to go out and spend time with people, such as:

  • We want to finish the year memorably
  • December is a month of celebration
  • We’re looking for someone to share the holidays with
  • We want to enjoy the unique positive vibe and atmosphere outside
  • December is a friends and family oriented month
  • Reflection will motivate and inspire you to go out and meet people
  • December is is a happy month with a sense of unity and harmony

The feeling for connection is essentially much stronger in December. Look at company Christmas parties for example! December makes it even mandatory for companies and organizations to organize wicked parties for the whole office! The last month of the year simply wants you to go out, to connect and meet people!

December can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you have friends, family or/and a partner, December will be good to you. If you are alone, December will find its ways to depress you. That’s why we have this love-hate relationship with December. With a depressed state of mind we hate it and want to ignore it, but I know deep down, we all want to love December to the fullest.

A difference between the night outs in the months July and December, is that in December there is more pressure for the single night outers. The need to find someone is much higher than normal and when you can’t find anyone….well, the happiness, presents and family/sharing oriented atmosphere kinda backfires. At least we have the family get-togethers to look forward to (and that we just cannot avoid)!

Christmas is all about family parties and staying at home. The streets will be quiet and lots of food and Christmas tunes will be served and played indoors. Not much can be expected from the nightlife during Christmas weekend, it’s one of those rare weekends where the nightlife pretty much disappoints anywhere. However one week later is the day that the whole world will drink because of one sole reason: New Year’s Eve festivities! We both celebrate the end of 2015 and the start of a beautiful year: 2016! All nightclubs will host some form of an epic celebration so it’s going to be crazy! Crazier than any other year! Why? Because 2015 was great but 2016 is going to be Amazing! You better book your tickets in advance since many Dublin nightclubs will be packed. Check our website for New Year Eve’s events in Dublin!

Nightclubs know that the nightlife is in high demand in December. It may be cold and it’s tempting to stay inside (especially when you are with someone), but do go out and end 2015 epically. Nigh outs can easily ensure this for you!

Tell us, do you already know where you will spend your New Year’s Eve party?

Alcohol Lifestyle

20 Inevitable Situations During a Pre-Drink Session

Pre-Drinks is Part of the Nightlife

Pre-drinking, everyone does it! Maybe only one drink, maybe several shots! Everyone has their experiences of creating that buzz and looking forward to the nightlife while the night is still young! Drinking before going out became even more popular when the economy entered a recession a few years ago. In order to economize, people started to drink more inside with the plan of going out afterwards. This doesn’t always happen, but the intentions are often there. Having pre-drink sessions is something me and Gustavo love to do from time to time. Besides chilling out in your own place, it is you who decides the rules when it comes to the people, music and vibe of your pre-drink party. There are a few advantages when it comes to drinking at home. For example:

  • No disturbance from unknown people
  • You decide the music volume
  • You choose your own tunes
  • Easy to talk and connect with others
  • You set the atmosphere, whether that will be romantic or casual
  • No waiting at the bar for your next drink
  • Chill out mode all the way
  • You prepare for the nightlife by creating the right zone for yourself

Sometimes pre-drink sessions turn into house parties. When many people visit a residence to eat, drink and to have lots of fun, a session turns into a house party which often ends at home. Joining the nightlife won’t be necessary at times. Especially when drinking games are introduced, then forget it! But that’s for another blog.



20 Pre-Drink Traditions You Just Can’t Ignore

There are always a few traditions that take place during a pre-drink session/house party with many people. Traditions which are simply inevitable. You probably witnessed the following happenings yourself:

  1. People who don’t know each other at first become best friends instantly
  2. Talking volume increases from normal to stadium loud, ruining your neighbors night’s rest if they weren’t invited in the first place
  3. After a few hours the Drinking Game rules are mostly ignored with the main focus on drinking the next shot as soon as possible
  4. Someone’s DJ aspirations arise with the need to change the music constantly
  5. Music is turned louder and (awkward) dance moves are shown
  6. Bottles of alcohol suddenly finish quicker
  7. People gather in the kitchen for no reason, realizing after an hour that the music is in the cozy living room not far away
  8. People don’t only drink their drinks, they just take any bottle that hasn’t been emptied yet
  9. Shots shots shots! You promised yourself no more shots, but that promise can be easily postponed for another week..
  10. Someone is feeling bad and has to run to the bathroom to do a number 4
  11. Someone “has to lie down for a minute” and only wakes up the next morning
  12. A couple feels the need to show affection for one another in a private spot
  13. Discussions arise which don’t make any sense without any form of alcohol consumption
  14. People start to search for communication with the outside world through their Smartphone, finding out where the party at
  15. Someone starts to panic saying that “ if we don’t leave now we won’t get in!!”
  16. People make a mess and knock over glasses which doesn’t bother the host, until the sun shines the next morning
  17. “one last shot” before we leave!
  18. The host screams the taxi is waiting outside but no one listens or cares
  19. The endless discussion of who calls the taxi, who enters the taxi together, where the taxi should go, and who pays the taxi driver
  20. People fill a plastic bottle with soda and alcohol, you know, in case you are sobering up way too fast during the 15 minutes taxi drive!

Yes, house parties are amazing, at the end all the mess is all worth it! I cleaned my house so many times (yes my house was highly appreciated for pre-drink sessions!), but every time I say to myself I would organise such a session again in a heartbeat. It’s not only because we drunk and acted crazy. It’s that we had unique fun, there were no barriers when it comes to our energy and we all shared memorable moments together. I love house parties, sometimes they are so good that you don’t need to go out. When you do decide to go out and the nightlife somehow disappoints, then there is always the after party. ?

What are your experiences with pre-drink sessions? Do you drink more during a pre-drink session or more in a bar or nightclub?


Why the Nightclub Competition is Fierce

Would you like to own your own bar or nightclub? Owning such a venue is a great business venture, but lots of hard work is involved. It’s important to keep your venue constantly fresh. The competition of a nightclub is pretty impressive, here are a few examples:

Nightclubs and Bars

The most important competitors are other nightclubs and bars. They are in the exact business as you are and want the same thing as you:  more customers. Nightclubs have to stay true to their concept which should be reflected in their interior design, drinks, music, structure, dress code and service. Marketing is very important with word of mouth being the absolute best one for creating buzz. Focus on delivering customer delight by training employees how to give excellent service. Service is vital to the existence of a nightclub which can damage the nightclub’s image if not carefully dealt with. Social media is a must as well, be consistent, educate the fans about the nightclub but also about other aspects like the music genres the nightclub is playing and tips how to dress. Educate the fans, use humor and place the fans in the spotlights.

Special Events

Big special events are something nightclubs always have to be aware off. Examples are famous artists performing in their town or sports events like the FIFA World Cup. Nightclubs can jump into the hype of these events by organizing similar theme events. Create contests for people to win a VIP table when they predict the correct score and goal scorers of a particular match for example. Or when a famous artist like DJ Sander van Doorn is performing, organize an “after party” event for all the dance music lovers that welcomes the Sander van Doorn event attendees as well. Emphasize in your marketing that the nightlife in your venue is the perfect way to end a happy/sad and memorable day.


The entertainment business is immense, and with the arrival and popularity of the internet, staying home became pretty much a very attractive option. The internet provides us with games, movies, videos, music, series, social media and other forms of entertainment.  Luckily for the nightlife industry, going out is a necessity for the human being. It’s important to go out on an occasional basis and surround yourself with people. Even when you’re home with friends, you sometimes want to enjoy yourself in new environments. It’s a sense of feeling alive and participating in society.  So although staying home is an attractive and cheap option, the nightclubs will still be needed.

The best way to deal with the internet is to embrace this beautiful invention. Be active on social media, invest in your website and engage with your fans.  Create relationships by offering personalized offers  like  free drinks when it’s someone’s birthday. When someone is turning 25, deduct the numbers (5-2) and give free drinks corresponding with the resulting number. Reward the active fans who always like, share and comment on your posts.

Movies and Series

After the radio came the television. Now NO one would stay home to listen to the radio all night long. That seems such a boring activity if you think about it, but this was completely normal couple of decades ago. The television however ensured that people stay in way more often than “back in the day”. Through television people had suddenly easy access to the world via news and entertainment programs. Till this very day the TV is still popular, although the internet has beaten this invention in 2010. The cinema will always remain a popular “cheap” alternative to go out when one doesn’t have money. The beauty of going to the cinema is that you have the feeling of “going out”, even when you go home immediately after the movie.

Nightclubs can work together with cinemas to stimulate the cinema crowd to visit the venue for a drink while discussing the movie. Coupons for free drinks or free entrance are examples. Nightclubs can even use movies and series in their social media, in order for people to make that (unconscious) association between the venue and the movie, series or even a TV show.

Cheap Alcohol

Alcohol is more expensive in nightclubs than in supermarkets. That’s a given. Nightclubs can’t do much about this, their promotion simply needs to emphasize on the experience visitors will have when visiting the venue. People like to have pre-drinks, sessions with their own drinks, company and music. Most of them want to continue the night in a place with danceable music and people, so there is the opportunity of the venue. An idea to get people early to the venue is offering temporary cheap drinks or free entrance till midnight.


Gaming is a competition since the 70s, although very limited in that time. Nowadays there are consoles, online gaming and handhelds. Who doesn’t know a friend or acquaintance that plays the Playstation or Xbox nonstop during the weekend? Basically from Friday night till Monday morning? There are a lot! Luckily for most people gaming non-stop drives one crazy so a relief is to go out for at least a bit and talk to real people. There are bars who organize social gaming events like quizzes to create similar gaming objectives: winning.

There are many other factors affecting the nightlife, like different opening hours and dating apps like POF and Tinder. There is also the shift towards larger club events and festivals, which is what many people save their money for.

How many times do you go out? If you are not out and about, how do you prefer to spend your weekend?


Why You Should Go Out

Why We Go Out

Going out has many meanings. Everyone likes to go out in at least one of the many ways one can go out. Now we are talking about going out in the nightlife. People may say they don’t like to go out, but it’s my honest opinion that going out  is more of a necessity in life.  We say we may not like it, but deep down we all want it. I’m not talking about going to nightclubs and enable your joker mode by drinking too much. I’m talking about being with people you like and love. Enjoying the unity and positive emotions your entourage creates. We human beings come to this world alone and die alone, but in life we don’t want to be alone. We want to be felt, acknowledged, understood and appreciated. When one goes out, you want to feel such emotions. I know, you can be with your friends and loved ones in a different environment in a nice afternoon. But, that magical feeling of going out, where you dress up, enter a unique ambient of music and people, that you can only find in the nightlife.  People are more open to not only friends, but also to other people in that environment.

Release the Stress by Going Out

Most of us have a daily routine in life with the same tasks and actions written down for us in our minds. At work we have to be rational all the time. At home we’re often rational as well when you consider all the routine tasks that need to be performed. In both environments there is simply a level of stress involved. So when one goes out, you want to get away from such mindsets, away from the stress. You want to free yourself and open up. That’s where the emotions come in. We want to show appreciation for one another, have unique talks that you don’t have at work or even at home.  You want to feel that connection with a person and ”feel” one another. Connect and unite, this could be even on a spiritual level.

Don’t Go Out With Friends Only!

So going out doesn’t mean you just dance and get drunk. Going out means  go and free yourself, show your positive and optimistic side. Give yourself time to breathe in life and put life elements into perspective. Understand and show who you truly are.  It is one thing to be rational all time, which I know is needed in order to survive, but that’s simply not what life is all about.  Enjoy one’s company, get to know each other and inspire one another. I encourage everyone to go out, whether you drink or not. Take your friends, girlfriend, wife, heck even your  mother to a nice place where you feel comfortable! Surround yourself with positive vibes, good atmosphere and of course great music. Because hearing music that you love seriously enhances your state of mind.  1 song is enough to change your mindset or mood drastically. It can bring you to a whole different world, although that may last for only a little while. But that is a topic for a next blog!

Tell us, why do you go out? What is the main reason you decide to go out and with who? When you go out, to which places do you go?