dublin sports bar 2018 world cup
Date : June 14, 2018

10 Best Dublin Sports Bars to Watch World Cup 2018

Sports fans don’t need to complain when it comes to watching sports events in Dublin. There are so many sports bars, meaning there is always enough room for you to join the atmosphere. Now that the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off (without Ireland and the Netherlands unfortunately), many more venues made sure you won’t […]

Date : March 27, 2018

Dublin 1st Time Top Spot For UK Hen Parties!

Many of you night outers are interested in hen and stag parties, and we can’t blame you! That “Last night of freedom” needs a one of a kind celebration that will be talked about for yeeaaars. We spoke about the company Last Night of Freedom before on Nightoutexpert.com. We can’t recommend them enough when it […]

cannabis vs alcohol which one is worse
Date : August 17, 2017

Alcohol VS Cannabis: Which One is Worse

Alcohol or soft drugs: which one is worse? There are many differences between the two, but the general belief is that alcohol is rightfully a legit drink adults should be able to enjoy. But , many believe the same consideration should be applied to soft drugs as well. The truth is that alcohol is heavily […]

dublin nightclubs and nightlife
Date : February 10, 2017

Why Alcohol Fools You Every Weekend

You might wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse: forgetting what kind of mischief you have been up to yesterday night during a night out in Dublin! It’s a weird phenomenon when you think about it. The more you drink, the more crazy and impulsive you act and the less you will probably remember […]

dublin nightlife cheers translations
Date : January 16, 2017

Learn to Say Cheers in 50 Languages

So many different people go out in Dublin from all over the world. Doesn’t that make the nightclub scene more unique and exciting!? After being in Dublin for a few years, we learned how to say cheers in many languages. How to write them…well…that we don’t remember! But here is a list that tells you […]

2016 2017 NYE Dublin events
Date : December 22, 2016

20 Epic NYE 2016 Dublin Events For You

The biggest event the whole world celebrates regardless of religion, beliefs, traditions and culture is upon us: New Years Eve! The year 2016 is over and there are 2 ways to look at it. One way is from the nostalgic sad perspective. You think yet another year has passed while personal life changing goals have not […]

dublin nightlife december
Date : December 14, 2016

Why You Should Go Out in December

Night outers we already entered the last month of 2016! It has been said many times before but I will say it again: time goes fast. Time for reflection is upon us, thinking about what this year has brought us, and how 2016 improved our lives. Which memorable stories have happened this year that we […]

Date : December 7, 2016

Why Nightlife is Good For Your Mind

There are different ways to perceive the nightlife. For some it’s about discharging yourself with friends and drinks, for others it’s about encountering the love of your life and for others it’s all about dancing, dancing and dancing. One of the reasons we love the nightlife (especially in December!), is because of the open mind […]

Date : November 28, 2016

Krystle Nightclub is Back to Conquer Dublin Nightlife

In August 2016, Dublin’s famous classy nightclub Krystle announced a major investment of €1.1 million for refurbishing purposes. The venue closed up for 3 months and finally announced their launch weekend early November. A launch of a new Krystle nightclub in the weekend of November 25 already got us super excited, but knowing they invested […]

Date : September 29, 2016

Buskers On The Ball: Unique New Dublin Venue

Buskers On The Ball is the latest venue in Temple Bar that officially opened their doors. As you have probably guessed, Buskers On The Ball (BOTB) is the neighbor of venue Buskers. Nevertheless, there is a clear difference between both venues. While Buskers is a bar (that recently got renovated), Buskers On The Ball is […]

did you know dictionary dublin nightlife
Date : March 1, 2016

Impress with Our NightOut Index

This is version 4 of the nightlife index which started on November 20 2015! Several music genres have been included! A nightlife glossary, index or dictionary!  Have you seen something like this online? We haven’t! We thought and still think this may be a good idea to create and update for you night out lovers. Learn how to […]

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