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Sick and Tired of Him Ignoring your Text Messages After a Night Out?

You are more likely to encounter an alien than meet a potential partner. Yes, you read that correctly. Statistically speaking, your chances of finding true love on a night out are not high at all. But don’t let that reduce your single spirits.


We are all aware of mind games between both genders, but what if we tell you that we heard of female night outers who’ve tried a program successfully that was designed to help women to send effective text messages to guys they have met on a night out? So instead of being ignored by them the day after, they will actually reply.


This program that was introduced by Amy North is called Text Chemistry. After many years of experience and research, Amy concentrates on dating and helping individuals to get more attention from guys and their partners. She has become a famous person globally, as she has created this program to help others be and maintain healthy relationships.


The Text Chemistry book provides useful techniques and tips on how to properly address a person via a text message. The e-book consists of pages containing detailed information about relationships, guys and what attracts them.


In this program, you learn how to get men to return your text quickly and to simply pay more attention to you. The program says it teaches a special text method that can make guys hooked to you and make him obsessed with you.


The secret of Text Chemistry messages is in its ability to trigger certain psychological feelings of intense emotions in the heart of any man.


These psychological triggers mentioned in the program taps into the focus system of a man’s brain and literally tells/forces the brain to focus on good thoughts about you. These triggers create positive feedback loops in his mind that forces him to constantly cause him to wonder about what you think of him, when you’ll respond to him, and when he’ll get to see you next.




#1: The Phone Game.

#2: Why Men Leave.

#3: Tinder Success Secrets.




Pros :


  • This is a well-designed and tested program developed especially for women.
  • The program helps women to write text messages which can be a challenge.
  • Age is not important, it seems that every woman can use this Text Chemistry guide.
  • It contains carefully selected powerful text messages that will improve your love life.
  • Text Chemistry program has a 60-day money return guarantee, enough time to check its potential.


Cons :


  • It is available only online, so you need an internet connection to use this program.
  • To achieve the desired results, you have to follow the instructions properly without missing any.


Is Text Chemistry Worth A Try?

After hearing feedback from people who went through this program, we personally feel Text Chemistry is providing useful information for women to become more successful with guys who give their numbers on a night out. Although this program has its own drawbacks, they don’t outweigh the benefits it is providing.




If you are interested in jump starting your love life, the Text Chemistry program has a lot to offer. There may be similar programs available online that we haven’t heard of, but this one seems very good in providing useful information that is valuable for women who go out frequently.


One of the great things about this program is that it has numerous types of physical materials, including DVDs and a huge book packed with practical information.


This is a great guide to getting men, and it’s something that every woman will benefit from. Even women who are already in a relationship with a man can benefit from everything this guide has to offer. 


Since it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Let us know what your experience is with texting men after a night out.

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Nightlife Improves Your Flirting Skills

Going out is not for drinking and having fun only. You learn some valuable skills that are very useful in everyday life. In a previous blog I have mentioned 15 vital skills you improve when you go out. If you haven’t read it, here you find it. I will blog about each skill in depth.

The first skill which was improving your social skills, has already been discussed: Nightlife Improves Your Social Skills

The second skill is a favourite one: Improve your flirting skills, learn how others talk, behave and act and copy what works

The art of flirting: it is a skill we all wish to master in its entirety. The ability to attract the opposite sex is one we continuously want to put into practice, and of course it’s a skill we continuously want to improve. Some people naturally develop a comfort with the opposite sex, others need to watch and learn. Where can one watch and learn? In a bar and nightclub of course! It is really one of the reasons why we love to enjoy the nightlife. It provides us men and women an environment where we can remove our masks and focus on bringing our attraction and flirting skills to new heights.

There is flirting for women and there is flirting for men. Women basically initiate the flirting game and men need to take that opportunity to present their confidence, intelligence and humor. Another difference is appearance. Both men and women want to look attractive when going out. However women take one step further by using makeup to increase the levels of their attractiveness, empowerment and beauty. Irish women for example are known for their love for makeup!

Women and Their Physical Features

The fact that women love to wear makeup when enjoying the nightlife is no surprise at all. Look at the animal kingdom, we see that females like to emphasize on their physical features and colors when wanting to mate with an alpha male. Females basically learned the art of showing off since the beginning of time. This is interestingly reflected in today’s age where women dress up to show off their physical features with sexy clothes, daring accessories, high heels and strong colorful makeup. When you women go out, learn and become inspired by other makeup creations and varieties.  Look around you and see how other girls dress up, how they move, talk and dance.  The nightlife brings you many tips about how to improve your A game and how to become even more attractive. It’s the combination of sex appeal and personality that will make you attract gentlemen with integrity.

Don’t be Jealous but be Willing to Learn

The mastery of body language will bring you success in life. Women may initiate the game, but men will have to do the approaching part (most of the time).  The whole process of approaching a lady and saying your first words can go many ways. If you wait too long, she won’t be interested, if you say “Hi” (boring mode), she may lose immediate interest, if you talk without conviction, she may walk away. Women are intriguing human beings and I do agree that they make their judgments pretty fast sometimes! But us men simply need to make sure that we use all our game to impress the lady. You see guys approaching and kissing a girl within minutes. Analyze those guys, see how they dress and behave next to the girl. You make look hot, but when you say the wrong thing, look in a scary way or show a weak posture, she won’t hesitate to look further!

It’s all about educating yourself and seeking out knowledge! We will bring you many tips in our blogs about flirting for both men and women, but it’s imperative that you don’t feel jealous but inspired when seeing others having success in bars and nightclubs. Do analyze the people, be open to learn new things and get out of your social bubble! Alcohol may take your fears and complexities away, but the best thing you can do is learn about yourself and understand why certain approaches are attractive to the opposite sex. Don’t make it a coincidence when a flirt goes well, go practice and own the room.


What George McFly Can Teach Guys

This time I was not planning on writing tips for men about how to represent yourself in the best way possible. However since today is Back to the Future Day (October 21st 2015), I’m going to analyze Marty McFly’s movie dad George McFly. If you have never heard of the Back to the Future movies, well, then you probably never heard of the concept “movie”.  If you never watched the trilogy, then you got yourself a plan now before going out this weekend. Warning: you might not want to watch the Youtube videos if you haven’t watched the movies yet!

In Back to the Future Marty McFly travels back in time where he accidentally encounters his teenage mom and dad (George).  He interrupts their moment of falling in love which results in the mother falling in love with Marty (Yeah pretty disturbing if you think about it.)  In order to secure his existence, he has to make sure that his teenage mom and dad fall in love. So basically Marty helps his dad to make advances on his mom. The context is a bit weird, but Back to the Future can give you some tips about how to approach women!

As is not a movie website, I’m not going to continue talk about how great the movies are or why they are such classics. I will only focus on the behavior of  the character George McFly.

Here are 2 clips of him (from Back to the Future Part 1, 1985), a character that shows classic flaws when it comes to his personality.

Let’s analyze 3 aspects George McFly seriously should improve.

Lack of Confidence

George doesn’t stand up for himself, whatever the bullies say he must do, he will do.  This is a classic example of simply looking in the mirror when trying to understand why you don’t have success with women.  If you don’t  trust yourself, why would someone else? The key here is to focus on your personal growth, find out what it is that you want and do in life. There is a reason why women like ambitious men, they know what they want and don’t settle for mediocrity. Create self worth by focusing on activities you like to do and by creating objectives for yourself.  Understand that to gain respect, you have to start respecting yourself first. Learn how to say no and stand your ground. If people smell they can take advantage of you, they eventually will.

Poor Body Language

If you have seen the movie, you see that George’s body language is all over the place. What he should improve is a known body language aspect: hunched shoulders. Learn how to avoid this. Stand up straight and push your shoulders back.  It forces the chest to come out and results in extra exposure of the torso. This is a universal sign of confidence. Animals show their chest when a potential attack may occur, in this position they show bravery and make the opponent feel intimidated. An effective way to establish a straight position is by going to the gym. When it come to your head, simply don’t look down. Looking down is a sign of submission, humility and shyness. There is nothing wrong with being humble sometimes, but just don’t make it a habit of looking at the floor all the time. Look up, don’t be afraid of looking people in the eyes and move around with your neck. Show curiosity and interest and give the ladies the opportunity to have a full glance of your face and energy.

Insecure Tone of Voice

You may not know a person in real life, but when you hear someone’s voice you immediately create an impression, good or bad. George lacks any level of confidence in his words. Know how to talk with calmness and certainty. You don’t necessarily need to talk slow, as long as you speak with conviction. Don’t be monotonous, increase and decrease the volume of your sentences. When you want to emphasize on words you increase the volume, but don’t yell. The tone of voice is part of your charisma, use your facial expressions and gestures to make your point and to enhance your story. Last but not least, mirror the girl you are talking to. Try to understand the tone of voice of the conversation and make sure she doesn’t need to ask you to repeat what you are saying! Speak with volume and conviction but know when to be quiet and listen!

Initially George McFly didn’t want to change at all. Marty may want to teach him these skills, but the first step is to accept that change and a mindset shift are imperative for success. When you are a guy and you fail constantly with women, don’t emphasize on thinking that there is something wrong with women.  Sometimes we wait for that special someone to give us confidence, but in reality if you really want to find that person, you just have to look in the mirror.  Focus on your development, mindset and appearance and the success will come, including with women.

By the way you want to know why today is Back to the Future day? The reason is the movie Back to the Future part 2 from 1989. In that movie Marty travels to the future, to the date 21st of October 2015 to be exact. That is today!


Everyone Flirts in Nightclubs

Flirting is Human Nature

“Meeting  girls”, “flirting”, “getting numbers” and “wanting to get laid”: All reasons why men go out. Men can go out with his buddies, his colleagues or his family, whoever accompanies him into the nightlife, he would like to reach at least one of the above objectives. The guy may be married or having a girlfriend, he still would like to flirt and to have his “level of sexiness” acknowledged by a pretty girl.  You can say what you want, but this is a fact. This doesn’t mean he will cheat (for the women who feel offended now),  but it is simply part of the nightlife. You don’t see married people going in their daily training outfits to the club just because they’re not single, of course not. Anyone wants to shine and show the best of yourself including your exterior energy and beauty. We simply like to feel sexy, to feel admired and to feel appreciated. Men are predators, it’s smart to accept that men like to flirt, especially in the nightlife.  Even when there is a business meeting or any special objective to the nightlife event, there is always room for some flirting.

So here is the thing, there might be lots of emphasis on guys wanting to go out and meet pretty girls, but there is one thing that us guys forget easily: The above objectives apply to women as well. Women want to “meet boys”, “flirt”, “get a number” and yes I will say it: “want to get laid”. Women are simply smarter than us by not emphasizing too much on this. But yes, while let’s say 20% of the women go out for sex and 80% to have only a flirt from an interesting guy, for men this will probably be the other way around.  Women simply are not in a rush to have sex that quickly, but they do want it. Where guys need just a place to have sex, women will need a reason.

Approach Women in Nightclubs!

So why is it bad we guys forget women go out for the same reasons? It’s because guys simply think too much when it comes to flirting. The level of fear from going and talking to a girl is surprising and shocking at the same time. Women like to have attention, even when they say “they just want to go out with friends”. Really? Are you going to believe that? Deep down they want to be spoken to by someone with confidence, someone intelligent, someone who inspires them. Doesn’t mean they will date the guy, but they simply would like to connect even if it’s for a few minutes or hours. Looks only won’t get you far at all! We don’t have that going for us unfortunately unlike women! No, when we are smart we are sexy. We guys just need to show more compassion, more personality and confidence. We have to remember that women want to meet a good guy, a down to earth guy who doesn’t focus on kissing and getting laid. Women are people like you and me, don’t get overthrown by their beauty and do not feel intimidated.

They want to talk to you, if you don’t someone else will and that person will probably be worse than you. But what happens? That girl start to kiss that guy, and why? Because you let them. She wants attention, she wants to be excited, you think she will just sit there and wait for you? No, unfortunately we don’t live in such a perfect world. If you like someone, go and approach. Don’t think too much about it. Remember, when you look multiple times to a girl, she knows you are gathering all your bravery just to talk to her.  Don’t make it difficult, make it a casual encounter between you and the girl. It’s all about confidence and your body language. So please guys, let’s not forget that we are not the only ones with the objectives of approaching and meeting the opposite sex. Women do as well, so cut the crap and approach girls! Be respectful and friendly, but also mysterious and a bit teasing ? Enjoy the weekend!!