Our Favourite Drinking Game!

Drinking games! There is nothing more fun during a pre-drink session than to play a drinking game! Today I write about NightOutExpert’s favourite drinking game: Kings.

Kings is the “official” name of a drinking game involving playing cards. According to Wikipedia, the game is also called Kings, king’s cup, donut, jug, oval of fire, or ring of fire. It really depends which rules you apply to the game. As interesting and attractive those names may sound, we call it simply “crazy drinking game”.

 I will tell you exactly how we play it. First of all, play with boys and girls. The game may be interesting amongst lads or girls only, but we prefer to have a mixed group. It is just way more educational and fun that way!

You need the following to play this crazy drinking game:

  • 1 deck of cards
  • Alcoholic beverages (something strong as well!)

Every person takes a turn picking a random card. When the card is picked, the rule corresponding with that card has to be followed. There are endless rules you can give to the cards, it’s all about how creative you are and how fast you want for the bunch of you to become drunk…

We apply the following rules to the cards:

  • 2: Everyone drinks a sip
  • 3: You drink a sip
  • 4: You choose 2 players to drink each one sip, or 1 player to drink 2 sips
  • 5: Categories, you choose a category like movies, John Legend songs, car brands etc, the player who can’t think of something that falls under that category drinks
  • 6: Truth or dare, if a player doesn’t want to follow up on the question or act, he or she drinks
  • 7: Choose a mate, he or she will drink when you drink
  • 8: Rhyming, the player who can’t think of a word drinks
  • 9: Choose a rule, like tap your head before you drink, don’t use first names, stand up when you drink etc. The player who forgot to follow the rule drinks
  • 10: You take 1 shot
  • Jack: Choose any rule of the cards
  • Queen: All women drink a sip
  • King: All men drink a sip
  • A: Waterfall, each player starts drinking at the same time as the person to their left. No player can stop drinking until the player next to him/her stops.
  • Joker: Finish your complete glass or bottle in one take, whether that may be empty or full!

These are our favourite rules! Other rules we like to apply sometimes are:

  • King’s Cup: Each time a King is drawn, that player pours a bit of her/his drink in an empty glass. the player who draws the 4th King, drinks the cup in full.
  • Questions: You can ask random questions to each other till one player doesn’t know what to ask

When reading those rules, you understand why you want to play with both men and women. It just makes the whole game more interesting and memorable.

You can make it as crazy as you want! When we stay in and enjoy drink sessions at home, we might not always like the speed of someone’s intoxication. You can reduce the amount of sips for example to slow down the drinking process, or increase the sips or have shots to create the opposite effect!

Yes we can’t get enough of this game when we’re at home. Not because we all get drunk, but because of the unique interaction and cohesiveness this game creates. It’s not only about drinking, but about skills, creativity and sharing.

Which rules do you like to apply when playing drinking games with playing cards?


Do You Know Your Cocktails?

Sometimes you just think about a nice cold beer when it’s hot outside, but on special nights the nightlife is all about cocktails! There are so many of those drinks, and people keep inventing new mixes and flavours. A cocktail is all about representation, not just the flavour. It starts with the preparation which is by itself pure art. The bartender shows his/her tricks and makes you understand why you really should appreciate and enjoy that cocktail. The cocktail is (should) be made with a proper level of professionalism, and will be decorated and garnished with fruit slices. Let’s not forget the vibrant colours that many cocktails display, clear and bright colours that enhance the mysterious and magical atmosphere of nightlife.

You as a (professional) night outer, should recognize certain cocktails easily. Do you think you can recognize cocktails just by their looks? Here are photos of 15 famous cocktails, do you know the names of all of them? Test your cocktail knowledge and find the answers below!

mojito dublin nightlife

This cocktail is considered as one of the most popular cocktails in the UK


The Dude from the movie The Big Lebowski refers to this cocktail as a “Caucasian.”


This cocktail is named after its appearance


The name of this cocktail is a word of Taíno origin, who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida in the late 15th century


A naughty naughty name! Who doesn’t want to try at least once!?


A sexy girl name


Sarah Jessica Parker’s character of the TV series Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw, ordered the drink often when going out, which boosted the popularity of this cocktail


The name is deceiving, since its second name is not used in this cocktail


Follow the traditional recipe of this cocktail and don’t whip the cream! The Irish should know!


One of Nightoutexpert’s favourite cocktails!


A strong cocktail that creates chaos within you…chaos is what you will find when going to the name of this cocktail


The name of this cocktail is almost the exact equivalent of the English word hillbilly


The name of this cocktail matches its appearance


It’s not complicated to make this cocktail, why complicate life anyway: the spirit of the name of this cocktail


“the world’s most complex cocktail”

Did you guess most cocktails? To find out the names and recipes just hover over the images. Which cocktail do you enjoy the most during a night out?

Alcohol Lifestyle

20 Inevitable Situations During a Pre-Drink Session

Pre-Drinks is Part of the Nightlife

Pre-drinking, everyone does it! Maybe only one drink, maybe several shots! Everyone has their experiences of creating that buzz and looking forward to the nightlife while the night is still young! Drinking before going out became even more popular when the economy entered a recession a few years ago. In order to economize, people started to drink more inside with the plan of going out afterwards. This doesn’t always happen, but the intentions are often there. Having pre-drink sessions is something me and Gustavo love to do from time to time. Besides chilling out in your own place, it is you who decides the rules when it comes to the people, music and vibe of your pre-drink party. There are a few advantages when it comes to drinking at home. For example:

  • No disturbance from unknown people
  • You decide the music volume
  • You choose your own tunes
  • Easy to talk and connect with others
  • You set the atmosphere, whether that will be romantic or casual
  • No waiting at the bar for your next drink
  • Chill out mode all the way
  • You prepare for the nightlife by creating the right zone for yourself

Sometimes pre-drink sessions turn into house parties. When many people visit a residence to eat, drink and to have lots of fun, a session turns into a house party which often ends at home. Joining the nightlife won’t be necessary at times. Especially when drinking games are introduced, then forget it! But that’s for another blog.



20 Pre-Drink Traditions You Just Can’t Ignore

There are always a few traditions that take place during a pre-drink session/house party with many people. Traditions which are simply inevitable. You probably witnessed the following happenings yourself:

  1. People who don’t know each other at first become best friends instantly
  2. Talking volume increases from normal to stadium loud, ruining your neighbors night’s rest if they weren’t invited in the first place
  3. After a few hours the Drinking Game rules are mostly ignored with the main focus on drinking the next shot as soon as possible
  4. Someone’s DJ aspirations arise with the need to change the music constantly
  5. Music is turned louder and (awkward) dance moves are shown
  6. Bottles of alcohol suddenly finish quicker
  7. People gather in the kitchen for no reason, realizing after an hour that the music is in the cozy living room not far away
  8. People don’t only drink their drinks, they just take any bottle that hasn’t been emptied yet
  9. Shots shots shots! You promised yourself no more shots, but that promise can be easily postponed for another week..
  10. Someone is feeling bad and has to run to the bathroom to do a number 4
  11. Someone “has to lie down for a minute” and only wakes up the next morning
  12. A couple feels the need to show affection for one another in a private spot
  13. Discussions arise which don’t make any sense without any form of alcohol consumption
  14. People start to search for communication with the outside world through their Smartphone, finding out where the party at
  15. Someone starts to panic saying that “ if we don’t leave now we won’t get in!!”
  16. People make a mess and knock over glasses which doesn’t bother the host, until the sun shines the next morning
  17. “one last shot” before we leave!
  18. The host screams the taxi is waiting outside but no one listens or cares
  19. The endless discussion of who calls the taxi, who enters the taxi together, where the taxi should go, and who pays the taxi driver
  20. People fill a plastic bottle with soda and alcohol, you know, in case you are sobering up way too fast during the 15 minutes taxi drive!

Yes, house parties are amazing, at the end all the mess is all worth it! I cleaned my house so many times (yes my house was highly appreciated for pre-drink sessions!), but every time I say to myself I would organise such a session again in a heartbeat. It’s not only because we drunk and acted crazy. It’s that we had unique fun, there were no barriers when it comes to our energy and we all shared memorable moments together. I love house parties, sometimes they are so good that you don’t need to go out. When you do decide to go out and the nightlife somehow disappoints, then there is always the after party. ?

What are your experiences with pre-drink sessions? Do you drink more during a pre-drink session or more in a bar or nightclub?


The Cuba Libre Cocktail With Captain

Captain Morgan Rum is Getting More Popular

A huge variety of drinks can come into mind when thinking of alcohol. There are cocktails, wines, beers, whiskey, rum, liqueur, vodka you name it. Everyone has their favourite drink or brand, sometimes it depends on the occasion what you drink. A Johnny Walker Blue label whiskey bottle that you pay around 199 – 250 Euros for, is something you want to save for a special occasion. Whereas a bottle of Jack Daniel’s would be more of a standard norm when drinking whiskey in a pre-session or in nightclubs.

One drink that is popular in Dublin and the whole of Ireland is Rum and Coke. The brand that is often enjoyed in style is Captain Morgan rum from Puerto Rico.  If you have never spoiled yourself with this delicious drink , at least  you probably have heard of it.  Captain Morgan rum has been introduced in 1944 and is named after the 17th-century British privateer (fancy name for legal pirate) of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan. Henry even looks like the pirate used in the Captain Morgan logo! While he was a notorious privateer (and not only in a good way), he is considered as one of the greatest privateers (pirates) the world has ever known.


Captain Morgan offers many different rum varieties like:

  • Black (the original  Captain Morgen rum with a dark colour and  a distinctive rich taste)
  • Dark Rum (a blend of Caribbean and Canadian rum)
  • Original Spiced (aged Carribean rum, with spices and other natural flavours)
  • Original Spiced Gold (a blend of rum and other spirits and enhanced with fruit flavours, spices and a heavy touch of vanilla)
  • Parrot Bay (white rum offered in a variety of flavourings including coconut, key lime, mango, orange, passion fruit, pineapple and strawberry )
  • Silver Spiced (aged in oak barrels for over a year, with a smooth taste and a well-rounded, vanilla character)
  • White Rum flavoured (white Rum in a variety of flavourings including coconut, grapefruit & pineapple)

The rum alone is worth a taste, but mixing it with coke is a good idea as well!  While the term Rum and Coke is used often, the official name of such a drink is the Cuba Libre.  This is basically a cocktail made of cola, lime, and dark or light rum. Nevertheless the name Cuba Libre only applies when the lime is included! If that’s not part of the drink, it is “merely” a rum and coke.


Cuba Libre: A Popular Easy to Make Cocktail

The Cuba Libre (Free Cuba) seems to have made its very first introduction in Havana, Cuba around 1901/1902. Legend says that a captain named Russell of the United States Army Signal Corps entered a bar and ordered rum and coke with a slice of lime. He held up this new drink and  toasted “Por Cuba libre!” in celebration of a free Cuba after the Spanish–American War. Those words were used often by Cubans and Americans in that time. Toasting with his new drink while shouting those famous words turned out be a memorable happening.

You drink a Cuba Libre officially in a collins glass which is often used to serve mixed drinks. The process of making this cocktail is simple:

  • Squeeze a lime into a Collins glass
  • Add 2 or 3 ice cubes
  • Pour in the rum
  • Garnish with a lime wedge
  • Fill with cold Coca-Cola
  • Stir briefly

What do you think of the Cuba Libre taste? Which rum do you use to make your perfect rum cocktail?


Emotions Generated by Alcohol

Alcohol Makes Us Happy

Alcohol remains and will always remain a fascinating topic to discuss. We love to drink it (most of us), but we wish the invention to hell when suffering the after effects. Little subjects can make us two sided in such extremes as alcohol does. We all know the consequences, we know our ratio can be blocked substantially, we know alcohol contains lots of calories and we know alcohol is bad for the liver. But heck, it makes us happy! It’s that feeling that motivates us every time to drink again! A more extreme example, sometimes we drink alcohol we don’t even like! Ever took a tequila shot with a straight face and feeling satisfied 1 second after?? I don’t think so….

The hangover may be the worst you ever experience, it may take days to recover and it can affect your school or work productivity. We can complain and complain about the high amount of drinking, promising that night was really the last time! But we all know you will do it again. You can even change your mind that same day! It just needs the right person to ask you out and there you go again!

So why do we like to drink? Why do we continue drinking and suffer the consequences every single time? The answer is simple:  you borrow the happiness of tomorrow. That feeling of “double” happiness is amazing, so amazing and unique that one accepts the consequences with both arms. We accept that the level of happiness the next day will probably be one to forget. During that previous night you feel “high”, on top of the world, king mode and on top of your game. The world becomes a more beautiful place, everyone is united and you feel more appreciation for the people you’re going out with. That “double” happiness however results in more drinking which shuts down the ratio even more…

Extreme Emotions of Alcohol

Alcohol makes the mind more at ease. Alcohol quiets the ratio in order to give space to emotions. That’s why we love to jam and feel that beat of the music, because we feel it through our bodies. We become one with the music and the people around us. The drinking of course can take a negative course . After too many drinks, the on top of the world feeling or king mode are simply not valid anymore. Worse, you think you are in king mode, while in reality that mode has declined to joker mode. Appreciation for one another takes strange turns by telling too much about your feelings that you might want to keep to yourself! Or what about the seduction game? There is no more game, you see any random girl or guy and you talk. There is no more strategy, no proper seduction. You just approach any person and you start to touch too quickly or your body language is just not as effective as it was a couple of hours ago. Then there is the worst stage: total oblivion! Ratio is totally gone, no more sense of what, where, how and when! That topic alone deserves it’s own blog!

Alcohol is a fascinating topic as mentioned previously, and will definitely be discussed often in the blog.  I don’t want to glorify the use of alcohol, but I definitely understand why we drink. The emotions take over, you feel the music, you feel one with the music and the crowd, you become positive (most of the time) and you get the feeling that “everything will be okay”. Yes, it generates an appetite for fast food that is practically impossible to ignore and the after effects sometimes are just “far from pleasant” to say the least, but the feeling of being “high” just makes it all worth it. Just know when to stop when you reach king mode! ?


Dublin Nightclubs and Bars

Think about the best European cities that offer an amazing nightlife, the most epic ones. Certain cities come into your mind like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, London and Ibiza. You would not mention Dublin so fast! The capital city of Ireland is often associated with Guiness beer and pubs. True, the city has many many bars and pubs like you see in foreign cities. You know, those “Irish Bars” you see in practically every capital city in Europe and other continents. Dublin has the original typical Irish bars (duh), but I don’t mean Temple bar specifically!

Dublin is a more intimate version of London. Less posh, but not only casual either! There are many classy nightclubs and venues in Dublin with each one having its own charm and unique characteristics. One of the creators of this website (Yuval), currently lives in Dublin. He lives there for 3 years now and knows the nightlife well. We want for this website to contain the best nightclubs of the world, but we decided to start small. With Yuval residing in Dublin, (and myself in Cork by the way), we decided to kick-off with the Dublin nightlife. Dublin is the capital city and has way more venues like nigthclubs and bars to your disposal than let’s say Cork, the second biggest city of Ireland.

Here are some facts about Dublin you probably didn’t know!

Did you know Dublin:

  1. Is the capital of the Republic of Ireland
  2. Is the largest city of the Republic of Ireland
  3. Has over 1000 pubs
  4. Has a production of 10 million glasses of Guinness daily
  5. Is founded by the Vikings in 988
  6. Has a legal drinking age of 18
  7. Temple Bar area is so called because it housed the first Jewish temple built in Ireland. The word ‘bar’ refers to the refusal of Catholics to allow the Jewish community to enter any of the adjoining commercial premises
  8. Links to the prestigious “Oscar” statuette used at the Academy Awards since it was designed by Cedric Gibbons, who was born in Dublin in 1823
  9. Is home to many of Ireland’s most famous musicians, from the Dubliners and Thin Lizzy to Sinead O’Connor and U2
  10. Has the “Oldest Pub in Ireland”, called the Brazen Head. There has been a pub on this site since 1198
  11. Has a renowned history in the Literary and Movie World with celebrated native names such George Bernard Shaw (dramatist, critic & Nobel Prize winner), James Joyce (writer and poet and writer of Ulysses), Oscar Wilde (playwright, poet, essayist & novelist) and Dracula creator Bram Stoker to name but a few. Prominent Hollywood Actors hailing from the city include Maureen O’Hara, Brendan Gleeson, Gabriel Byrne and Colin Farrell
  12. O’Connell Bridge that covers the famed River Liffey is reckoned to be the only bridge in the European continent that has the same width as its length
  13. Or Dubh Linn is derived from the Old Irish Gaelic, which has its literal meaning “Black Pool”. The Dubh Linn was a lake used by the Vikings to moor their trade ships and was connected to the Liffey by the River Poddle

There is a happy atmosphere in Dublin, the Irish people are known for their positive attitude without to much complexities. The Irish don’t like to complicate life. As they say often: “If there is a problem and you can solve it, then there’s no problem. If there is a problem and there is no solution, then there’s no problem.” Their nightlife behavior reflects this type of attitude, they are happy, like to drink and socialize very easily. Yes, the girls as well! They are very approachable (as long as you act like a man!). The nightclubs are intimate and vary from very small to huge. There are more than 60 awesome venues which all deserve a visit.

We are happy to kick-off with the Dublin nightlife, we know most places and we’re looking forward to visit all the other nightclubs and bars. We look forward in meeting you night outers, people who love the nightlife and love to connect with people, music and a little bit of alcohol ?