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Buskers On The Ball: Unique New Dublin Venue

Buskers On The Ball is the latest venue in Temple Bar that officially opened their doors. As you have probably guessed, Buskers On The Ball (BOTB) is the neighbor of venue Buskers. Nevertheless, there is a clear difference between both venues. While Buskers is a bar (that recently got renovated), Buskers On The Ball is a one of a kind Social Interactive Sports Bar & Entertainment Venue.  It’s a big title, but BOTB proved themselves worthy of it.

Buskers On The Ball organized a big launch party on September 15th where none other than Irish football legends Jason McAteer and Phil Babb welcomed the guests. We were invited as well and it was funny seeing them play ping pong, they are actually pretty good at it!


Yes night outers,  there are 5 Ping Pong Tables in Buskers On The Ball and not only that, there are also 4 Pool Tables, 1 American Pool Table, 2 Shuffle Board Tables & 2 Foo’s Ball Tables, plus Dublin’s largest indoor video wall showing all major live sports! It’s safe to say that Buskers On The Ball already turned themselves into the number one sports venue in Dublin!

Normally you associate beer with a sports bar, but here is where BOTB managed to distinguish themselves again from other sports bars: the venue contains the fundamentals of a classy cocktail bar. So besides all the sports activities night outers can occupy themselves with, there is always the option to drink a cocktail sophisticatedly with your friends. BOTB even organizes cocktail classes like their neighbor Buskers do.

We’ve been in Buskers On The Ball before, but the launch party really shows the venue’s potential. The vibe is amazing that caters to all types of night outers, from beer drinking sports lovers to night outers who love to enjoy their spirits and cocktails elegantly.

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Buskers On The Ball is definitely a game changer in social entertainment in Dublin and of course we will be back soon!