Wine Hangover, and How to Deal with it?

Unlike Taio Cruz, most of us don’t wake up from a hangover eager to jump into a song, but rather have an unpleasant feeling of dizziness, with just a pinch of self-loathing. While the exact physiological reasons for a hangover are hard to understand even for experienced medical scholars, the causal reasons are very well known to almost every adult. The wine was too tasty, the company too interesting, and the night too long.

While it should be important to know the processes that are happening in our body as to understand why we feel as we do, most people are more interested in how to solve the problem at hand. And for this reason, there are hangover cures that are as old as wine itself, and the earliest written remedies are as old as writing.

The first written record for a hangover cure was found in the remains of the library of Ashurbanipal, the king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire who lived in the 6th century BC, where an unknown physician recommends to mix ground bird beaks and myrrh and to chew on that. Knowing what we know now, this is a bad idea, but it shows that the ancients shared the same troubles as modern people when it comes to overindulgence in wine.

What is a Hangover?

While the variations can depend on the type of drink you are using, and can even be different between different wines, a hangover is a result of alcohol poisoning, ethanol poisoning to be specific. This is why different people have different experiences with hangovers, as the severity of the poisoning can vary depending on the person’s metabolism, their size, and their prior drinking experience.

For one, ethanol, which is the primary alcohol in wine, is a mild diuretic, meaning that it will make you ‘’excrete” more fluids than you normally would. Frequent bathroom breaks are typical for a night out, and this will lead you to become dehydrated, with all the effects dehydration has on the body. The secondary effect is also the reason why ethanol is a diuretic, and that is because it enlarges the blood vessels in our body. This widening is what makes us feel tipsy or drunk, and on the rebound, when the vessels start shrinking, we start feeling the pain that comes from an increase in blood pressure.

This increase in pressure, combined with the lack of fluids, makes for the main effect of a hangover. Additionally, depending on the acidity, sweetness, and the sulfuric content of the wine, we can feel these effects as well.

Toxicity and Detox

There are many official rules, actual good advice, and significant misconceptions when it comes to alcohol toxicity, but as always it is much easier to prevent a hangover than to cure it. Once your liver feels the punch, there is little you can do to deal with it immediately, and the best thing you can hope for is to stay functional during a hangover.

As there are people who will have a hangover even if they have had only two glasses of wine, prevention advice of ‘’not drinking too much” is not really applicable. The best way to ameliorate the effects is to consume food alongside your favorite wine. It is important to know that while in most cases the best choice of wine and food pairing is also the one that will prevent a hangover; this is not universally the case. One of the most prominent examples that don’t follow this are dessert wines that might taste best with a side of something sweet, but this added sugar will only increase the impact of the alcohol and make the hangover worse. Because of this, sweet wines should be drunk with additional care, and maybe a savory snack in advance.

Myths and Misconceptions

Albeit that Taio Cruz, ancient Romans, and Ernest Hemingway concur that the best cure for alcohol is just to keep drinking, this might be the worst advice ever given. While additional drinking will slow down the shrinking of your blood vessels and alleviate some of the pain, it will just be an extra punch to your dehydration, and make the end result much, much worse.

The second great misconception is that you can cure a hangover with any big breakfast, as this evolved from the time when people woke up early and had bacon and vegetables, and not pancakes and syrup. Any sugar will be detrimental for your recovery, as you will place even more strain on your liver to filter out all of the toxins. A light breakfast is much better, with chicken soup being probably the best option.

There are other traditional remedies, some of which have more effect than others, and some being a step in the wrong direction. Whichever you choose, stay away from carbon-hydrates in any form, be that sugar, pastry, or alcohol.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Your best friend during a hangover is water. In more forms than one.

Once you wake up, drag yourself to the nearest drinking water source and start injecting. For an average person, you should drink about a hundred ounces of water to combat dehydration. When you have enough water on the inside, put some on you from the outside. If you can have a cold shower that would be perfect, and if not, try not to make the water too hot. This will lower your blood pressure and get rid of the headache. Probably you will not feel exactly fresh as a daisy, but you will feel much better than before.

  1. Exercise

It doesn’t really matter which kind, but any physical activity that will increase your endorphin will be very beneficial. If you are into running, take a quick lap, yoga is also acceptable. If you don’t really have an exercise routine, just do a dozen push-ups, and that will be enough.

  1. Take your caffeine

Your coffee should resemble a Kardashian ex-boyfriend: tall, black, and bitter. No sugar, no cream, nothing that can worsen your affliction, just pure caffeine. After having your coffee it would be best to take a small nap while it works its magic and you will wake up replenished, but if this is not an option, you will still feel much better after a nice cup of black gold.


Finally, the best advice you can get about hangovers is the one you have told yourself after each one, and that is to stop drinking that much. To paraphrase the Buddha himself, the path of enlightenment comes with moderation, and this is true for enlightenment through wine drinking as well.  If you are having a long and fun night, break the wine with a cup of sparkling water every now and then. Make sure that you are eating something while you drink, and more than everything else, make sure that you are drinking good quality wine. A truly good wine will make you fulfilled with just a couple of sips, which is something that you will never be able to get from boxed wine.

A hangover should steer you off drinking, as that is also an extreme, but should inform you that there is such a thing as too much of a good time and that you should be more careful in the future.

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Dublin’s Best Kept Secrets

The capital of the emerald isles, Dublin is the preconception of Ireland embodied. From Guinness to the clandestine atmosphere that the Irish are famous for, Dublin is on the bucket list for travelers from all around the world. However, what to do in Dublin is something many struggle with and coming up with an itinerary is essential to get the most out of such a beautiful city. For some inspiration check out Last Night of Freedom’s ( list of Dublin’s best kept secrets.

The Blind Pig

Paying homage to the 1920s prohibition era, the Blind Pig offers patrons the chance to experience what it was like when you had to be hush hush about alcohol. The secret bar is only accessible through a small door down a brick passage way, but say the password to the man at the door and let the secret world be revealed before your eyes. Themed drinks are on offer to customers, simply refer to the menus that are printed on the back of old books and let your taste buds take you back to 20s New York and absorb the remarkable atmosphere the Blind Pig offers.

Napoleon’s Toothbrush

Not something you’ll hear every day, but considering it is something related to one of history’s greatest generals, you should take time out to go and see it. This quirky little item can be found in Dublin’s Royal College of Physicians thanks to one of the little Frenchman’s closest friends, Irish physician Barry Edwards O’Meara. Napoleon gifted his buddy a number of keepsakes including a number of personalised snuff boxes, as well as this famous toothbrush. Quirky, but something to tell your friends.

Bagots Hutton

Claustrophobic yet comfortable, Bagots Hutton is a one for any hidden hipster looking for that niche place to have a drink. Located in the commonly referred to ‘Hipster Triangle’, the bar takes inspirations from a mix of gothic décor and Da Vinci style. And if the wine bars style still doesn’t appeal to you, the place offers weekly food specials like Meaty Monday and Cheesy Tuesday. With a capacity of just 65, make sure you get there early to grab yourself one of the limited Chesterfield sofas.

The Library Bar

Located inside the Central Hotel, the Library bar is perfect for that chilled out drink in comfortable surroundings. Named the Library Bar due to their strict ‘No Music’ stance, the bars offers its customers the chance to relax and catch up with their days activities. The country-club styled décor which includes high back chairs and crackling open fire is ideal for the morning after recovery, or a central base for those wanting to go out and explore what else Dublin has to offer.

Sweny’s Pharamacy

A one for all literature fans, Sweny’s pharmacy has become a must visit for those whom have read James Joyce’s Ulysses. In the story, the main character visits the pharmacy to pick up some face cream for his wife. Coming back to modern day the pharmacy is still going – being run by volunteers who try to recreate that period feel. But don’t expect to go in and get some paracetamol, the ‘pharmacy’ now sells a range of second hand books and lemon scented soaps. It’s basically a period themed Lush.

The Bar With No Name

The bar calls itself as Dublin’s “worst kept secrets” (we don’t think so) but unless you know what to look for then you’ll easily miss it. The bar is located in the middle of Dublin, but the only way to know where to go is to look out for a huge wooden snail hanging above the door. Once you’ve found the place, go up the stairs and be met with patrons sinking into the sofas and sipping mojito’s. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for that big, wooden snail.

Vintage Cocktail Club

Nestled behind an iron door in the famous Temple Bar, the Vintage Cocktail Club is a step back through the ages. To gain access you have to first find the bar and ring the bell. However, one you’ve gained entry you will be taken back to the vintage-age of speakeasy and glamorous movie stars, with a drinks menu to match. The cocktail options make this bar what it is, and where it gains its notoriety, which includes drinks inspired from as early as the 1400s to the Tiki craze of the mid-1900s.

Montpelier Hill

More of a one for the scary list, the Hell Fire Club at Montpelier Hill has a paranormal past. Built back in the 1700s, the building has had a chequered past being built using grave stones which some believe is the reason why it is cursed. After the building was completed, the roof was blown off which was the start of some of the spooky stuff that happened on the hallowed ground. After the owner’s death, the Hell Fire Club bought the property and became their base for their ‘activities’. Rumours are the club used the building for occult practices, including demonic possession, and other paranormal activities. Check it out if you dare.

Hacienda Bar

The Hacienda, much like its Manchester name sake, has a cult following like no other. Not your typical pub, the place is set by the famous fruit and veg marketing and like many other hush bars, you have to ring a buzzer to get in. But once you’re in you will not be disappointed. Favorited by many celebs including Ed Sheeran and Mathew McConaughey, the place only opens at the owner’s discretion. With 80s music on constant loop and good beer with numerous pool tables, this is a must for anyone looking for that salt-of-the-earth style pub.

Planning a stag or hen do to Dublin? Get in touch with Last Night of Freedom for that weekend to remember:


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14 Beer Gardens You Must Visit in Dublin

Dublin is close to a perfect city when the sun feels free to bless us with its powerful rays. After a 3 day period of sun, the Irish often joke by saying the summer is over, but we underestimate our beautiful city way too much it seems!

The sun is shining often lately, which gives us an immediate reason to enjoy (a bit of) alcohol! That taste of a refreshing beer or cocktail while enjoying the sun with your mates, don’t these moments define the beauty of life?

With an amazing sun, beer gardens are the closest thing to heaven that we can find in Dublin. So here are 14 beer gardens that make you say in the future: that summer of 2018 was fantastic!

The Living Room

living room beer garden in dublin

When you match the words beer garden and Dublin, the Living Room appears in the minds of many. One of the biggest beer gardens can be found here. When the city is sunny and a important match is on, be prepared for madness. Huge crowds, amazing vibes and lots of alcohol awaits you.


dtwo beer garden dublin

You can find one of the most impressive beer gardens in Dtwo. The location is superb, close to the Harcourt LUAS stop. Needless to say that a sunny Dublin equates a packed Dtwo serving lots of beer. The venue is a popular spot for nights out as well, as their is enough room to cater to many night outers enjoying a variety of events.


house beer garden in dublin

House in Dublin is a sophisticated venue, and the same can be said for their lovely garden. The garden projects class, tranquility and trendiness. You definitely want to check this garden out, whether that is during the day or during the evening/night. House is recommended for any occasion really, whether you want to eat, drink or relax.


church beer garden in dublin

Another fancy spot is the Church close to O’Connell Street. The venue radiates impressiveness when witnessing its exterior presence. Enter the place and you will love it even more. Super sophisticated, a hell of a unique interior design, great food and of course an amazing beer garden. You won’t regret your visit to this former Church.


odeon beer garden dublin

Anyone travelling with the LUAS has seen the Odeon loads of times. You can’t miss this venue that was once a train station long time ago. Just looking from an outside perspective will persuade you to enjoy a drink or five there. With the presence of the sun, it is a no brainer that the beer garden is packed. Dublin folks know how to pick their spot.

Sophie’s Bar

sophies dean beer garden in dublin

Another venue in the Harcourt area is Sophie’s Bar. The mysterious bar all the way up at the roof top excels in their food, vibes and cocktails. Bringing your girlfriend or boyfriend? Even better, the place is great for couples and won’t let you go for a few hours. The view is stunning and again, the place is eye-catching.

Dicey’s Garden

diceys garden beer garden in dublin

No introduction needed. Doesn’t matter where tourists come from, they will have heard of Dicey’s Garden. Sometimes it seems that Dicey’s Garden is the reason why tourists are flocking this way! No marketing needed for this popular spot, the world knows where to find it, and how to enjoy that famous beer garden.


fitzsimons beer garden in dublin

This is the only beer garden in the list that is located in the Temple Bar area. You might not know about this fantastic beer garden when entering Fitzsimons, but once you find out, we do recommend you to aborb the sun from there! Great vibes and delicious drinks accompanied with a radiant sun, will make this place a guaranteed success.

Everleigh Garden

everleigh garden beer garden in dublin

Everleigh Garden is known as a popular nightclub at Harcourt street, but they do have a beer garden where lots of cocktails and spirits are being enjoyed. Everleigh Garden is known for its intimate and cozy vibe, which can be said for the beer garden as well. There is a reason why this spot is often used for events and get togethers.

The next 5 venues are not yet on our website!

The Marker Bar

marker bar beer garden dublin

The Marker bar can be found on the Grand Canal Square.  By day, their rooftop offers guests a space to relax, unwind and escape with yoga boxes available from front desk. By night, their rooftop changes into a sophisticated lounge area where you can enjoy an array of cocktails and sharing boards made with care and precision.


barge beer garden in dublin

Want to enjoy your drinks by the water? Then say no more, the Barge is your spot. The place is perfectly situated on the banks of the famous grand canal. It’s worth paying a visit because of the way Dublin folks enjoy their beers and sun here. There is a relaxed and harmonious vibe, that’s the effect of nature (the water) we guess.


toners beer garden in dublin

Toners is one of the best traditional pubs in Dublin with a large beer garden, a strong literary connection and one of the best pints of Guinness in Dublin. You find great different people and great craic in this famous spot that is located at Baggot Street. Like many others, this one is close to the city center so why not giving it a go?

The Long Stone

long stone beer garden dublin

Established in 1754, The Long Stone pub is located in the heart of Dublin city, just minutes from the popular Temple Bar area and Trinity College Dublin. The venue has a pool table, long benches, and is well-heated in case the sun fails to deliver. The Long Stone is super suitable for quiet casual drinks on a sunny day.

Bernard Shaw

bernard shaw beer garden in dublin

Once you enter the beer garden, you know you haven’t seen anything else like this in Dublin. Some people will have to get used to it, some will feel right at home. Whatever side you’re on,  you will enjoy yourself. There is a pool table, long benches, a wall covered with graffiti, cozy setting, all the ingredients to enjoy your casual drinks in peace.

In which venue do you enjoy a nice cold beverage and the buzz while the beautiful sun shines in full glory?

When you think of having a vacation in the US, check 52 Brews and know how good is homebrewing.


6 Reasons Why Alcohol Is Good For You

Alcohol is poison and is not good for you! At least that’s what we thought. It appears that alcohol has some positive effects as well like it provides anyone with a fresh breath. (we knew that already didn’t we?) Find out 6 reasons why there is nothing wrong with drinking a beer anytime, anyday, anywhere!

1. Alcohol Results in a Fresh Breath

A nice sip of vodka solves the infamous bad breath issue; the high percentage of alcohol in vodka (and other spirits) kills the bacteria which causes bad breath. If you want a fresh breath before going to work or a meeting, you better not forget to spit out the Vodka after a good rinse! For the night outers who are paranoid about their teeth, be careful with strong liquor containing a high sugar content (there are many of them!). A high sugar content damages the teeth enamel.

2. Alcohol Keeps the Brain Sharp

Alcohol does not transform us in the new Einstein and does not help us passing a difficult exam. Alcohol does, however, keep our brains sharp and alcohol prevents wear and tear of the brain which can lead to dementia.

escort şirinevler

3. Alcohol Enhances Creativity

A small dose of alcohol enhances the creative spirit that is present in each and one of us. Emptying an entire vodka bottle is counter-productive however; alcohol will then show adverse effects on your brain functions such as confusion (as if you didn’t know that already!).

4. Alcohol Softens the Sore Throat

Is there little left of your voice after your sing-alongs in the pub and clubs? Rinsing with whiskey in combination with a spoon of warm water is the solution! Like point 1, remember not to swallow and spit it out. In case your night out is only starting, then it doesn’t matter  😉

5. Alcohol Reduces Stress

Alcohol makes exciting situations less scary. Drinking alcohol makes us feel at ease. Communication flows better. Do not drink too much prior to a presentation, otherwise you will mix your words like a drunk, which in this case you are :D.

6. Alcohol Prevents a Cold

Studies show that drinking alcohol reduces the risk of a catching a cold. Drinking alcohol during a cold does not have any effect though (relating to your cold).

There you go, 6 reasons how alcohol can improve your life! 😀

How do you use alcohol in your life for the better?

Dublin Lifestyle

Dublin 1st Time Top Spot For UK Hen Parties!

Many of you night outers are interested in hen and stag parties, and we can’t blame you! That “Last night of freedom” needs a one of a kind celebration that will be talked about for yeeaaars.

We spoke about the company Last Night of Freedom before on We can’t recommend them enough when it comes to bringing you the ultimate hen/stag party experience. Their business which is operational since 1999, doesn’t specialize in nightclubs only, but in all kinds of services such as:

  • Hotels
  • Sports activities
  • Dance activities
  • Cocktail workshops
  • Meal deals
  • Limousine
  • Party buses
  • Strippers
  • Accessories (costumes, headwear etc)

They’ve shared some amazing news with us! Dublin is now the top city for hen parties! Now you understand why you are surrounded by hen parties on a night out, you simply cannot escape them! Please keep em coming as hen parties enhance Dublin’s nightlife beautifully. It’s a fantastic fact knowing that women choose Dublin for their unforgettable experience that has to be spot on!

We let Last night of Freedom explain to you in more detail about this wonderful news. This essentially is the ultimate solid proof that Dublin nightlife rocks!



The Irish capital has taken the top spot for the first time, having swapped places with Newcastle who they have trailed behind for the previous two years. UK hen parties have decided to flock to the shores of Ireland despite the looming prospect of Brexit. Stags are also decided to head to the emerald isles more in 2017, placing third.

The lists, which has been published by Gateshead based stag company Last Night of Freedom, has been generated  through sales of their weekend packages.  Matt Mavir, managing director of Last Night of Freedom, said: “We’ve
finally seen Newcastle knocked off the top spot for most popular hen location. The warm and feel-good atmosphere
of Dublin may be the reason why, as well as the top quality Guinness on offer.

Dublin temple bar nightlife

“But Dublin offers much more. From the bridges over the River Liffey o the world famous Guinness and Jameson  factories, there is a wealthy of things to see and do.  “Being based in Newcastle, and having visited Dublin in the past I can see the similarities between the cities and why both are the top two locations to head for that weekend to remember.

“We’re predicting the same will happen this year, and it will be interesting where the two cities come when we publish our results in 2019.”

The top ten hen locations for 2017 are as follows:

  1. Dublin
  2. Newcastle
  3. Liverpool
  4. Edinburgh
  5. London
  6. Manchester
  7. Brighton
  8. Bristol
  9. Cardiff
  10. Marbella

For the full lists please visit:

For the lists of top stag locations please visit:

Dublin nightlife temple bar

Last Night of Freedom have organised over 25,000 world-class stag and hen weekends since launching in 1999 – sending brides and grooms-to-be to 67 locations across the world -from sun-kissed Marbella and our very own Newcastle, to the dazzling Las Vegas and even the North Pole.

We have around 1,000 accommodation options and over 6,000 activities, as well as a dedicated team of 40 fantastic professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry. We are also, officially, the number one stag and hen accessory and costume provider in the whole of the UK – boasting thousands of stag and hen night necessities, to get your party started.


+44 (0)191 499 8738

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5 Reasons Why Men Should Go Out Alone

Going out by yourself as a man has many advantages. A real man is not dependent on others for his own entertainment. If you feel like going out and you have no one to join you, then that should not be a reason to stay at home and Netflix on the couch. In fact, going out alone can be more fun than going with other people. Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Be a man and go out if no one want to join you! Continue reading to make your “my myself and I” night out a great success!

Why Going Out Alone?

There are plenty of reasons to go out alone. You do not have friends (pretty rare in a city like Dublin), or you do have friends but they simply don’t want to go out (why on earth not right!). Or, you do have friends who want to go out but it’s simply no fun with them. Yep, that happens. Going out solo makes you more masculine. By going out alone you show strength, independence, self confidence and courage. Characteristics that every man should have!

Because You Want to Get to Know New People

Whether you have no friends, few friends or you’ve had enough of your current friends. Going out alone is a great way to meet new people. Being on your own makes you more approachable for other people as well. You are ‘forced’ to make new contacts, which gives a boost to the development of your social skills and the creation of new hopefully prosperous relationships.

Because You Want to Increase Your Success with Women

Going out alone means you won’t experience any issues with your group of friends keeping an eye on you, or giving them the opportunity to ruin your night out because of too much alcohol or cockblock actions. That means you have all the space to approach women at your own pace. You don’t have to worry that your friends witness you being possibly rejected. This is a great way to practice your skills in peace with women, and to increase your contacts with women.

Because You Want to Explore the Unknown

Going out alone takes guts. You force yourself to seek out the unknown and to get out of your comfort zone. You have no group of friends to fall back on. You are completely responsible for your own entertainment that night. Most men are afraid to do this. They are afraid that they will be seen as a ‘loser’ by others in the pub or club because they are on their own.

On the contrary, if you enjoy yourself, other people will respond positively and nobody will notice that you are alone. Please for the love of God, do not stand alone in a corner with a beer or sit on the bar stool watching others having a good time in the pub or club. Go and find the dance floor, go and look for people! Make contacts, go dancing and enjoy the music, atmosphere and people. It’s your night!

Because You Want Freedom

Going out by yourself as a man is experiencing ultimate freedom. You are the captain and director of your own night. You have total control. You largely determine how the night will go and do whatever you want, wherever you want.

Because You Want a Self Confidence Boost

If you manage to have a nice night out on your own where you meet new people, this will lead to a considerable increase in your self confidence. You experience that you don’t need others for your own pleasure, you defy the unknown, take social risks and you successfully make new contacts.

So no excuse men, go out alone if no one wants to join you! You will learn a lot about yourself we promise!

Alcohol Lifestyle

14 Reasons Why Certain Night Outers Get Drunk Faster Than Others

Somehow people get less drunk than you (at certain days). He or she is an “avid”drinker we then say. There are many reasons why people get drunk faster than others. So if you’re wondering why the hell you are buzzing so fast while it’s not even 2 AM, keep on reading!

Here are 14 reasons why people get drunk faster:

  1. Shots of alcohol, although they contain smaller amounts, are faster absorbed in the blood than a beer or a glass of wine.
  2. Drinking on an empty stomach has a greater influence on your reflexes than drinking alcohol with a meal.
  3. Women and older people get drunk faster than men and younger people.
  4. Carbonated drinks make you drunk faster since the gas irritates the stomach wall, which causes the alcohol to reach the bloodstream faster.
  5. The sweet stuff doesn’t make you drunk faster even though this often appears to be case… This is mainly because people often drink more of those sweet drinks than they think they are drinking…
  6. Asians have genetic characteristics that make them get drunk quickly when they take in very small amounts of alcohol, and their hearts will beat faster.
  7. Fatigue, stress, illness and depression can greatly increase the impact of alcohol.
  8. The liver can’t break down more than one alcoholic consumption per hour. So, whoever takes one hour to finish a glass of wine will hardly get drunk. When more than one alcoholic drink per hour is consumed or when one starts to drinks quickly, the liver is getting overwhelmed. The alcohol excess that the liver can’t process quickly reaches the blood stream and all  other organs in the body, including the brain. Once that has happened, well, then only time can reverse that state. Drinking coffee and water or taking a shower will make you more alert, but the alcohol content in your body will not decrease!
  9. Eating when you drink alcohol is always good as your body has more time to process the alcohol. A valve in your stomach ensures that when you eat, your stomach (before it sends the food) is shut down for a short period of time to stimulate digestion. Without this pause, alcohol would reach your small intestine and your liver much faster.
  10. What you eat is of great importance. Fat slows down the passage to the intestines, but not much. Even the people who drink milk before consuming alcohol will hardly notice any effect.
  11. Heavy people get drunk less quickly than skinny people, for the simple reason that their bodies contain more water thus the alcohol has less effect.
  12. The liver of older people needs more time to break down the alcohol than livers of young people, however, alcohol consumption damages the brain of young people easier than brains of older people. The reason is simple, the brains of young people are still developing.
  13. Women who are menstruating need 10% less time to break down alcohol in the body.
  14. Regular and heavy drinkers are less likely to be intoxicated than irregular drinkers since their liver produces more Cytochrome CYP2E1, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

So there you have it! There are many reasons why on a regular Saturday night you can’t remember 30% of what happened, but on another night 70% is completely erased! Entering the feeling of buzzing remains a challenge that we don’t mind taking on every week.. 😉



15 Epic NYE 2017 Dublin Events

The 20’s of this century is almost in sight. 2017, how did you end so fast?! And what the !?, that means 2008 was 10 years ago??! Crazy crazy! But it’s the die hard truth. 2018 is ready to embrace us night outers. In a few days  it is time to celebrate a beautiful year that 2017 was, and to celebrate 2018 that is going to be even MORE beautiful of course! New plans will be made, more goals will be dreamed and dreams will be realised. Oh yeah, 2018 is going to be a wonderful year. Change is automatic and inevitable. The question for 2018 is, will you focus your change to a specific destination ensuring you don’t just change, but progress? We will celebrate our lessons learned this year, and can’t wait to become even wiser while keep partying hard in 2018 😉

Here are 15 events where you can start 2018 in absolute style. Check here for more NYE events.


Krystle NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Best of RnB x HipHop
  • Admission: €10/15
  • Music: R&B/hip hop
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about Krystle and their NYE 2017 event.

4 Dame Lane

4damelane NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: R&B, hip hop by Chicken ‘n Waffles
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: R&B/hip hop
  • Time: 10:30 PM

Find out more about 4 Dame Lane and their NYE 2017 event.

Black Door

Black Door NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: The Great Gatsby
  • Admission: €15/20
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about the Black Door and their NYE 2017 event.


Dtwo NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Masquerade Ball
  • Admission: €10/15
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8:30 PM

Find out more about Dtwo and their NYE 2017 event.

House Dublin

House NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: One Night in a Disco
  • Admission: €25
  • Music: Disco
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about House Nightclub and their NYE 2017 event.

Lemon & Duke

Lemon & Duke NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: New Years Eve at Lemon & Duke
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Lemon & Duke and their NYE 2017 event.

Liquor Rooms

Liquor Rooms NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: New Orleans
  • Admission: €15/20
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Liquor Rooms and their NYE 2017 event.

McGowans of Phibsboro

Mc Gowans NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Masquerade Party
  • Admission: €10
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about McGowans and their NYE 2017 event.

Number Twenty Two

Number twentytwo 22NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: New Years Ball
  • Admission: €25
  • Music: House/mainstream
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about Number Twenty Two and their NYE 2017 event.


Pygmalion NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Pyg & Red Bull Music Academy present NYE at Powerscourt
  • Admission: €20/25
  • Music: House/techno
  • Time: 6 PM

Find out more about Pygmalion and their NYE 2017 event.

Sams Bar

Sams bar NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Boogie Ball
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Disco
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Sams Bar and their NYE 2017 event.

Sophie’s Bar

Sophie's bar NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: NYE Extravaganza
  • Admission: €20/25
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Sophie’s Bar and their NYE 2017 event.


Tramline NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Latin Music & Brazilian Funk
  • Admission: €15/20
  • Music: Latin
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about Tramline and their NYE 2017 event.

Wright Venue

Wright venue NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Masquerade Ball
  • Admission: €20
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about Wright Venue and their NYE 2017 event.


Xico NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: Mexican Masquerade
  • Admission: €20
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Xico and their NYE 2017 event.


Dicey’s Garden

diceys garden NYE 2017 Dublin

  • Theme: New Year’s Eve Party with Cheap Drinks
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Dicey’s Garden and their NYE 2017 event.




Ireland’s Number 1 Singles of 2017

2017 is almost over! What a year it was full of great hits that will forever be associated with beautiful 2017 moments. Not always beautiful moments, but moments that will forever be memorable whenever these hits are played in the future. This year there were not many songs topping the Irish charts. This basically means that a few occupied the number 1 spot for an impressive amount of weeks! The best performer is the super hit “Despacito” that was number 1 for 15 weeks straight! Runner up is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” which was 14 weeks number 1. Not 14 weeks straight as after 8 weeks “Galway Girl” took over for 2 weeks. Then for 6 weeks straight “Shape of You” was back on  the number 1 spot. Ed Sheeran did have the most number 1 hits this year: he was topping the charts for 18 weeks! Check here all the number 1 2017 hits of Ireland we will never forget!

Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie – Rockabye

  • Release date: 21 October 2016
  • Album: Not yet released
  • Who: Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson are from the UK, Sean Paul from Jamaica
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: First week of January only
  • Trivia: The hit became the UK Christmas number 1 for 2016 on December 23rd 2016. It is the first song in chart history to become Christmas number 1 after already being at the top of the charts for 6 weeks.

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

  • Release date: 6 January 2017
  • Album:  : (divide)
  • Who: Ed Sheeran is from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 14 weeks
  • Trivia: The song’s lyrical rhythm drew comparisons to the TLC song “No Scrubs”, particularly in the pre-chorus line, “Boy, let’s not talk too much/ Grab on my waist and put that body on me.” Therefore the composers were awarded co-writing credits.

Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl

  • Release date: 17 March 2017
  • Album:  : (divide)
  • Who: Ed Sheeran is from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 2 weeks
  • Trivia: Sheeran filmed the video of the song himself in Galway with a Sony A6500. The video features Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan who plays in the oscar nominated movie “Brooklyn”. A great  must see movie about Ireland!

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber – Despacito

  • Release date: 12 January 2017
  • Album: Not yet released
  • Who: Both Luis López-Cepero aka Luis Fonsi and Ramón Rodríguez aka Daddy Yankee are from Puerto Rico
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 15 weeks
  • Trivia: It became the first song primarily in Spanish to top the Billboard Hot 100 since “Macarena” (Bayside Boys Mix) in 1996. In July 2017, it was reported that tourist interest in Puerto Rico increased by 45% since the worldwide success of the song, crazy!

Dua Lipa – New Rules

  • Release date: 21 July 2017
  • Album: Her eponymous debut studio album Dua Lipa
  • Who: Dua Lipa (her real name) is from London, UK to Albanian parents from Kosovo
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 8 weeks
  • Trivia: Many people and critics label the hit as a break-up and female empowerment anthem. The music video is practically just as popular. Dua Lipa: “[I wanted to] show [in the music video for “New Rules”] that you and your friends are kind of helping each other. Your friends are the rules, they are the ones that are preventing you from making a mistake with this guy”.

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

  • Release date: 24 August 2017
  • Album: Reputation
  • Who: Taylor Swift is from Reading, Pennsylvania, US.
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 1 week
  • Trivia: The song broke a string of records, including the record for the most plays in a single day on Spotify. This hit is actually Swift’s first song to top the Irish Singles Chart. The bathtub scene in the music video contains authentic  diamonds that are worth over $10 million!

Post Malone featuring 21 Savage – Rockstar

  • Release date: 15 September 2017
  • Album: Beerbongs & Bentleys
  • Who: Austin Richard Post aka Post Malone is from Syracuse, New York, US, 21 Savage from Dominica.
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 2 weeks
  • Trivia: The song reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Post Malone and 21 Savage’s first number-one song. It’s Post Malone and 21 Savage’s first number-one single in Ireland.

Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug – Havana

  • Release date: 8 September 2017
  • Album: Camila
  • Who: Camila Cabello is from Cuba and Young Thug from Atlanta, Georgia, US.
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 5 weeks
  • Trivia: On November 12, a remix version of the hit with Daddy Yankee was uploaded to Cabello’s YouTube page. The first verse of the song is sung in Spanish while Daddy Yankee replaces Young Thug’s verse.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

  • Release date: 26 September 2017
  • Album:  : (divide)
  • Who: Ed Sheeran is from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • How many weeks no 1 in Ireland: 2 weeks
  • Trivia: In an interview with Zane Lowe, Sheeran said that he needed to write the best love song of his career with “Perfect”. He said: “I need to do it 100% me, so everyone will listen to that will be like, “Ah! He can actually do it! In November 2017, Sheeran released an acoustic version of “Perfect” and two remixes by Mike Perry and Robin Schulz.  There is also a duet with American singer Beyoncé that was released on 1 December 2017.


Hangover? It May Not Be Your Fault

Do you suffer from a hangover by default after a good night out? Then your father, mother, brother or sister probably do too in case they go out. Why? A hangover depends on your genetic makeup American researchers claim.

Not Entirely Your Fault

According to the research, you no longer need to blame yourself only for your painful headache on a typical Saturday morning. The researchers found a strong correlation between susceptibility to hangovers in identical twins, showing that your genes are decisive for how strong (painful) your hangover will be.

During the research, 2000 Australian twins were examined who all had to drink the same amount of alcohol. Genetic material were collected from the twins, they had to write how often they drank alcohol for a year, and how often they felt sick after drinking.

The results show that the genes of women can predict for 45 percent how sick she would feel the next day. For men this is 40 percent. The type of hangover is further determined by the speed at which a person drinks, and whether they eat while they drink.

So genetics accounts for nearly half of the reason izmir turbanli escort why someone experiences a hangover and another person doesn’t, after drinking the same amount of alcohol, the study said. The other half probably comes from factors unrelated to DNA, such as how fast someone drinks, whether they eat while they drink and their tolerance for alcohol.

hangover dublin nightclubs

Drinking a Lot Means More Hangovers

The researchers also found that the people who had the gene variants involved in an increased risk of having hangovers also drank to the point of being intoxicated more frequently than people who didn’t have the hangover genes.

The study shows that people who drink a lot are often hungover. This looks like pretty straightforward, but according to the researchers it is definitely a discovery. The results show that your genes partly determine how often you grab the bottle, and therefore how often you feel that annoying headache.

“We have demonstrated that susceptibility to hangovers has a genetic underpinning. This may be another clue to the genetics of alcoholism,” study leader Wendy Slutske, a psychology professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, told Live Science in an email.

The new findings suggest that people who frequently consume alcohol should observe the way their bodies react to it, she said. “It is not a good idea to try to pace your drinking to the people around you, because you might be more susceptible to hangover than the other people that you are drinking with,” Slutske said.

“With drinking alcohol, it is not ‘one size fits all,” Slutske said. “People are different in their ability to consume alcohol without experiencing adverse consequences, such as having a hangover.”

One of the next steps will be to identify the specific genes that contribute to hangover susceptibility, Slutske said. If the genes associated with alcoholism also underlie hangovers, identifying these genetic risk factors could help prevent addiction in the future.

Tell us night outers, are you suffering from a hangover? Do you have similar hangovers like the ones of your brother, sister or parents? Do they share their hangover experiences with you in the first place? 😀

Dublin NightOutExpert

Dublin City Center Map to Find Most Nightclubs

The amount of Dublin venues where one has the possibility to have a drink is endless. As Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses says: “Good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub”. Of course this is one of the reasons why we love Dublin right!?

On we offer you a selection of Dublin’s finest nightclubs. You don’t find any neighbour bars, only venues where DJs play tunes. This results in an amount of more than 55 venues aka bars and nightclubs in Dublin on our website. You find the majority of Dublin venues in the city center. We tried to add as many nightclubs/bars as we can on the map of Dublin’s city center. Check below: (Click on the image and the arrows at the upper left-hand corner to expand).

Dublin nightclubs and bars map


We were able to add the venues located at the south side like House nightclub, Odeon and Black door, but also the ones in the north Like Woolshed Baa and Living Room.

For the avid night outer, you probably miss a few venues that are further away south or north. You’re right, a few Dublin nightclubs are missing which are:

  • Rain nightclub
  • Copan
  • Wright Venue
  • McGowans

Rain nightclub and Copan are located in Portobello and Rathmines. So when you find yourself in front of Odeon in the south, just keep walking south for around 7 minutes to find Rain nightclub. Keep walking for 12 minutes and Copan will be in sight.

copan rain dublin nightclubs map

McGowans of Phibsboro is a complete opposite story. Do you see the Woolshed close to Cineworld in the north? When you keep walking north for quite some time you find McGowans.  Although we do recommend to take a taxi to reach this venue (6 minutes drive from Woolshed), the distance is nothing in comparison to the last nightclub on the list: the Wright venue.

mcgowans dublin nightclub map

You don’t just go to the Wright venue when you live in the city center or Dublin south. The biggest nightclub in Dublin is located way up in the north,  further up north than the airport. That means you have to plan your transportation! But the trip is worth it, the Wright venue is an experience!

wright venue nightclub dublin map

In which area do you like to go out Dublin night outer?

Is there any Dublin venue you like to see on our website?

Alcohol Lifestyle

Alcohol VS Cannabis: Which One is Worse

Alcohol or soft drugs: which one is worse? There are many differences between the two, but the general belief is that alcohol is rightfully a legit drink adults should be able to enjoy. But , many believe the same consideration should be applied to soft drugs as well.

The truth is that alcohol is heavily in the spotlights. There are many people who have at least some experience with drinking alcohol, so there are many stories and experiences to share! Of course many of them are not that innocent! So there is a disadvantage right there, alcohol is in the spotlights whereas soft drugs is not. What if soft drugs was legal and regularly used as alcohol? Will it become more notorious because of the many more experiences that will surface? Who knows! But let’s compare cannabis with alcohol:

Physical damage


alcohol nightlife dublin

In case of moderate use, alcohol is hardly harmful. For middle-aged people, alcohol even functions as protection against cardiovascular diseases. Alcohol only becomes very harmful in cases of excessive consumption, ; For the stomach, liver and brain. The more people drink, the greater the chance for all kinds of serious physical conditions to appear. Alcohol also increases the risk of certain types of cancer, this starts with one glass and increases with the next. In case of excessive consumption in one go, alcohol becomes harmful. Aggression in nightlife, traffic accidents, alcohol poisoning and physical damage are the results.


cannabis illegal in dublin

Cannabis is harmful to the lungs when it’s smoked. When smoking marijuana or hash, tar and carbon monoxide are getting released. Marijuana cigarettes contain 70% more carcinogens than normal cigarettes. The way you smoke contributes to the harmfulness: you inhale deeply and hold the smoke for a longer time. Therefore, 1 blow corresponds to 4 normal cigarettes. In case of excessive smoking of cannabis, the damage to the lungs increases. Heavy blowers have more frequent symptoms of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The damage to the lungs can be prevented however, when cannabis is used in a different way. It can also be eaten with cake or drunk with tea.

Addiction problems


Alcohol is addictive, both mental and physical. You can feel a strong powerful desire for it and the need for more. It’s possible to experience strong withdrawal symptoms after quitting your excessive drinking habit.


Blowing is especially mentally addictive. When blowing intensely, cannabis can also become physically addictive. In case of quitting, there are mild withdrawal symptoms. Treatment of cannabis addiction is less severe than treating an alcohol addiction. People with cannabis addictions practically don’t end up in hospitals. In this regard, cannabis scores better than alcohol.

Problems in society


In case of moderate use, alcohol has no negative effects. Actually, the consequences can be quite positive as alcohol does make you more social. When the drinking process continues, negative consequences can occur such as fights and passing out. Long-term excessive drinking can lead to major problems regarding your ​​health, work, friends and family. At one point, alcohol addicts can totally derail socially.


Moderate blowing has no negative consequences for your social skills unless you blow at a very young age (under 16). Blowing at a young age can have negative consequences for school performances. You can also lose friends who do not blow. Blowing a lot in one go has, unlike alcohol, hardly any consequences regarding social functioning. Unless you cause an accident in traffic. Excessive blowing has adverse effects. According to experts, teachers and youth workers, social problems caused by blowing are underestimated. Young people are lagging behind in their personal development or at school.

alcohol worse than cannabis


Moderate use of alcohol and cannabis

In case of moderate use, hash or weed are more harmful than alcohol when smoked. Smoking cannabis is harmful to the lungs. When cannabis is consumed in a different way (e.g. eaten or via a vaporizer), alcohol becomes more harmful as alcohol also increases the likelihood of certain forms of cancer.

Too much use of alcohol and cannabis in one go

Continuous drinking a lot of alcohol in one night is more harmful than cannabis. Alcohol leads to aggression, accidents and alcohol poisoning. In addition, alcohol is toxic to certain organs, cannabis is not.

Excessive use of alcohol and cannabis

In case of overuse, alcohol and cannabis are both harmful, but alcohol is significantly more harmful than cannabis. Alcohol leads to numerous diseases. Every year more than 1000000 people die because of alcohol. None die because of cannabis. Social deregulation is greater when there is excessive alcohol consumption rather than excessive cannabis combination. Excessive cannabis use can cause many problems though, but it is often less disruptive than alcohol.


As far as addiction is concerned, alcohol and cannabis do not differ much. A cannabis addiction is less serious than an alcohol addiction. However, relatively many cannabis users get addicted.  A cannabis addiction can disturb your life pretty radically. But so does an alcohol addiction.


What is your opinion about this night outer?


Dublin Lifestyle

Find Your Perfect Hen/Stag Party Here!

Organizing a hen or stag party means you got 1 shot! If you marry once in your life, which we all hope to happen once of course , you have one chance of organizing an epic one hell of a memorable hen/stag party. Many who marry, prefer to organize such an event themselves or at least like to be part of the organisation committee. Other soon to become husband and wife however, don’t have a choice but to be excluded from this committee. They have to trust on the ability of their best friends to find a suitable location where insane happenings can occur.

Whether you are clueless or need more inspiration, we have the answer for you.

stag hen party in Dublin

As you may know, we help night outers with their night out adventures in Dublin. Through our Plan Your NightOut service, people from abroad or living in Dublin can select certain options they prefer for a great night out. They can choose service type, event type, venue type and more. After their submission, we provide them with a venue selection that matches their preferences. Among the many requests, 40% are stag and hen party submissions!

It is fantastic to see that many are searching for the perfect hen/stag party in Dublin. If you’re an avid night outer in this beautiful city, you have probably seen zillions of hen/stag parties around. You find them literally everywhere, from Temple Bar to Harcourt street, from Grafton Street to Dawson Street.

Although we have many venues on our website, we believe there is an organisation out there that can help you from A to Z when it comes to organizing a mad and unforgettable stag or hen party in Dublin. This organisation is Last Night of Freedom.

Last Night of Freedom are specialists in hen and stag parties and can make all your needs and wishes come true. Their crazy variety of options will make you quickly understand that stag/hen parties have no limits! They don’t just offer amazing and out of the box party services in Dublin, but also in 64 other cities like Amsterdam, Marbella, Prague, Las Vegas, Algarve and the North Pole (!?!).

stag hen party in Dublin

This is their mission in their own words:

“To enlighten, amuse, delight and empower our audience in the organisation of a world class Last Night of Freedom through modern technology, industry-leading knowledge and outstanding customer service.”

“We have been planning world-class stag and hen dos since 1999, and we now have over 25,000 successful weekends under our belts. We have grown from a company of one to 50, and are the number one stag and hen accessories provider in the UK – dispatching over 200,000 costumes and accessories. We’ve got the experience and passion to match, and we know you only have one last night of freedom. Just sit back, relax and let us do the work”

Their business which is operational since 1999, doesn’t specialize in nightclubs only, but in all kinds of services such as:

  • Hotels
  • Sports activities
  • Dance activities
  • Cocktail workshops
  • Meal deals
  • Limousine
  • Party buses
  • Strippers
  • Accessories (costumes, headwear etc)

And much much more!

hen stag party in Dublin

For you night outers who have the heavy responsibility of organizing the whole event, you will thank us soon! They literally cover anything, even aspects that you haven’t even thought of yet that are vital for a successful stag party or hen party in Dublin!

We understand that a hen/stag party has to be organized in perfection and has to be spot on. It’s a tough responsibility for family and friends to please the soon to be bride or bridegroom on her/his last night of freedom!

For a while already we refer night outers looking for the creative and perfect hen/stag party to Last Night of Freedom. With this blog we want you all to know about the website to visit for inspiration when a friend or maybe yourself is getting married. Learn more about Last Night of Freedom and check out all that you can do in Dublin, the amount of cool stuff they can arrange for you will astound you!

Enjoy your unforgettable let alone one of a kind stag or hen party!


A Good Night Out in Dublin City

This city is wonderful, with so many places to see and so many things to do, and without a doubt the nightlife has come on great in the last few years.

So let’s have a night out.

If you plan your night out in advance you’ve got a very good chance of it being an enjoyable one. I have often planned my night out on a Monday to go out on the following Saturday – now that’s a great feeling!

No matter how good the venue is I believe that the staff are the most important thing. The environment, I believe, is just as important as the company.

By planning I mean contacting the venue, making yourself known to the people in the venue and making sure you at least have some idea of the venue setup. All of this is easily achieved now via social media. Do your homework (but fun homework!).

Once on a night out you can then relax. It’s fun time. The most important aspect of the night out to me will always be the friendliness of the staff. They are in charge of our destiny. Nothing – and I mean nothing – is as important as the staff. Read Yelp or TripAdvisor; check Twitter posts to find out how good they have been.

If the staff are nice you will have a good night and you may return on your next night out. But you have to play your part and be nice to every staff member you meet. Let’s be nice to everyone in the venue; this will make your night out so enjoyable and you will start to feel relaxed.

Dublin is a great city and the hospitality it brings is amazing. Let’s enjoy this wonderful city.


Guest blog written by night out legend Mark @MarkyDub


Where Does the Name Cocktail Come From?

A cocktail is a mixture of two or more (alcoholic) drinks. Different flavors are brought together in a special way, for example by shaking them in a shaker or mixing them in a blender. A cocktail is a drink that both looks and tastes spectacular. Somebody once thought for the very first time, of mixing two different drinks, which one  being at least an alcoholic drink. Unfortunately, nobody exactly knows who was the very first or when this exactly occurred. There are lots of speculations though!

The first cocktails were probably invented by liqueurs and distillers in the second half of the 19th century. These complicated drinks were a welcoming development appreciated by the wealthy bourgeoisie. the economy was booming and people liked to play the “dress to impress” game in the classy and posh establishments. In the 1920s, when America had the endure the Prohibition (alcohol ban), cocktail became very popular, even among the middle and lower classes.

Theories How the Word “Cocktail Got Invented

How the mixed drinks got the name cocktail is not easy to find out. It is said that in the 18th century, the word cock-tailed was named after the non-pure mixed race horses, since the drink could be perceived as a non-pure mixed drink. There exist other theories though. One theory states that the name cocktail is derived from the French Coquetel. This was a drink that French officers enjoyed drinking during the American War of Independence from 1775 to 1783.

cocktailed history dublin nightlife

Here is another theory:

The word cocktail comes from the French “coq’s tail”. This refers to the colorful feathers of the cock (coq). The story goes that during the American Civil War (around 1779) the bar of the Irish Betsy Flanagan was full of American and French soldiers who fought together against the English. One day Betsy made an alcoholic drink and decorated it with rooster feathers. A French officer was so impressed, that he lifted the glass and screamed: Vive le coq tail! However another version of this story exists! This theory goes that the Irish pub owner Betsy Flanagan liked to wear dresses made from the colored feathers of fighting cocks. One day when she poured a delicious drink for a French customer, he was so impressed by the drink (or the pub owner), that he lifted the glass and shouted: “Vive le cocktail!”.

cocktail history dublin

More Theories to Consider

The word cocktail could also be derived from “coctel”, a Maya word which means fermented fruit juices. This was discovered in Yucatan by 16th-century Spaniards. They brought and introduced the concept in Europe and the name was turned into “cocktail” as a result. They used this name to indicate a mix of fermented fruit juices and distillates. The word Coctel is still used today in Latin-Spanish countries.

Another theory says that the word cocktail is derived from the French word Coquetier. A coquetier is a French egg cup that was used to serve liquor at the beginning of the 19th century in New Orleans.

Which theory is true? No one can really confirm. What matters is that it was actually invented! 😉


Lifestyle NightOutExpert

Fundamental Night Out Philosophy You Should Know

We love to promote nightlife! Not only Dublin’s nightlife but the concept of nightlife in general. Why is that? What defines for us a great night out?

It is easy to think that we love nightlife purely for the parties, music, drinks and people. All are true! But we go out and enjoy with a philosophy stuck in our minds that we want to share with you. This philosophy is also the fundamental reason why we started

The above reasons to go out (parties, drinks, music and people) are often mentioned. However, these are all night out benefits and don’t say anything about why specifically you want to enjoy all that. Few reasons may be:

  • There is a special celebration going on
  • You want to find someone to connect with
  • You’re going on a date
  • You want to dance and unleash
  • You want to forget about your problems

Our Number 1 Reason to Go Out

Whatever the reason may be for a night out, there is one solid philosophy that guides us through every night out:

  • Celebrate life

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We don’t want to go out to feel positive emotions. We want to have positive emotions already before going out, and magnify them while enjoying the nightlife.

You see, we noticed there are people who go out as a form of escapism. They are not happy with their lives and see the weekend as a way to escape it. We make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep, we get depressed, we complain too much etc. But when the weekend arrives, we easily justify our procrastination and laziness as weekends are meant to be fun! We then escape life, the negative state of mind and our obligations. Alcohol will make you temporary “happy” but the next day you will have to face yourself and life again.

You don’t want sober you to drink your problems away, as drunk you will create more problems for sober you! It’s  just one big vicious circle that you don’t want to get into!

nightlife is a celebration of life

Our philosophy is that we want to “deserve” our night outs. Whatever plan or action we set out to take, we take it. Any specific objectives that we plan for a week, we accomplish them. Life continues and fast! With that conscious awareness we focus on progressing every day. The versions of ourselves tomorrow have to be smarter than our today’s versions.  Life is one big celebration, so we want to become the best version of ourselves and make the most out of this life. With that in mind, we make sure to have a definite plan and purpose that help us to go where we want to go. Nightlife becomes an inspiration.

To work hard and reward yourself with a night out is an amazing feeling. The conversations improve, the experience improves, your personality improves, all because you celebrate your personal progress. You enjoy the nightlife because you appreciate and embrace life. You don’t escape it because you stay true to yourself. There is no kidding yourself.

nightlife is life celebration

This philosophy is what we want to project in our vision of It’s great to drink, dance and socialize, but let it be a great version of yourself who you allow to indulge in all this nightlife magic. You will have more fun, more confidence, and will be more enlightened during a night out.

So when you go out, celebrate life! Don’t escape it. Stay true to yourself, know what you want, progress and celebrate all your achievements, dreams, milestones and ideas with delicious drinks, eclectic music and like minded people.

What is your reason to go out every weekend?

Alcohol Dublin

20 Epic St. Patrick’s Events Dublin 2017 For You

St Partick’s Day falls on a Friday this year which can only mean the following: it will be one of the biggest St Patrick’s weekends in a long time. Since we know you’re a night outer who probably loves madness with capital M, then St Patrick’s Day is one of the best day/night out you can experience! The Irish are known for being full of craic and humour. So whether you’re a full blooded Irish or anything but Irish who wants to experience a night out the Irish way, make sure you find the best indoor spots to celebrate St Patrick’s day/night/weekend 2017 in Dublin. If you’re done celebrating outside, then definitely check out these venues:

Morgan Bar

morgan bar dublin patricks day

  • When: March 17
  • In Temple Bar area: Yes
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: House/Mainstream
  • Time: 1 PM

Find out more about Morgan Bar and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

Black Door

black door dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16/18
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 5 PM

Find out more about Black Door and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.


dtwo nightclub dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16/18
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 3 PM

Find out more about Dtwo and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

4 Dame Lane

4 dame lane dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16/18
  • In Temple Bar area: Very Close
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 6 PM

Find out more about 4 Dame Lane and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.


capitol lounge dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 6 PM

Find out more about Capitol and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

Howl At The Moon

howl at the moon dublin patricks day

  • When: March 15/16
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free in from 7PM – 9PM! €5 after
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Howl At The Moon and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

Sin Nightclub

sin nightclub dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16/17
  • In Temple Bar area: Yes
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: House
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Sin Nightclub and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

Street 66

street 66 dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16-19
  • In Temple Bar area: Yes
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 8 PM

Find out more about Street 66 and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

Dicey’s Garden

dicey's garden dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16-18
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 7 PM

Find out more about Dicey’s Garden and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.


pygmalion dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16-19
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: €10
  • Music: Electronic/House
  • Time: 1 PM

Find out more about Pygmalion and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

Opium Rooms

opium rooms dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16/17
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: €15
  • Music: Electronic
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about Opium Rooms and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

Liquor Rooms

liquor rooms dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16
  • In Temple Bar area: Yes
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Modern alt-folk
  • Time: 8:30 PM

Find out more about Liquor Rooms and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

The Czech Inn

czech inn dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16
  • In Temple Bar area: Yes
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream/Irish music
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about the Czech Inn and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

O’ Reilly’s Bar

o'reilly's bar dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 9 PM

Find out more about O’Reilly’s Bar and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

McGowans of Phibsboro

mcgowans of phibsboro dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16/17
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 6 PM

Find out more about McGowans of Phibsboro and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

The Wright Venue

wright venue dublin patricks day

  • When: March 17
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about the Wright Venue and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

Bow Lane

bow lane dublin patricks day

  • When: March 17-19
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Old and Nu Skool Grooves
  • Time: 10:30 PM

Find out more about Bow Lane and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

The Odeon

odeon dublin patricks day

  • When: March 16-18
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: €Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 2 PM

Find out more about the Odeon and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 events.

The George Bar

the george bar dublin patricks day

  • When: March 17
  • In Temple Bar area: Very close
  • Admission: Free in until 6PM and €10 afterwards
  • Music: 80’s/Mainstream
  • Time: 2 PM

Find out more about the George Bar and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

Palace Nightclub

palace nightclub dublin patricks day

  • When: March 17/18
  • In Temple Bar area: No
  • Admission: €Free
  • Music: Mainstream
  • Time: 10 PM

Find out more about Palace Nightclub and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

Bonus Event:

Grand Social

grand social dublin patricks day

  • When: March 17
  • In Temple Bar area: Very close
  • Admission: Free
  • Music: Irish
  • Time: 11:30 AM

Find out more about Grand Social and their Saint Patrick’s 2017 event.

For more events check out our st Patrick’s day page showing the best events.

So tell us, where will you go crazy this week?

Alcohol Lifestyle

Why Alcohol Fools You Every Weekend

You might wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse: forgetting what kind of mischief you have been up to yesterday night during a night out in Dublin! It’s a weird phenomenon when you think about it. The more you drink, the more crazy and impulsive you act and the less you will probably remember the next day. This whole process can be explained scientifically, but you got to admit: alcohol does an amazing job in fooling us all.

How bad the hangover may seem, how extreme we might complain about the goofiness we showed and caused during a night out in Dublin: we always end up returning next time to our buddy alcohol with an enormous joy and thirst. The alcohol is just there waiting for us innocently, convincing us that one drink will make us satisfied enough. One drink? Of course says the alcohol, “I’m your friend and I know what’s best for you”. Do you see the brilliance behind it? Alcohol convinces us that “this time” it will look out for us, and we o so want to believe it. But no. The more the night progresses, the more the contrary is proven: alcohol only cares about itself.

This is not necessarily a bad thing! Alcohol understands that life is short, and wants you to be aware of this. Not fully, only for that night. If you feel you want  to let everything go, unleash your naughty self, then alcohol will be your friend! Just don’t underestimate it! It will take control, there is no escaping it the more you drink! Alcohol has a clever way of making sure you obey its wishes, it puts a certain entity in you.

The more you drink, the more this certain entity takes you over. This entity doesn’t care about your money, about your job the next day, your diet, or anyone around you. It doesn’t want to know about any responsibilities, and sure as hell doesn’t want to be stopped. If the entity does want something, it makes sure it gets it without tactic and shame! Fear? ?! No, the entity does not know it, it feels way to superior to fear. Pretty good you would think, but considering the fact that the whole concept of fear is flushed down the toilet, that’s pretty scary. There are practically no limits!

Yes night outers, the entity is one that we embrace at that moment, but hate the next day. And the alcohol that creates this entity is smart! It makes you forget the next day that it had its own will so you will repeat the process next time! Can you imagine if your consciousness would be fully aware of your behavior when you’re all bananas? You will “never” repeat that “mistake” again! No, alcohol has organized everything in depth. Alcohol makes sure you forget so you embrace it with both arms the weekend after!

Alcohol ‘s scheme does have 1 flaw: the hangover. You might forget what happened, but that annoying feeling is proof that “maybe” you exaggerated a bit last night? But do we really care about this negative consequence ? No we do not. Alcohol is probably laughing its ass off every single time.

To be frank night outers, all this knowledge may be nice and all, but we do say that we admire alcohol for its perseverance! It has one mission and one mission only: it wants you to unleash. It wants you to let it all loose. You  just have to make sure that it’s your positive emotions that will be magnified and not the negative ones!

So yes, we gladly say: alcohol, see you next weekend!  We know your game but we love you nonetheless old friend 😉