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Alcohol VS Cannabis: Which One is Worse

Alcohol or soft drugs: which one is worse? There are many differences between the two, but the general belief is that alcohol is rightfully a legit drink adults should be able to enjoy. But , many believe the same consideration should be applied to soft drugs as well.

The truth is that alcohol is heavily in the spotlights. There are many people who have at least some experience with drinking alcohol, so there are many stories and experiences to share! Of course many of them are not that innocent! So there is a disadvantage right there, alcohol is in the spotlights whereas soft drugs is not. What if soft drugs was legal and regularly used as alcohol? Will it become more notorious because of the many more experiences that will surface? Who knows! But let’s compare cannabis with alcohol:

Physical damage


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In case of moderate use, alcohol is hardly harmful. For middle-aged people, alcohol even functions as protection against cardiovascular diseases. Alcohol only becomes very harmful in cases of excessive consumption, ; For the stomach, liver and brain. The more people drink, the greater the chance for all kinds of serious physical conditions to appear. Alcohol also increases the risk of certain types of cancer, this starts with one glass and increases with the next. In case of excessive consumption in one go, alcohol becomes harmful. Aggression in nightlife, traffic accidents, alcohol poisoning and physical damage are the results.


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Cannabis is harmful to the lungs when it’s smoked. When smoking marijuana or hash, tar and carbon monoxide are getting released. Marijuana cigarettes contain 70% more carcinogens than normal cigarettes. The way you smoke contributes to the harmfulness: you inhale deeply and hold the smoke for a longer time. Therefore, 1 blow corresponds to 4 normal cigarettes. In case of excessive smoking of cannabis, the damage to the lungs increases. Heavy blowers have more frequent symptoms of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The damage to the lungs can be prevented however, when cannabis is used in a different way. It can also be eaten with cake or drunk with tea.

Addiction problems


Alcohol is addictive, both mental and physical. You can feel a strong powerful desire for it and the need for more. It’s possible to experience strong withdrawal symptoms after quitting your excessive drinking habit.


Blowing is especially mentally addictive. When blowing intensely, cannabis can also become physically addictive. In case of quitting, there are mild withdrawal symptoms. Treatment of cannabis addiction is less severe than treating an alcohol addiction. People with cannabis addictions practically don’t end up in hospitals. In this regard, cannabis scores better than alcohol.

Problems in society


In case of moderate use, alcohol has no negative effects. Actually, the consequences can be quite positive as alcohol does make you more social. When the drinking process continues, negative consequences can occur such as fights and passing out. Long-term excessive drinking can lead to major problems regarding your ​​health, work, friends and family. At one point, alcohol addicts can totally derail socially.


Moderate blowing has no negative consequences for your social skills unless you blow at a very young age (under 16). Blowing at a young age can have negative consequences for school performances. You can also lose friends who do not blow. Blowing a lot in one go has, unlike alcohol, hardly any consequences regarding social functioning. Unless you cause an accident in traffic. Excessive blowing has adverse effects. According to experts, teachers and youth workers, social problems caused by blowing are underestimated. Young people are lagging behind in their personal development or at school.

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Moderate use of alcohol and cannabis

In case of moderate use, hash or weed are more harmful than alcohol when smoked. Smoking cannabis is harmful to the lungs. When cannabis is consumed in a different way (e.g. eaten or via a vaporizer), alcohol becomes more harmful as alcohol also increases the likelihood of certain forms of cancer.

Too much use of alcohol and cannabis in one go

Continuous drinking a lot of alcohol in one night is more harmful than cannabis. Alcohol leads to aggression, accidents and alcohol poisoning. In addition, alcohol is toxic to certain organs, cannabis is not.

Excessive use of alcohol and cannabis

In case of overuse, alcohol and cannabis are both harmful, but alcohol is significantly more harmful than cannabis. Alcohol leads to numerous diseases. Every year more than 1000000 people die because of alcohol. None die because of cannabis. Social deregulation is greater when there is excessive alcohol consumption rather than excessive cannabis combination. Excessive cannabis use can cause many problems though, but it is often less disruptive than alcohol.


As far as addiction is concerned, alcohol and cannabis do not differ much. A cannabis addiction is less serious than an alcohol addiction. However, relatively many cannabis users get addicted.  A cannabis addiction can disturb your life pretty radically. But so does an alcohol addiction.


What is your opinion about this night outer?