Why Alcohol Makes Our Bladder Love Toilets

There are a few behavioral aspects that accompany the consumption of alcohol. Talking louder, acting more emotional and diminishing fear levels. Another night out habit that likes to pop up more frequently as the night goes on, is visiting the toilet (not because you feel sick).

Somehow that toilet loves to see you the more you drink (again we are not talking about the mouth being alcohol’s exit!). Okay, you allow loads of liquid to enter your system, but doesn’t alcohol dehydrate?? Why o why do we have to go to the toilet so much? And why can’t the toilet stop calling you after that first visit??

Alcohol Why So Many Toilet Visits?

Well, here is why:

Of course when we drink, we don’t drink little amounts. We drink lots of glasses containing a drink. But volume is not the only reason why we go to the toilet more often.

There are 2 vital factors responsible for this phenomenon: our kidneys and a hormone the brain produces called anti- hormone (ADH). There is nothing wrong with the ADH hormone, in fact it prevents you from going to the toilet every single minute. ADH ensures that less water is mixed with your urine so you don’t have to go to the toilet so fast after having a normal drink.

The ADH’s job is basically to regulate your toilet visits, but there is just one thing that makes it all confused: alcohol.  Alcohol consumption reduces production of this hormone, meaning regulation gets interrupted and water enters your overactive bladder with enormous speed. This results in the rising urge to go to the toilet.

So when you start drinking, your body is fine for half hour to an hour till that urge worms in your system. A lot of times this happens after your 3rd drink. That’s the moment your kidneys start to absorb less water and the liquid volume in your urinary bladder increases. This is the reason you go to the toilet more often, while the urine volume that you release is higher than any other non-alcohol toilet visit. This creates dehydration of the body and the all famous hangover.

It’s weird that although your body is dehydrated, it produces more fluid when consuming alcohol than if you were drinking water.  But since you voluntarily taking a powerful drug called alcohol, your protective systems gets drunk as well.

How to Stop Night Out Toilet Visits

“Okay we get it, but is there nothing we can do to slow down our toilet visits?”

You can start by drinking less alcohol….although that doesn’t sound reasonable nor realistic does it? Well, drink slower then. This sounds more reasonable right, realistic maybe not. At least try to drink a glass of water between your cocktails, spirits and beers to keep you hydration levels in tact as much as possible. If you fail in that as well, it actually may be okay. There are studies saying drinking lots of water in combination with alcohol won’t help you be less dehydrated since the body will only absorb about 30/50% of the excess water. It might help to reduce your hangover the next morning though!

So you know, there is no personal vendetta between ADH and alcohol. The production of ADH is reducing while drinking coffee, tea and cola as well!

So we all just got to embrace those toilet moments because avoiding them just means too many sacrifices 😉