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Why Alcohol Fools You Every Weekend

You might wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse: forgetting what kind of mischief you have been up to yesterday night during a night out in Dublin! It’s a weird phenomenon when you think about it. The more you drink, the more crazy and impulsive you act and the less you will probably remember the next day. This whole process can be explained scientifically, but you got to admit: alcohol does an amazing job in fooling us all.

How bad the hangover may seem, how extreme we might complain about the goofiness we showed and caused during a night out in Dublin: we always end up returning next time to our buddy alcohol with an enormous joy and thirst. The alcohol is just there waiting for us innocently, convincing us that one drink will make us satisfied enough. One drink? Of course says the alcohol, “I’m your friend and I know what’s best for you”. Do you see the brilliance behind it? Alcohol convinces us that “this time” it will look out for us, and we o so want to believe it. But no. The more the night progresses, the more the contrary is proven: alcohol only cares about itself.

This is not necessarily a bad thing! Alcohol understands that life is short, and wants you to be aware of this. Not fully, only for that night. If you feel you want  to let everything go, unleash your naughty self, then alcohol will be your friend! Just don’t underestimate it! It will take control, there is no escaping it the more you drink! Alcohol has a clever way of making sure you obey its wishes, it puts a certain entity in you.

The more you drink, the more this certain entity takes you over. This entity doesn’t care about your money, about your job the next day, your diet, or anyone around you. It doesn’t want to know about any responsibilities, and sure as hell doesn’t want to be stopped. If the entity does want something, it makes sure it gets it without tactic and shame! Fear? ?! No, the entity does not know it, it feels way to superior to fear. Pretty good you would think, but considering the fact that the whole concept of fear is flushed down the toilet, that’s pretty scary. There are practically no limits!

Yes night outers, the entity is one that we embrace at that moment, but hate the next day. And the alcohol that creates this entity is smart! It makes you forget the next day that it had its own will so you will repeat the process next time! Can you imagine if your consciousness would be fully aware of your behavior when you’re all bananas? You will “never” repeat that “mistake” again! No, alcohol has organized everything in depth. Alcohol makes sure you forget so you embrace it with both arms the weekend after!

Alcohol ‘s scheme does have 1 flaw: the hangover. You might forget what happened, but that annoying feeling is proof that “maybe” you exaggerated a bit last night? But do we really care about this negative consequence ? No we do not. Alcohol is probably laughing its ass off every single time.

To be frank night outers, all this knowledge may be nice and all, but we do say that we admire alcohol for its perseverance! It has one mission and one mission only: it wants you to unleash. It wants you to let it all loose. You  just have to make sure that it’s your positive emotions that will be magnified and not the negative ones!

So yes, we gladly say: alcohol, see you next weekend!  We know your game but we love you nonetheless old friend 😉