About Nightoutexpert

Whether you go to a bar, sports bar, lounge bar or nightclub: you want to have a good time, socialize with your friends and meet new people.  There may be lots of entertainment at home with the existence of the internet, but none of those activities beat the going out experience. Weekends consists of 2 nights, which means both locals and tourists are confronted with the everlasting question: where will we go out this weekend?!

That’s why we created NightOutExpert.com. We want to inform you about the amazing parties that will take place in your city or travel destination, starting with Dublin. Time is precious. You spend hours of preparing to go out, so you want your night to be memorable and epic. NightOutExpert.com tells you which parties will be happening in Dublin and which nightclubs are awesome to visit.

Do you know that feeling, when you’re home sometimes you wish you were out and when you are out sometimes you wish you were home? With NightOutExpert.com we want for you to never have to experience the second option again.

NightOutExpert.com wants to facilitate and improve your nightlife experience. We will also provide you with tips how to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest and facts about nightlife related aspects such as dressing, alchohol, socialising, flirting, dancing and music.

We hope to you see you in Dublin’s amazing nightlife!

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