6 Reasons Why Alcohol Is Good For You

Alcohol is poison and is not good for you! At least that’s what we thought. It appears that alcohol has some positive effects as well like it provides anyone with a fresh breath. (we knew that already didn’t we?) Find out 6 reasons why there is nothing wrong with drinking a beer anytime, anyday, anywhere!

1. Alcohol Results in a Fresh Breath

A nice sip of vodka solves the infamous bad breath issue; the high percentage of alcohol in vodka (and other spirits) kills the bacteria which causes bad breath. If you want a fresh breath before going to work or a meeting, you better not forget to spit out the Vodka after a good rinse! For the night outers who are paranoid about their teeth, be careful with strong liquor containing a high sugar content (there are many of them!). A high sugar content damages the teeth enamel.

2. Alcohol Keeps the Brain Sharp

Alcohol does not transform us in the new Einstein and does not help us passing a difficult exam. Alcohol does, however, keep our brains sharp and alcohol prevents wear and tear of the brain which can lead to dementia.

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3. Alcohol Enhances Creativity

A small dose of alcohol enhances the creative spirit that is present in each and one of us. Emptying an entire vodka bottle is counter-productive however; alcohol will then show adverse effects on your brain functions such as confusion (as if you didn’t know that already!).

4. Alcohol Softens the Sore Throat

Is there little left of your voice after your sing-alongs in the pub and clubs? Rinsing with whiskey in combination with a spoon of warm water is the solution! Like point 1, remember not to swallow and spit it out. In case your night out is only starting, then it doesn’t matter  😉

5. Alcohol Reduces Stress

Alcohol makes exciting situations less scary. Drinking alcohol makes us feel at ease. Communication flows better. Do not drink too much prior to a presentation, otherwise you will mix your words like a drunk, which in this case you are :D.

6. Alcohol Prevents a Cold

Studies show that drinking alcohol reduces the risk of a catching a cold. Drinking alcohol during a cold does not have any effect though (relating to your cold).

There you go, 6 reasons how alcohol can improve your life! 😀

How do you use alcohol in your life for the better?