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5 Reasons Why Men Should Go Out Alone

Going out by yourself as a man has many advantages. A real man is not dependent on others for his own entertainment. If you feel like going out and you have no one to join you, then that should not be a reason to stay at home and Netflix on the couch. In fact, going out alone can be more fun than going with other people. Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Be a man and go out if no one want to join you! Continue reading to make your “my myself and I” night out a great success!

Why Going Out Alone?

There are plenty of reasons to go out alone. You do not have friends (pretty rare in a city like Dublin), or you do have friends but they simply don’t want to go out (why on earth not right!). Or, you do have friends who want to go out but it’s simply no fun with them. Yep, that happens. Going out solo makes you more masculine. By going out alone you show strength, independence, self confidence and courage. Characteristics that every man should have!

Because You Want to Get to Know New People

Whether you have no friends, few friends or you’ve had enough of your current friends. Going out alone is a great way to meet new people. Being on your own makes you more approachable for other people as well. You are ‘forced’ to make new contacts, which gives a boost to the development of your social skills and the creation of new hopefully prosperous relationships.

Because You Want to Increase Your Success with Women

Going out alone means you won’t experience any issues with your group of friends keeping an eye on you, or giving them the opportunity to ruin your night out because of too much alcohol or cockblock actions. That means you have all the space to approach women at your own pace. You don’t have to worry that your friends witness you being possibly rejected. This is a great way to practice your skills in peace with women, and to increase your contacts with women.

Because You Want to Explore the Unknown

Going out alone takes guts. You force yourself to seek out the unknown and to get out of your comfort zone. You have no group of friends to fall back on. You are completely responsible for your own entertainment that night. Most men are afraid to do this. They are afraid that they will be seen as a ‘loser’ by others in the pub or club because they are on their own.

On the contrary, if you enjoy yourself, other people will respond positively and nobody will notice that you are alone. Please for the love of God, do not stand alone in a corner with a beer or sit on the bar stool watching others having a good time in the pub or club. Go and find the dance floor, go and look for people! Make contacts, go dancing and enjoy the music, atmosphere and people. It’s your night!

Because You Want Freedom

Going out by yourself as a man is experiencing ultimate freedom. You are the captain and director of your own night. You have total control. You largely determine how the night will go and do whatever you want, wherever you want.

Because You Want a Self Confidence Boost

If you manage to have a nice night out on your own where you meet new people, this will lead to a considerable increase in your self confidence. You experience that you don’t need others for your own pleasure, you defy the unknown, take social risks and you successfully make new contacts.

So no excuse men, go out alone if no one wants to join you! You will learn a lot about yourself we promise!